George Guest House

South Rd., Sagada, Mountain Province

George Guest House
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Albert T.
4.0 Stars

To appreciate this guest house you have to adopt and accept a certain frame of mind. For hard core city folk, this is a huge let down, however for back packers, this is Heaven. I chose the latter.

Sagada is about adventure and communing with nature. It's about experiencing local culture and all that the little town has to offer. George Guest House is about that!

The rooms are spartan, restrooms basic. They do offer cable TV and limited internet. They also have laundry services, which is essential for light travelers. Most importantly though, they offer a place to rest and shelter from the cold Sagada night.

We stayed at the extension house which is slightly larger but a bit further down the road from the main building. Nice part is that it's a stone's throw away from Sagada Lemon Pie House and Sagada Brew. The best part is that we had Ramos, the "butler" and Tam, the 13 year old in-house guide and AJ's new BFF. 128515

They are welcoming, accomodating and kind. They inform you about local culture and lore. On our last night, Tam lit up a bonfire for us to toast the "traditional" marshmallows!

So if you are looking for cheap, basic, warm, friendly digs in Sagada, this is worth looking into. At the end of the day, you stay in the guest house only "at the end of the day"! 128516128516128516

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DarkstarM D.
4.0 Stars

Not your superb and best inn within Sagada but hey, this saved us. This is the only open guest house who accepted us when we arrived late that night and even gave is discount when we haggled their price. The room was supposedly 400/overnight but the owner gave it for 350php/overnight and guess what? That's for the 3 of us already imagine that?! Here at Manila no guest inn will offer you that. The cheapest that I got was at Laiya Batangas at 800php for fan room but here you won't even need a fan. For me, I liked it here since most of the time we're out and we just stay here during the night to sleep and keep our things. 128077128077128077128077

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Abegail H.
1.0 Stars

Remembering my last Sagada experience it was all good except for out visit here.

Since the residential inn was full, I booked us on a good rated hotel near to it which was this george guest house, and since we were a big group they offered us their second building which was father from the road but more attached to the nature yet going their is kinda dangerous especially if you have a car because the road up was too stiff.

The room got a very good view of the hillside and rice field in the area. It was like having a home on a mountain. Two separate comfort rooms, and a kitchen free of charge and set only for us because it was below our room.

It had 5 double beds (some where old and squirking springs breaking out) that faces the windows overlooking the mountains. Everything was perfect until it came night time. Oh Good Lord, we hadn't had a good sleep with all those cockroaches flying above our heads. Swear it was a nightmare! We woke up the next morning at 6am finding dead cockroaches on the floor. Oh crap! Never again. As soon as we got hold of our things we went to their main building and requested to change our room but sadly the owner was too grumpy not to allow it, he said all rooms are booked and he couldn't take the fact that their rooms are infested with this yucky cockroaches. We ended a heated conversation with a free stay. Oh well, thanks for that but still we ain't going back.

That's how we ended up with the indigenous hotel.

Am not that bad to say not to stay at their hotel but maybe, just stick to their first building.

Warning: picture is irrelevant to the topic. I just felt a very negative review should give a little positivity. I still love Sagada.

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