Gelato Mania Davao

ATT Commercial Complex, F. Torres St. cor. Tavera St., Davao City, Davao del Sur

Gelato Mania Davao
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Kristella D.
3.0 Stars

July is National Ice Cream month.

Well, that applies to the US anyway. 128540

And how else do you celebrate the last day of National Ice Cream month? By grabbing a cup/bowl of ice cream of course! 128513

And the lucky place was... Gelato Mania! I've seen and heard raves about their gelato (mostly thanks to Jacy L Pam L Roegan T) 128516 so I finally decided to pay them a visit!

Upon entering their shop, I was greeted by the server who was dressed in a cute 60's kind of uniform. Her uniform matched the vibe of the shop too - it had that almost retro malt shop kind of feel. 127926

So going back to the gelato... I had such a hard time choosing because there was a lot to choose from. 128562 I tasted most of the flavors and settled for Leche Flan and Nutella.

Ok, I know that gelato is supposed to be served warmer than regular ice cream, but I guess their gelato was served beyond the recommended temperature (which is 10-15 degrees).

It was such a shame that the gelato was almost soupy in consistency when it was served. 128546 Shouldn't it be like soft-serve ice cream?

Their freezer was near the door and beside the clear glass window, which I think explains why it was melting very quickly. 9728

I did like that it was smooth though. And the leche flan gelato tasted just like the real thing too! But the Nutella gelato didn't do it for me. 128532 The flavor wasn't as intense compared to the other flavors, and wasn't as close to the real Nutella, unlike how other gelaterias do it.

Their gelato is also more expensive than Giardino. A small serving size is PHP80, which is PHP5 more expensive. AND the size is also considerably smaller!

The one I got is the medium serving size, and it's PHP135. Their medium size is the same as Giardino's small size! That's a difference of PHP60! 128552

They do have regular promos though. Every Thursday they have eat-all-you-can gelato from 2-5 PM. They also have a loyalty card, where after your 7th order of small gelato (or its price equivalent), your next one is free. 128522

And I have to give credit to the friendly server and owner. (Met the Italian owner just a few minutes before leaving.) There was service water as well. Plus they have free WiFi.

But even after all that, I'm sorry guys, I'm not crazy in love with this one. 128566

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Pam L.
5.0 Stars

This heat's making me want to get me some gelato!

I love this place because the Italian owners are really hands on. They're the one scooping the gelato for you. Plus for one scoop (P70) you can get 2 flavors. Plus they don't scrimp on the gelato when you want to sample it before deciding!

I only got one flavor though, the white mint. Really good and refreshing! Perfect flavor to cleanse the palate after a meal. 128522

The owner's gelato university (yes there is such a thing!) diploma is displayed on their wall, so you know this place is legit!

Another plus is that we were served house water. Served house water! In a gelato place! That never happened to me. Haha. I always have to ask for it or do it myself.

Yummy flavors + great service + cheap prices = 5 stars!

A MUST visit when you're in Davao! 128077

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Jacy Mae L.
5.0 Stars

Rose flavored gelato! Mabulaklak! 127801127799127803127801127801127800128144

Yummeh! Generous serving for only 70 pesos! I like how you can mix two flavors in a small cup!

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Best Gelato I've ever tasted. The italian owners were really accommodating.

And they're generous with the free taste. 128077

I got the Nutella gelato.

This is a must try place in Davao. 128076

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Sarah Jean G.
5.0 Stars

I love Gelatomania not just because of its authentic italian gelato in different flavors, but also the warm & very friendly Italian owners.
My favourite flavors are Pistachio, Nutella,Lemon,& Avocado so far, but I am always delighted to see new flavors almost every week!
I can't get over with the real taste of gelato and you'll definitely miss a lot if you'll not drop by in this gelato shop1278481278471278461278511280779757

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