Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn

North Gigantes, Carles, Iloilo

Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn
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Chili G.
3.0 Stars

Hideaway Inn was the accommodation included in our tour package of isla gigantes. Googling some photos of it, we conditioned ourselves that we would really be 'roughing it' but what welcomed us was quite below what we expected.
After arriving there (surviving the 1.5hr boat ride), we were met by our tour guide who led us to our habal habal. We were taken by surprise since both of us have never ridden motorcycles before but apparently this is the only form of transportation on the island. When we got to the resort a few minutes later, the whole front and side of it was flooded 128563 they said that it was the high tide coming in but they could've prepared some planks or walkways for the guests! Instead we were made to wade through the water and I for one have never done that before 128555 we finally got our room/hut and though we were prepared for the fan room, the bathroom was another story. The toilet didn't have a flushing system, the floor was filthy (you won't want to step on it with your barefeet) and you are just given a big Orocan of water for 2D1N. Cringe cringe cringe.
They called us for lunch and we were served very fresh seafood. Yay but you could hardly enjoy your lunch because of the swarms of flies! You couldn't stop swatting for even a second. Hay.
The food was OK but they served the same food for the next 3 meals (wasay wasay, crabs, fish and scallops). At  the end of our stay we were quite sick of it already.
I guess if you really want a rustic experience then you can try this place out but there are a few other accommodations that are available now that are newer and more comfortable.

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Gracie B.
5.0 Stars

My cousin booked us for an air-conditioned room at Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn. Unfortunately, due to large unexpected influx of people, we were transferred to Gigantes Hideaway Resort located in a small island nearby. We were downgraded from an air-conditioned room to a tent. Though when we see where we transferred, we can’t say no since it is right in front of the beach.

We slept at a tent (a first for us!) and we enjoyed it since it is just in front of the beach. Electricity supply in the island is only from 6pm to 9pm, so make sure your batteries and power banks are ready for a whole day trip.

Everything is in big serving. Freshly cooked seafood. However, for those who have allergies, please notify them at once so they may serve food other than seafood, as I remember, they only served chicken and pork once or twice during our two days stay.

We brought some emergency food (water, chips and some biscuits), in case we starve during the trip. Though, there are sari-sari stores in the area, though a bit pricey.

They are very nice actually and accommodating. They also are very helpful as they offered medicines for my allergies. Our tour guide, Kuya Jojo, is really nice to us though we were so demanding. He helped us a lot during our stay. I highly commend him for his great work.

The package is very affordable for only PhP2400 per person plus PhP500 if you will get an air-conditioned room. The rate already includes the private boat for island hopping, spelunking at Bakwitan Cave, travel to lighthouse, food, accommodation and passenger boat fare to and from the island.

Overall, I am recommending this resort in case you want to explore Isla de Gigantes.

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Mara R.
5.0 Stars

Staying at Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn will give you a glimpse of the simple provincial life in Islas de Gigantes. Its a nice escape for those who want to have peace and quiet. 128134🏼

-You have a choice between the following:
1. Nipa Hut - MUST. Its so rustic. Hahaha
2. Treehouse
3. Air con rooms
4. Non air con rooms
- Bathroom is common
- Electricity is cut off in the afternoon.

- FRESH SEAFOOD!!! 128513128513128513 But you should have the SCALLOPS, Gigantes being the scallop capital an all. 128514

- All their staff are so helpful, so attentive that you really feel taken cared of. Provincial hospitality at its finest. 128522

Just get their packages, depending on how many days and for how many people inclusive of accommodations, tours and meals. Expect around 2K plus. 128077🏼

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Jedz B.
5.0 Stars

Love the place because of a warm people! Very awesome food for a cheaper price! Worth the 2 hrs travel. Want to go back again... Promise! 128077128675

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