Go! Salads

2/F The Medical City, Ortigas Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila

Go! Salads
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Angel M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Vicky J.
5.0 Stars

THE GUZZLER SMOOTHIE is heaven! Made with banana, sugar-free peanut butter, coco sugar, spirulina, greens (lettuce) and soy milk, it is a very filling, refreshing, healthy and therefore guilt-free smoothie. It comes in only one size- a very TALL plastic cup and so reasonably priced at P120. I fully agree with their ad - "living healthy doesn't have to be expensive." Will come back to try their other healthy treats for sure!128077🏻

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Argee E.
4.0 Stars

Healthy and affordable. For a glass of smoothie which contains greens and fruits (plus Peanut butter) only costs 120php. Salads that are packed can be bought starting at 100php. What's your excuse not to stay fit. Whether on the go or chilling you may grab and get healthy.

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Jess R.
4.0 Stars

Had one of their green smoothies to go. I ordered The Jeepney, it had pineapple, mango, malunggay, coco sugar, coconut water, and greens in it.

The drink is very refreshing and affordable at p120, venti sized. Only down side of the drink was there was some bothersome strands. I'm guessing it's from the mango. 128572

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Jas T.
2.0 Stars

After doing a TMC errand, it was already past 12pm and I was starving. I have tried Go Salads' salad before and it was pretty decent, thus, this visit.

So there's the balsamic mushroom chickpea sandwich and simply mapple smoothie. Hmmm...both were so-so.

Their menu describes the BMC as 'vegetarian patty w/ honey basil sauce and freshly sliced cucumbers in whole wheat Malunggay ciabatta bread. Where.is.the.sauce. That was running in my head each time I took a bite. Saan?? Chos. It was dry and plain. Nothing special.

Simply Mapple. It consists of mango, apple, coco sugar and greens. I asked for 50 percent sweetness level and man, it was too bland for my liking. My bad, bwisit. Hahaha! I reckon it was just...okay. Maybe I should've ordered The Guzzler (most reco accdg to the staff) except I don't fancy banana in any of my drinks.

So there. Healthy munchies that was totally not for me. Hahaha! Now, I want a pulled pork sandwich!


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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

Before this branch of Go! Salads opened, the nearest branch to work was the one in Strata's Lasapin. But that place is always jampacked so I've never gotten around to trying Go! Salads yet.

I love the ambiance of the Medical City branch! They get ample natural light and the earthy feel of the place just gets me.

For my first time, I tried the Bayani Salad and their Breakfast Green Smoothie. The salad was good, a mix of salty (sesame soy dressing) and sweet (candied cashews). I'm not impressed with the adobo flakes though. It didn't taste like adobo. :( The smoothie was good too. The banana in the mix helped mask any flavors of greens well, though you can still taste the soy beans mixed in it, which is okay for me.

As a bonus, I bought a jar of Basil Hummus to take home. Basil goodness. 10084128077🏼

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Iea P.
4.0 Stars

This place is relatively new round my side of town. I totally forgot to take a picture of my food but I got myself a Sgt Steak Salad and The Guzzler yesterday for late lunch and Sweet Caroline Salad, Garlic Hummus with Pita, and Vanilla Lemongrass juice today.

Sgt Steak Salad was served cold from greens to meat. It also came with chimichirri dressing that basically tasted like bland mustard vinaigrette. There's just too much olive oil in the dressing. Not worth the 120 bucks! You can't switch salad dressings and you can't purchase additional dressing!

The Guzzler story is different though. It's a smoothie that had blended bananas, greens, and peanut butter. The taste was a bit playful and i loved it. It's not something i'd drink all the time but it's definitely worth the try! I didnt realize that a smoothie with peanut butter could leave a refreshing taste in my palate. It costs 120 bucks and comes in a large take away cup. Sulit!

Sweet Caroline had a sweet asian vinaigrette taste. Liked it much better than the one with steak though this salad just had greens, sun-dried tomatoes, and nuts.

Garlic hummus with pita was so-so. Vanilla lemongrass juice was around 40 bucks. Don't get it! It's just colored water!

If you're coming here, I'd definitely recommend The Guzzler! I'd come back for it.

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