Giada's Cafe & Kitchen

Clark Business Center, Jose Abad Santos Ave., Clark Freeport Zone, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Giada's Cafe & Kitchen
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Most Recent Reviews

Toy G.
3.0 Stars

So we just had a late lunch there, we came here hungry and to have Razon's halohalo and Beef caldereta . But they did not carry the caldereta in their menu . So, Four of us ordered the following :

1 taco salad. 5* big serving. Good to share for 4 people . The salsa dressing made this salad quite unique . Enough as a full meal for 1 actually .

J ordered The Chicken kiev 3* chicken was good , served w a great mashed potato w creamy gravy and creamed broccoli and cauliflower side . Why only 3 * ? Because there wasn't enough chicken . It was mostly mashed potato and side ... Chicken seemed precooked frozen and defrosted .... Served warm but not newly cooked . You can tell .

L had fish filet in garlic sauce. . Another 3* The portion size was ok . But the fish , a cream dory was bland and not too firm . Almost soggy . The garlic sauce was ok , but the fish seemed precooked, frozen then defrosted maybe via microwave and dumped into the sauce.

B and I both ordered the baby back ribs , looked great , at first , then u realized that you only had 2 small pieces of rib bone it which didn't give you much meat . The side oc creamed broccoli and cauliflower was ok but the volume started to be numbing since you didn 't have enough rib to wash the creme off your tongue ... The mased potato was the winner . But the 2 pieces of ribs , obviously precooked , boiled , frozen, defrosted ( by microwave, i think) then smothered with a barbecue sauce which most probably came from a bottle. It had the very sweet , well preserved taste ( of a lot of preservatives, with no piece of garlic or onion in evidence , hence the conclusion this bbq sauce was of the bottled variety) For the ribs just 2*!, the rib meat was bland and they were counting on the generous lather of bbq sauce to mask its blandness . Ok i guess, but having tasted a lot of ribs in ones long lifetime , you can easily tell a good marinated rib or dry rubbed smoked rib from an inferior pressure cooked boiled rib smothered w bottled bbq sauce variety. So 2 stars it is .

Now for the reason we cane , the Razons Halohalo .
Good as usual, though i tasted a little sourness which i feared was the milk/creamer they yse but L said it was the bananas . It was unusual enough for me to ask L and J to take a taste of my Halohalo . Same as theirs . But 5 hours later I still haven't rushed to the toilet (pardon) so the sourness must have been the bananas indeed .
Over all, despite the good ambiance , the good mood we were in (Pacquiao had just won) , the ok service , the good taco salad and sides . The best I can give is just a 3 stars total.
Bland entrees, small portions for the price - upwards of P350 per entree made this a mediocre expensive meal you almost just disliked, but decided to like instead .
Sadly i wont be recommending Giadas to my friends . Better to look for a real RAZON's instead .

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Peach L.
3.0 Stars

During my working stint in Clark Freeport, I vowed to try all the food establishments near my office.

One restaurant that caught my eye is Giada's because of the signage that says "Razon's original halo-halo available here".

Thing is, the Razon's they have has a different logo so I got curious, went in, and ordered one. While waiting, I asked the waiter how it's different from the famous Razon's we know when both are claiming that they're original. He said both came from the Razon family but they have separate businesses. Kinda like the Maty's of Dongalo I guess.

Then my halo-halo arrived. It has a different ice texture, more gritty. And the leche flan is not as silky smooth like the Razon's I love... and it's much sweeter.

I decided this is one of those few times that I like the commercial one better than the discreet ones.

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Jc D.
5.0 Stars

Discovered this place after a jog around Clark. It has this homey feel that I just love. Food is delicious and the serving deserves their price tag. Must try are BBQ ribs, Chicken Kiev and Spicy Pasta. Desserts are amazing, get a slice of Tropical Cheesecake.

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4.0 Stars

We discovered this resto last weekend. I was craving for chicken and something sweet. We ordered chopsuey, chicken steak and a slice of their chocolate caramel. I must admit their chicken steak is good and the chopsuey as well. The chocolate caramel is just ok. We will surely comeback to try other dishes and cakes.

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