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Genki Sushi
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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Came in here for their BOGO (selected items only) sooo long ago. We enjoyed our food. But despite the BOGO we still paid over a thousand for 2 of us. So mejo mahal. I can’t say we ate a lot.

Matcha cake here is delicious.

Sa mga pinagkakautangan ko, here are your credits 9786

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Odessa G.
5.0 Stars

It was my first but definitely not my last. The hype of the train and my love for sushi made me spend a lot of money BUT for a good cause! And that would be my fulfillment of finally tasting their food!

Oh gosh can't hardly keep track of all the choices I made! So I can't give you complete names of the food. Just trust when I say it is damn worth it!

The powdered tea was rich. The servers will assist you for first timers like me. I choose the first table (yung sa may bungad ng train) 128514 (parang bata lang)! They totally left a lasting impression in my tastebuds.


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Phantasm D.
3.0 Stars

We tried out Genki Sushi's new dishes on the menu: selections and donburi.

It's quite fun to order food at Genki Sushi because you place your orders through their tablet and it's served to you through their sushi train. I also like how every dish has a photo which makes it easier for you to decide what you want, especially if you are not familiar with the meaning of certain Japanese dishes.

Genki sushi serves unlimited instant matcha green tea. A hot water faucet is available at the side of the table, along with the matcha powder, for you to make your own tea.

We tried out all of the new dishes. First up, selections:

Fried Chicken with Pollock Roe. Pollock roe or Mentaiko in Japanese, is the roe of Alaska pollock, which is an excellent source of protein. The fried chicken is boneless, with an ample amount of breading. It's tender and comes a bit salty.

French Fries with Pollock Roe. I find this mix interesting. Pollock roe on fries. It's good.

Fried Salmon Skin. Crispy and rich in flavor.

Next up, trio selections. I tried them all, and my favorite ones are those with the black pepper.

Shrimp Trio. Shrimp, Seared shrimp pollock roe, seared shrimp black pepper.

Salmon Trio. Seared salmon pollock roe, Norwegian fresh salmon, seared salmon black pepper.

Kanikama Trio. Crab, seared crab black pepper, seared crab pollock roe.

Gunkan Trio. Crab salad, spicy salmon, tuna salad.

The Salmon Donburi:

Salmon Black Pepper. The donburi is more sating which works well with the selections. I like the amount of black pepper in this dish which gives it a good spice, along with the onions.

Salmon Teriyaki Donburi. A sweeter option. Also delectable.

More HD photos on my blog site.

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Mark C.
5.0 Stars

Get on board the sushi train!

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Unisse C.
3.0 Stars

Genki Sushi has been in Manila for quite sometime now. It's a popular franchise of a cheap conveyer belt sushi chain in Japan. Last October 2016, I was able to try one of their brands in Japan called Uobei Sushi which is pretty much the same as Genki.

If I were to compare the prices and quality of the sushi from Japan to the one here in Manila, there is a noticeable gap between the two. Price wise, I don't find Genki Sushi to be cheap. However, I think this might be because of the price of importation of certain ingredients to make the sushi. Food quality and taste wise, it's also a bit lacking. I'm no sushi chef but if the fish on top of the rice falls off so easily, I think that's not a well made sushi.

The concept is quite cute. I would dine here once but probably not often.

I'm glad they kept the idea of the matcha powder and the hot water faucet at each table. It's so much fun!

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Ziela Q.
5.0 Stars

Nice place that offers delicious sushi and maki. The price is reasonable considering that the sashimi is of high quality.

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Jackie M.
4.0 Stars

Philippines has already been introduced to the bullet trains of Japan. Well yes, it's true via this new restaurant concept which they serve food right through a bullet train. So cuuuuute right?

Genki Sushi was definitely a must-try because oredering through a tablet is sooo engaging and interaction not to mention the service staff was so attentive then wait for the orders to come through a mini train.

