Glam Salon

The Pergola Mall, Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Glam Salon
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Danielle R.
5.0 Stars

Loved how they did my nails. 128525 and it's only for 150php for your Manicure and they use imported polishes for it already!

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Donna K.
3.0 Stars

I have decided to give Glam Salon another chance. After the whole mani-pedi-footspa debacle I was sort of hesitant.

This time I needed to color my hair, get a trim and a manicure.

When I got to the salon there was no one at the counter. I had to peek and ask for assistance. (Mind you there was only one customer.)

I told them what I needed. And I was brought to the shampoo station. The seat was uncomfortable and the entire area was tight! People were passing over your feet just to get to the other room. And I don't know what happened but the lady got water on my back. Thank goodness there was no dye on my hair yet, I was wearing my Looloo| shirt pa naman.

The stylist was really nice though, he did exactly what I wanted and was very courteous.

What bothered me the most from my visit was the fact that those who weren't doing anything decided it would be okay to start treating their hair while there are customers! The customer before me even said "Aba, nagpapatreatment ka din?" the lady just smiled and told the customer what type of treatment she was getting. What's funny is, the girl getting the treatment was doing this customer's highlights! I think this is very rude and unprofessional. Fine, they can do these things when there are NO customers not when they're waiting for the timer of their customer's treatment to go off.

Another thing, I'm never getting a mani-pedi here. Whenever I tell the lady not to go too deep with the skin pulling thingamajig (yes, I'm very articulate hahaha!) she will still insist on her way. I ended up with bleeding fingers! Ugh.

If it wasn't for the stylist who did an excellent job on my hair, I'd give this place just two stars.

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Sheryl Anne B.
4.0 Stars

Eyebrow threading for P150! Good bye unibrow! (Ehem Erick B hahaha)

They have this derma chair(?) so nakahiga ka habang tine-thread kilay mo. haha I think they use a different kind of thread (parang elastic idk). And unlike other salons, they apply aloe vera right after the procedure to avoid skin irritation. 9786

I find P150 a bit pricey though, there's this salon kasi that offers threading for P40 lang (sans derma chair and aloe vera pero malinis yung pagkaka-thread), it's kinda far from home though, so madalas dito nalang ako sa Glam. 128539

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Donna K.
3.0 Stars

I usually do my own manis and pedis because I like to be creative. (I'm talking Nail Art here) I felt frustrated with the black polish I bought the other day that made my Stormtrooper nail art look like melted candy. 128542Note to self: Don't buy cheap polish even if you're just going to use them for outlines.

So today I went to visit this Salon that my friend apparently owns. (I didn't know she owned this this place till an hour ago!) I had a footspa, mani-pedi done. It costs a total of P600.

The manicure wasn't bad just that the choices for polishes were pretty limited. The footspa was kind of 'bitin' coz I'm used to a footspa with a good scrub and massage. This was kind of a rip-off for P300 where they just soaked my feet in soap water, towel dried it and proceeded to the pedicure part.128530

It's a good thing my mom's gonna be back this month because she has everything done at home with the best manicurists! Time to enjoy another free ride. (I love my mom 128536)

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