Gilmore Cat Cafe

Xavier Hills Condominium, Granada St., New Manila, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Gilmore Cat Cafe
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Suzette C.
4.0 Stars

We are in the area waiting for a delivery and we decided to go grab a bite while waiting. Gilmore Cat Cafe has been around the area but we never got the chance to try it. Also because I am not really a cat person. we have dogs at home. It was also raining CATS AND DOGS (mehehehe) so we decided not to go farther than this area.

Upon entering, It already smells like cats. I am not use to it so it makes me kinda want to vomit but like 5 min inside, I got use to it. I was already having fun, cats are roaming around the restaurant and we got to pet them.

Visiting the cats upstairs need an entrance fee. 300 with 150pesos consumable, students rate is 200 with 100 pesos consumable.

I got the creamy chicken pasta and Lou got the spicy Penne(they didn't have penne so they used macaroni instead). We also got the chicken sandwich to share.

We were briefed on how to handle cats and where to and not to pet them etc. we decided to eat first and play with the cats later.

The food was not good at all. It could use a lot of improvement. We kinda liked the sandwich but who messes up a sandwich? :) The pasta was both kinda bland (but it's good that it does not have MSG! Or that is what I assume because of the taste) My pasta was not al dente and it's cut into short strands, all noodles did not even exceed 3inches! :))

The interiors were also kinda off because of the different pieces of furniture. I'm not sure if they are leaning to modern contemporary or tribal?

After eating, we went upstairs to check out all other cats, as of today they have 18 cats in the cafe. 3 of which are alpha males:)

Surprisingly, we enjoyed playing with the cats. They are all so fluffy and soft. We were lucky that we got in after their siesta time, so all the cats are very active!:)

I guess this place is mostly for the experice with vats, not much with the food. So I decided to still give them 4 stars. I didn't mind paying a few bucks for hanging out with them, think of it this way: the payment also goes to the cats' food and toys. 128516

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