Another thing that would make me go back was their DIY Matcha drink128154128154128154 and their cute faucet that installed in each table that dispenses hot water for your #Matcha fix. #Matchalover

Ordered their Black Pepper Chicken Don and Chicken Teroyaki Don, was really a value for your money because they had generous serving of chicken pieces and the sauce was not cut short it could also be shared for 2 just order extra rice128521

Fried Gyoza was okay tastes nice but I prefer the steamed one.
Spicy Salmon Maki was also good128077🏼

Friendly advise, better always check your running bill on the tablet because you might be too engaged in clicking your order.128513128149

It was a wonderful experience for me and my friends here. Check my blog for more info thanks!128074🏼

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars


Genki Sushi has another BOGOF promo.

When they had this promo last February, I was able to enjoy some of the items in their menu technically half the price (as I've shared the orders with my friend). So when I knew that they have a similar promo for March, I made sure that I'll be able to pay them another visit.

Last Wednesday, I had dinner here with my friend. We had the following on buy one take one.

** Steamed Egg Custard
** Seared Chub Mackerel
** Squid and Salmon Taberu Layu Combo
** Surf Clam Salad

** Tofu Skin with Tuna and Corn Salad (not included in the promo, I made a mistake ordering)

Out of these, the steamed egg custard was my favorite. It might be a simple dish but it's filling. It was served hot. It was creamy, soft, and full of crab meat. The Salmon Taberu Layu was also good. Hi, salmon! The squid version was chewy and might hard to eat but it was delicious as well. The Surf Clam Salad was kind of weird. It was slimy and no distinct taste.

Genki Sushi also has a new dessert - Strawberry Burst ice cream. Three scoops of ice cream topped with real strawberry bits. This was actually good! The strawberry taste was evident and it matches with the richness and creaminess of the ice cream. This is only until March 16.

P.S. Please refer to pic no. 8 for all the items included in the promo (March 4-16, 2017).

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Mervin M.
4.0 Stars

Little trains deliver your order to your table. Very fast service. The staff are friendly and attentive.

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Renz O.
5.0 Stars

Seared salmon the best!

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars


Genki Sushi is my go-to place for dinner. I find the food here delicious without the hefty price tag.

Last Thursday, Cindy S and I had dinner here. The restaurant was packed when we arrived. We were put 3rd on the wait list. After 10-15 minutes, we were finally seated near the counter. We were really hungry that time so we ordered the following.

** Chicken Katsudon (220php)
** Black Pepper Chicken Don (220php)
** Salmon Sashimi (250php)

Of course, everyone in my circle knows that salmon sashimi is my ultimate favorite. The one at Genki Sushi was super fresh. Out of the two rice bowls, I prefer the Black Pepper Chicken. It has sweet and salty taste and the chicken meat was soft and tender. The Katsudon was okay too but I found it really ordinary.

While eating, I noticed a small thing which says "Pre Valentines Treat. Buy one take one." Interesting! The below items are on promo.

** Seared Hamachi with Steak Sauce
** Red Sea Bream
** Squid Taberu Layu
** Salmon Taberu Layu
** Shrimp Taberu Layu
** Shrimp Garlic Butter
** Cheese Croquettes

We got interested and ordered Cheese Croquettes (160php), Shrimp Garlic Butter (140php) and Salmon Taberu Layu (130php). I asked one of the servers if once we placed our orders in their touch screen, would it be automatically counted as buy 1 take 1. The answer - YES! So we had a feast. Lol. The Shrimp Garlic Butter was delicious. The garlic + butter combination is really a winner. Of course, one can't go wrong with salmon, so I also liked the Salmon Taberu Layu. However I found the Cheese Croquettes not too cheesy, but it can still be filling.

We were so full after consuming everything we ordered. Good thing Genki Sushi has free matcha green tea. Unlimited at that. Yeeeha. 128539

P.S. The promo will run until Feb. 12, 2017. You're welcome. 10024

  • No. of Comments: 7
Mikka M.
4.0 Stars

2nd visit and still loved it :) may bagong recruit narin :)

Everything was fresh and was served in no time. Careful lang sa pagpindot sa tablet. Sarap umorder baka di na mamalayan na overbudget ka na hahaha spent around 2k for 4 hungry people. Not bad narin :)

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Genki Sushi is probably my favorite restaurant in BGC Stopover. Whenever Cindy S and I can't decide where to eat, I'll just say "Ano, Genki?" And the answer will always be yes. 128538 Free and unlimited matcha tea is her favorite. As for me, it would be their Salmon Oyako Don.

