Gokain Bistro

2/F University Mall, Taft Ave., Taft, Manila, Metro Manila

Gokain Bistro
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Most Recent Reviews

Nicole C.
3.0 Stars

Met up with some friends again and we ended up eating here. I had their ramyeon which was just okay, there's three levels of spiciness and I chose the lowest, which is called regular (or normal? idk I forgot already hahahuhu), and it was already sort of spicy, so if you have low tolerance for spicy food, better stick with this order - or get something else entirely.
We had their gimbap, and they served it after 15-20 minutes, which was way too long of a waiting time, considering the fact that there were only 3 or so other tables occupied at the time. I had their cheese gimbap and it was just alright.
Ambience was ok. Service could still be improved.

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Faye A.
4.0 Stars

My friend saw some posts on facebook about this restaurant that offers unli kimchi and affordable ramyeon and we decided to give it a try, We ordered cheese gimbap (the sushi-like rice rolls) @190php my friends ordered Haemul Ramyeon (w/c has shrimp on it) that costs 129php and mine was Ramyeon because I'm allergic to seafood. Everything was good for its price, the ambience has its light feeling maybe because most of their customers are students (La salle in particular) since it was located inside the University Mall. The interior setting is instagramable!

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Denise A.
4.0 Stars

GOKAIN Bistro is a newly opened restaurant in University Mall, Taft. Whenever there's a new restaurant around the area, I can't help but visit whether it's good or not, cause I always get curious and feel kinda jealous of the students too since during the days when I was in Taft, only few good restaurant exists. (lol!)

'Go kain' which means "Let's Eat" is owned by Harry Lee who is a fresh graduate student in College of Saint Benilde with a Bachelor's Degree in Culinary. Harry and his friend (Forgot the name) decided to open up a Korean Restaurant cause they know that a lot of Korean Students also study in Taft.

Harry is so friendly! All Koreans are friendly, that's one trait I like about them the most. Me and my boyfriend were the only customers during the time of our visit around 3pm at lunch time. Not a peak hour so i'm not surprised why there were only few people eating. Anyway that's a good thing cause ai got to take a lot of photos and was able to chat with Harry.

SIDE KWENTO: have always been fascinated about Koreans. There was a time in college when I had 95% Korean Blockmates and we were around 5-7 Filipino in class. So Koreans are close to my heart and I am very comfortable having them around. It's a plus I get to improve my English Communicating Skills. Haha!

Funny story "Gokain" was actually supposed to be "KoKain" which means "Korean Kain" but it sounded like "Cocaine" and the building didn't allow that so they just changed it Haha!

I ordered SAMGYUP KIMCHI BOKKEUM which consists of Fried Pork, Kimci, Rice, Fried Egg, Salad with Garlic Vinaigrette and Macaroni Salad with Sweet Creamy Mayo Sauce for P190. It tasted so freakin authentic. I've been to Korea just last February and I must say, Harry did a great job on the cooking and the presentation. It's a good thing a Korean Chef cooks the food, it tasted close to Meals i've had in Korea.

I just have to commend their RICE. Lol! They used Japanese Rice and it was cooked so well. My friend who's a Rice Addict and eats literally anything with rice just told me the same thing, "Ang Sarap ng Kanin!" Lahat ng ulam sumasarap pag may mainit na kanin. Would you agree?

The fried pork was okay. The only thing I didn't like would be the Salad with Garlic Vinaigrette, it has this awkward onion-ish taste that didn't go well with the dish. It has an after taste I can't explain. Yikes.

I find the pricing quite high if I am still a student. Student budget for lunch or dinner would usually range from P100-P150.

Anyway, enjoyed the experience cause I was eating in a mini stainless frying pan which became my plate. In Korea, this is normal. They eat their ramen on pots, and most of their utensils are stainless even the drinking glass. Feel na feel ko ang pagkaKorean ko because of it! Haha! The servers were also very friendly and can speak English well!

The interior is also nice. It has this street style industrial feel. It's quite dark and slightly intimidating but it's classy.
If you have the chance, drop by and look for Harry! He'll freely assist you and recommend you their specialties!

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