Go Nuts Donuts

G/F Market! Market!, Mabini Ave. cor. McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Go Nuts Donuts
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Arrah D.
4.0 Stars

I was lucky to pass by their store yesterday and I was able to avail their rainy day promo: Buy 6 Take 6 =) I only paid P230.00 for a dozen. =)

Their sugar -glazed ones were not as good as I remember but I love their cookie butter and peanut butter doughnuts!

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

I am living witness of the continuous changes in the doughnut trend.  2004 to 2005 was the year of Go Nuts Donuts.  A small joint located at The Fort Strip.  Then along came Krispy Kreme.  First shop is in Greenhills.  Everyone went a lil GaGa with their glazed doughnuts.  Then along came Al Capone and his band of misfits courtesy of J. Co. 

Note: Let us not forget the old timers - Dunkin and Country Style.

This is the first review of my Doughnut Diaries.

Chapter One.  Go Nuts with their Donuts!  I stumbled upon this yummy treat while i was working graveyard a couple of years back. Working with sales has a lot of perks,  one of which is a bite of the elusive Pastillas De Leche  from the new doughnut player in town.  I was blown away by how soft the pastry is,  melt-in-your-mouth kind of thing.  Their flavors are simple - glazed,  peanut butter to name a few.

Everyone went a lil nuts and endured long lines at their small shop at The Fort Strip.  Their arrival is a breath of fresh air,  a much needed break from Dunkin.  I am glad that Gonuts maintained their signature soft donuts and they secured their place in the market despite the arrival of the imported brands.

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Markie D.
3.0 Stars

I tried their Rocky road and pastillas de leche . Hmm it was ok and affordable128077

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Justin J.
2.0 Stars

I missed their pizza donut thingies. But I was disappointed to see what was served to me. A plain hot donut that was a bit hard, with tiny bits of cheese and garlic. What happened?

I miss those days when the lines were so long at Go Nuts and their pizza burgers were soft and full of toppings. :(

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Nice P.
4.0 Stars

I tried their Cronuts by chance as i was meaning to try their Cookie Butter selection. They had 5 to 6 variants and i originally wanted to order the blueberry flavor but it was out of stock and ended up choosing the chocolate almond instead. 127849127849127849

It's 70 Php or 75 Php which is cheaper than Wildflour and Dunkin Donuts in Rockwell. Upon ordering you will be advised to wait for 5⃣ minutes as their Cronuts are made fresh (yay!). It wasn't as flakey and was "thinner" or probably had less air compared to the others i have tried. It had generous almond shavings and the chocolate filling was just right but because it was made fresh i could still taste the grease from frying. All in all, it tastes good for it's value. Please make your all flavors available all the time. 128556

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Lea P.
3.0 Stars

Price - P108
Featuring - box of 3 premium donuts like rocky road, cookies and cream, and that m&m's hahaha
Taste - sweet, just enough
Overall - a bit pricey as usual hahaha


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Al S.
4.0 Stars

Minus 1 star for the limited choices;
they only had 6-8 choices to choose from.
Service was great except for that girl who deliberately cut in line as if i wasn't there standing right next to her.

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Lesley Ardelle V.
5.0 Stars

Since I am on a roll, might as well make another review of a donut place...3rd in a row! There should be a donut badge or sweet tooth badge or something. Hehe. 128521

Go Nut's cookie butter donut was introduced awhile back. I've never tried it before, because at the time it was introduced, I hadn't been able to taste the real thing (Speculoos Cookie Butter) yet.

Ever since getting my own jar, though (hurray!), I've been on a cookie butter spree, trying out anything Speculoos: macaroons, gelato, cupcakes...and now, donuts! I know I'm a bit late in the game already (I wasn't able to try the Speculoos pancakes!), but there are just so much Speculoos stuff out in the market! I can only eat so much (I allow myself one sweet treat per week. Ok, maybe 2. Or 3).

So anyway, Go Nut's attempt to imitate the cookie butter taste in their frosting is spot on! It tasted the same, but it had a creamier consistency, so it wasn't too thick or sticky. 128077128077128077128077128077

The glazed donut perfectly complemented the frosting, too. It wasn't overwhelmingly sweet. I mean, cookie butter on top of a sugar glazed donut, and I didn't end up hurting my teeth from the sweetness?? How did they do that?! Galing.

The donut itself was soft, too, but not as fluffy soft as J.CO's which I was able to taste last week. I finished the whole thing off in 1 sitting, so I wasn't able to do Kristella D's stale donut test. Haha!

I was very happy with my cookie butter donut, so for their successful effort to make their own: 5 stars! 128077

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