We were really starving one night so we ordered the following.

* Tuna Tataki Nigiri (120php). I liked this one. I'm more of a salmon guy but I found this order good as well.
* Salmon Oyako Don (220php). Think of raw salmon + rice. Not much of a pair, right? But I appreciate this meal. The salmon was super fresh!
* Black Pepper Chicken Don (220php). Your usual rice bowl. I liked that the chicken was tender and flavorful.
* Fried Maki Salmon with Cream Cheese (160php). This was delicious! Of course salmon and cheese. Come on.

I love the idea of this restaurant - from the touch screen menu to the "bullet" train serving your food. Staff were attentive during this visit especially for our small requests like water and ice (for my soda). 128514

P.S. Ordering using their tablet can be very addicting. 128517

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Genki Sushi is a japanese franchise that was brought here in the Philippines by the same people behind Mango Tree and Cusina Peruvia. The concept of Genki Sushi was very much on the creative technology of japanese. This resto is one of a kind. You have your menu on a tablet and you select which food do you like and press order. In a few minutes a cute sushi train128647will arrive to serve your food. Kawaii128525 Since this visit was sponsored |ooloo rendezvoos we were given the chance to order all we want!!!

I join the table of Roegan T, EJ B,Shelly R and Steffhanie S. While on the other table was Clarissa P, Reich T, Raisa Z and Christa U. 128522

EJ B leading the way we order a variety of sushi, sashimi, few appetizer and dessert. A total of a whopping 40 plates128562128562. Sorry Roegan T nasira diet mo hehe.128514

Everything was top notch but here are some of the food we got to try:
127843 seared salmon with pollack roe - one of my fave for the night. pollack roe with mayo tasted like cheese and the fresh seared salmon combined was a big mouthful of goodness
127843Grilled River Eel and Whole Sea Eel - I combine this two item since both of them tasted almost the same. I love the teriyaki like sauce on them and for an eel I think this is very cheap.
127843Cheese Premium Shrimp - Genki sushi cheese are just so good and blends well with this fresh seafoods.
127843Tempura Tuna Roll -deep fried tempura tuna rolls with teriyaki sauce. I also love this one and serving was big!
127843California Rolls-for me nothing special with this typical california maki but go for the spicy version for a variation
127843Seared Salmon with Black Pepper - another fave of mine. The black pepper bring out the delicious flavor of the salmon.

128031Hamachi (Yellow Fin Tuna) - this one is a steal for only 290PHP a lot cheaper than other japanese resto. I love the prefect thick cut of the Hamachi and even with just this I'm all good!
128031Northern Shrimp - this cute suahe like shrimp was so good. Love the sweetness of the shrimp
128031Salmon Belly - Anothe top notch choice for their sashimi. If you love salmon sashimi better go for this belly variant

127836Chuka Wakame - a great starter a seaweed kind of salad. I love it.
127836Agadeshi Tofu - Typical agadeshi tofu. Quite similar to omakase
127836Fried Squid - one of the few hot dish that we got and lucky we got a delicious one. Love the perfect golden brown coating withb delicious squid inside. Love it!
127836Miso Soup - perfect way to lower all the food we have eaten. Typical delicious miso soup.

127856GreenTea IceCream - Matcha lover here128587 and this one is definitely 128154.
127856Rare Japanese Cheesecake - after the greentea icecream, this one is probably my next fave for the dessert. Love the aroma and light taste in every bite.
127856Double Matcha Fromage - I was a bit looking for the matcha flavor in it. Maybe the cheesecake flavor overpower the taste.
127856Tokyo Tiramisu - differ from the usual tiramisu. Love the bitter dark choco mousse and the surprise lemon jelly beneath completes the flavor.

Overall I love everything about this place, from the DIY greentea, to the sushi train, attentive crew and all affordable delicious food. This might be one of the sponsored rendezvoos that I went to. Thanks Genki and |ooloo. Gonna invite my family when you open in UP Town and for sure gonna drop by BGC for Genki again. 128522

9888WARNING9888 clicking the menu might get addictive be sure to check the running bill from time to time hahaha..128514128514128514

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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

New dining experience before going back to the grind with Cel C It was a less crowded Sunday in BGC. When we arrived at Genki Sushi, we are quickly seated. I must admit, I'm excited though not much hungry.

