Giant Clam Sanctuary

Guinsiliban, Camiguin

Giant Clam Sanctuary
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Nizhel V.
5.0 Stars

Baby clams doo doo doo doo
Mommy clams doo doo doo doo
Daddy clams doo doo doo doo

Really facinating. For just 150 pesos, they toured us under the sea with so many clams of different sizes, corals, and colorful fishes. Soooo love the place and the view beneath the sea water.

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TheMitch M.
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Another reason to visit Camiguin.

This island has a Giant Clam Sanctuary.

Wait, what? YES. A Giant Clam Sanctuary. There are 9 species of Giant Clams in the world, 7 of them can be found of the Philippines, 6 of them are right here. In Camiguin! Philippines! Philippines! Philippines!

The largest mollusks on earth can be found in this sanctuary, Imagine a 4 foot, 500 pound oyster but prettier and not for pulutan. This isn't even the most mind blowing part of it. There are kids who know everything there is to know about these clams. Little geniuses who can pronounce things like dinoflagellate algae and Tridacnidae without batting an eye.

While you, a fully functioning adult who paid money you earned, to go there, called them large clammy thingies.

Don't worry, I've been there. The shame quickly subsides when you are in the water, viewing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat and ooh-ing and aah-ing through your snorkel when you see corals the size of a house.

The path to this place is also kind of odd.

Plastered on the trees and small altars are religious sayings and warning signs against "physical contact".

Strange but amusing.

The fee to get in is 50Php, the fee for the tour of the entire clam sanctuary is around 250-400.

First is the walking tour with the kids who could probably join BBC Spelling Bee tournaments.

Then you get to see the different type of clams in their tanks.

Then they line you up and give you a lifevest, a snorkel, and a mask.

These are sanitized somewhat (if you're a clean freak, bring your own).

Then a guide leads you to the ocean to see these giant clams up close and personal.

Wear aqua shoes, it helps.
Do not step on the corals.
If you're not an experienced swimmer, you can ask the guide to keep close to you.

It is beautiful down there. :)

Worth it!

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