First timers! Using an iPad, you can place your orders (max of 4 for a batch). Few clicks and orders sent. We enjoyed waiting for our orders delivered via a "shinkansen conveyor belt", toy train that serves as an express tray. Another, I love the hot water faucet on the table for the DIY green tea. Great!

I ordered my usual favorites: Salmon Sashimi (P250), Spicy Salmon (2 pcs for P100). I also tried something new:

Black Tofu Skin with Spicy Tuna Salad (P100)- thought it was just a salad, but it has rice beneath. Heavy one!

Flying Fish Roe (P100)- my favorite for tonight! Warning! It has wasabi inside.128522 fish eggs are so good!

Shrimp Row (P90)- has almost the same taste as the fish roe, but less wasabi.

Verdict: for first timers, this is a fun dining experience. I find it a bit pricey, yet aside from the experience, i enjoyed new kinds of sushi. Green tea is also worth noting! Making your own is a new thing for me.

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Cel C.
5.0 Stars

Japanese Sunday with bff Sandra Y. Coz traffic is so much bearable on a Sunday and not so long wait for a table.

It's definitely a different dining experience. I was able to dine at a Japanese resto in Singapore using iPads but here at Genki Sushi, it seems there is no contact policy. Haha. Order via iPad, then your order will be served by a Shinkansen conveyor-belt style. Well it was't really a conveyor belt, but more like a toy car on an express trail. Another new experience is the make-your-own green tea. They have a small tap for hot water and matcha powder on the table. You then make your own tea. Love it! The tea is superb we really liked it.

Orders arrived pretty quickly, except for the tempura don which took a while. It was fun watching our orders and other people's orders arrive.

Salmon sashimi - P250 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
4pcs with a small lemon wedge, a big leaf that I don't know what it is, and some radish. I really looove sashimi and this one's a winner. It's just so expensive though. Other resto would serve 5-6pcs for about the same price.

Spicy tuna sushi - P100 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
2pcs. Now I'm not really a fan of sushi but this one's just okay for me. I like the spicy kick though.

Tempuradon - P320 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
2pcs shrimp tempura and several veggies. Love this one! The sauce is different. I've never had that kind of sauce for tempura before. It's a bit thick and really tasty. I really enjoyed this one. The serving is enough to fill me without the other dishes so I wasn't able to finish this one.

Flying fish roe (in photo with tempura) P100 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
We both love this! It has a good amount of wasabi in the middle that will really give you a kick! OMG, I got a bit teary-eyed because of the wasabi, which I actually liked! Hehe

Shrimp roe - P90 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
Looks and tastes like the flying fish roe but it doesn't have the wasabi so it was just okay for me.

Miso soup - P90 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
It's a big serving! But I still find it too expensive. Good for two na rin.

It was a nice experience. Something new and the free green tea is really a plus. Servers were very attentive and we didn't have to wait long.

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Trina H.
5.0 Stars

What a cool way to bring the 'sushi train' to the Philippines even tho it's a different kind of 'train'.

Food ranges from PHP80-300+. Everything went well during our visit and I surely fell inlove with their spicy makis.

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Been seeing Genki Sushi in Bonifacio Stopover and at first I thought it was just another sushi house. But each time I pass by the place my curiosity travels. What could they be serving differently? What could be their gimmick? I was also attracted to their brightly lit store and their grumpy logo. I've been asking the husband to go since we both love sushi but the email of P happened first. If you get an email from P, it's always a G! Lol Hi Peanut D. 128517128516128522

Genki Sushi on a Thursday night with |ooloo peeps! We were accompanied by their Manage DJ and his assistant Michelle. Two tables for 8 hungry foodies plus our kasabwat Roegan T.

Genki Sushi is a franchise from Japan brought to the local scene by the same people who brought Mango Tree, Coca and Cocina Peruvia. Their ordering system was pretty cool! Check their offerings from the iPads installed in each table, get lost with their wide selection of sushi, maki, sashimi etc, get carried away and order order order! Seriously, you can only order a max of 4 each time because orders are brought to your table by a train! Yup, no staff involved, except when you need any assistance of course. The train will deliver your orders and will stop right were it should. Press the yellow button and it will go back to the kitchen. Cool!

We had a sushi feast that night and DJ allowed us to order whatever we wanted from their menu. We had the following ---

> Sashimi: Tuna, Salmon, Yellow Tail

Their Sashimi were all good! Melt in your mouth, fresh, clean with no funky fishy smell. Yellow Tail was something I haven't tried before. It wasn't bad. It just had a more slimy feel when you bite, but that's just me.

> Sushi/Maki:

- Spicy Double Maki Salmon
- Kyuri Unagi Maki Roll
- Seared Salmon Black Pepper (4 orders!)
- Seared Tamago Black Pepper
- Spicy Tuna Roll
- California Maki Roll
- Cheese Premium Shrimps
- Seared Scallops with Pollock Roe
- Seared Crab Black Pepper
- Seared Salmon with Pollock Roe
- Seared Salmon Skin
- Tuna Tataki Nigiri

That's a total of 12 types of sushi, two orders each! We loved the Seared Salmon Black Pepper so much that we went for seconds - 4 orders! Imagine, a thin slice of salmon lightly seared with just the right amount of fat, topped with mayo and black pepper - it's melt in your mouth plus it had a nice smoky taste and a good kick from the black pepper! Insanely good, it's highly recommended.

My other two super favorites were the Seared Salmon and Seared Scallops with Pollock Roe! Pollock Roe is the main ingredient of Mentaiko. So if you fancy this delicay, you should order these two! The roe had a creamy texture and was filled with umamilicious goodness! Both salmon and scallops were melt in your mouth I can eat 10 of these!

If you want your salmon with a kick of spice, go get the Spicy Double Maki Salmon. Salmon rolled with cucumber then the entire thing was topped with seared salmon! The Seared Salmon Skin was good as well. Gosh, just get all the salmon Maki and Sushi!

If you want something that's cheesy, definitely go for the Cheese Premium Shrimps. The shrimp was juicy and succulent and the best part? It's topped with a hefty serving of cheese!

Other stuff that we tried are the following --

> Agedashi Tofu - soft and silky tofu cubes with a good crunchy coating and a sweet sauce. This was topped with bonito flakes.

> Genki Salad: MUST ORDER! It's a medley of all things good - crisp lettuce, crunchy broccoli, the juiciest and freshest cherry tomatoes, corn kernels, shrimp sashimi and salmon sashimi all smothered with a mayo based dressing that had hints of Mentaiko!

> Chuka Makame: this seaweed salad was a palette cleanser and gave that much needed break when my tummy was about to explode because of sushi overload! It had a nice citrus kick that was balanced by the sesame oil plus good crunch from the seaweed strips.

> Fried Tofu Skin: A sweet lump of rice wrapped in a thin tofu envelope, this one was more of a dessert for me. It wasn't bad but since we were having some salmon party, this came in as my least favorite.

Even though we were already so full, we still managed to order a handful of desserts!

> Matcha Ice Cream: Matcha!!! Legit Matcha ice cream with that grassy bitter taste - but not too overpowering.

> Matcha Cheesecake: this one's good too. A layer of plain cheesecake that was a little tart topped with a thicker layer of Matcha Cheesecake that was lighter and finished off with some matcha cake crumbs. Each layer was smooth and creamy and blended well together. Just a tip though - if you will order this with the Matcha ice cream, make sure to try this first coz the Matcha ice cream will over shadow the flavor of the Matcha Cheesecake.

> Traditional Tiramisu: I don't have much Tiramisu experience and I've only really liked UCC's version so far. I want a subtle Mascarpone flavor and a balanced but strong coffee and liquor kick. Genki Shushi's version had all three fulfilled! I'm one happy kid!

> Japanese Tiramisu: This one's odd for a tiramisu. According to DJ, this and their cheesecake were imported directly from Japan. It was more like a chocolate mousse.

> Rare Japanese Cheesecake: no bake cheesecake that was made using gelatin to provide some structure, this one was very light and a shy away from the usual New York Cheesecake. It didn't have that tarty cream cheese flavor, but rather mild notes of cheese that I don't know what. Each bite though reminded me of Pablo's Sabrels.

Other than the cool ordering system here in Genki Sushi, they also have a dispenser of hot water in each table that came in the form of a faucet. If you fancy green tea, they have a container full of green tea powder that you can mix with the hot water anytime you want to.

I loved this visit! Genki Sushi definitely does not scrimp on the good stuff and their prices are reasonable. Can't wait to go back with the husband!

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Christa U.
5.0 Stars

For someone who only a few years ago wasn't very fond of raw food or sushi rolls, sushi has now become one of my top favorite food to eat.

Enter in Genki Sushi, a Japanese sushi brand which made its entrance into the Philippine market only a few months prior.

Located at BGC's Bonifacio Stopover (walking distance to St Luke's), it can be easy to miss if you're not looking carefully for it, as it's nestled among many other food establishments in the building. When you see it though, no mistaking, it is all-Japanese, all sushi, and without a doubt an experience you won't easily forget.

The first time I tried Genki Sushi as a brand, was way back when I was living in Xiamen, and it quickly grew to become one of my favorite spots. Though in a different city and a different country, the atmosphere may not be the same, nor the way the food is served, but the service and experience still gives off that feeling of high quality and exemplary food and dining that makes customers want to come back.

I was lucky enough to be in Manila to join a looloo rendezvous, and it happened to be at Genki Sushi, which I had been eyeing for a while.

Design: Genki Sushi is a pretty vibrant place. Majority of the seats are designed as booths, for those coming in with friends or family. There is also a long table available for individuals wishing to be seated alone. The maximum seating capacity for the restaurant is 94 people.

When it comes to ordering, each booth is given a screen where they can choose the sushi orders they'd like to get. Guests click the dishes they want, and confirm that the list is good to go. Each batch of orders has a maximum of 4 plates, and the plates come on a sushi "train" that comes out of the kitchen, and stops at the table where it was ordered. Once the dishes are taken out of the train, push a button and the train rolls back into its "station" awaiting other tables' orders.

Most orders take only a few minutes to make, but some of the other orders may take longer depending on the dish, or the number of customers.

Apart from ordering willy nilly, guests may also view their total bill on the screen, to check how much they've spent so far. Well, when it comes to good sushi, it's easy to keep ordering and not realise how much it's all amounted to, so it's good to remember to check the bill once in a while.

For the food service, the managers ordered dishes that they highly recommended we try. We also got to order some of the dishes we found visually appealing/appetising, care of the order screen. Here are a few of them:

➡️Seared Tamago with Black Pepper: I love eggs, and I love Japanese tamago, so this is obviously one dish I quite liked. It's sweet, but the hint of black pepper at the end of each bite is something you will enjoy.

➡️Spicy Tuna Roll: I'm usually up for spicy tuna anyday, but this version of Spicy Tuna Roll was a little different from what I'm used to. Albeit good, I felt that it needed more of a tuna kick in it to really make me go..TUNA!

➡️Salmon/Tuna Sashimi: Good cut, good flavor. These are a staple at most sushi restaurants so no explanation is in order.

➡️Spicy Double Salmon: Salmon on the inside, salmon on the outside, and with more than a tinge of that spicy kick. What could go wrong??!!

➡️Seared Salmon with Black Pepper: A nice thick slice of salmon topped off with mayo and black pepper. Yummy!

➡️Seared Salmon Skin: One of my favorites from the trip. Yummy salmon skin, and mixed in with that japanese mayo and rice. I found this very filling.

➡️ Fried Tofu Skin: Inari is one of my recent sushi favorites. Some say it's too sweet to be a dish, but I love it anyways!

➡️ Seared Salmon Pollock Roe: Also one of my favorites from the evening! Juicy and tender, and a wonderful slice topped onto every roll.


➡️ Green Tea Ice Cream: When in Japan (or in this case a Japanese restaurant), always go for the matcha ice cream! Genki Sushi's matcha ice cream is deeee-licious. Soft, creamy, and not too sweet. My table couldn't get enough of this!

➡️Tokyo Tiramisu: My favorite dessert of the evening, to be honest. I loved the just-right chocolate sweet flavor, with that jelly mix at the bottom of the dish. I could eat this all day~

➡️Tiramisu: For those who love tiramisu, this is unlike most local tiramisu we have. Dark chocolate lovers will love this, as it leans more towards the bitter-ish side than the sweet one.

➡️Green Tea Cheesecake: Green Tea + Cheesecake = awesomeness!

Price: With any restaurant, it's always good to check how much the food experience will cost you. For a table of 4 ladies, our total bill came to a little over Php6,000 if I'm not mistaken. But considering we ordered about 2 of most dishes, and of course that we tried more than our appetites could actually eat (since we wanted to try so many different kinds, and since the establishment recommended a lot to us as well), I would estimate that a full stomach would cost one person about Php800-1,200, give or take. It really depends on how full you want to be, and how much you order, but for the price, this is quite on par with other standard Japanese sushi restaurants in the city.

Plus, imagine the experience of getting your food delivered directly to your table! It's really quite something to experience. Definitely a fun treat with family or friends.

It was so great to meet EJ B, Dennis O, Reich T, Roegan T, Shelly R, Clarissa P, and Raisa Z. Thanks again Looloo for arranging the event, Peanut D for the invite (we need to meet IRL next time!), and to Genki Sushi for sponsoring the entire thing. It was fantastic, and I'd love to come back soon. 128513

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

You in the mood for sushi?  I am always in the mood for sushi.  The Sushi Gods are in my favor as my nth looloo rendezvooz is at Genki Sushi.  Woo-hoo (cue "I'm turning Japanese"  song here)

Genki is probably one of the last remaining restaurants i haven't tried at Stopover.  I had plans of dining here but the lemon grass pork banh mi from BMK is too darn tasty.  Compulsions aside.  I was ecstatic for sushi night!

We were greeted by our generous hosts,  the awesome twosome - Nerissa and Dee J.  They have us some insider information about the restaurant.  Did you know that Genki stands for "active or have a lot of energy"?   This doesn't fit the frowning face on their logo eh?  The idea behind the logo is to attract people who is having a bad day to dine and leave the restaurants feeling Genkified!

We got a lil tutorial on their high tech ordering process.   The ipad menu is nifty,  just select and hit order.  And let us not forget the thingamajig that delivers the food! 

Let us talk about food,  shall we.

We tried some of their bestsellers and our generous hosts gave us free reign on the others that we want to try.

| Spicy Tuna Roll
| California Maki
| Seared Tamago with Black Pepper
| Salmon Sashimi
| Tuna Sashimi
| Agedashi Tofu
| Cheese Premium Shrimp
| Seared Hokkaido Scallops with Pollock Roe
| Spicy Double Salmon
| Seared Salmon Black Pepper
| Kyuri Unari Roll
| Seared Salmon Pollock  Roe
| Seared Kani  Kama with Bkack Pepper
| Genki Salad
| Tofu Skin

Note:  we got two servings of each. 

Everything they served is delicious.  Put that on the record.  The sashimi is so good,  everything is fresh,  i love the yellow fin tuna.  The tamago is a revelation,  how in the bloody hell can they make egg so delicious?  Everything served with salmon is a winner!  Biased opinion as i love anything salmon.  The scallops and shrimp is what dreams are made of.


| Green Tea Ice Cream
| Tiramisu
| Rare Japanese Cheesecake
| Japanese Tiramisu
| Matcha Cheesecake

I loved all of them!  Especially the green tea icr cream and matcha cheesecake - because Matcha is life.   Can i just say they make a mean tiramisu,  a perfect combination of espresso and liquor.  The Japanese variant is a lil on the sweet side and the lemon on the bottom add a lil tang.  The cheesecake is not for everyone,  this is not the usual you can get at coffee shops.  The cheese flavour is pronounced,  it reminds me kesong puti. 

I've tried a lot of Japanese restaurants l,  what i like about Genki is that they dont add gimmicks nor complicate their food,  they make the main ingredient stand out hence everything they serve is mouth-watering and extremely tasty.

Sushi Night was fun,  fun,  fun!  Excellent service, good food and good company.

Thank you looloo fot my nth rendezvooz!

Thank you Genki Sushi for letting us play with your toys and stuffing our stomachs with good food.

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