Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen

2/F S Maison at Conrad Manila, Seaside Blvd. cor. Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen
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Will C.
1.0 Stars

Ive been very selective of the places that i will reward with a golden 1 star, some owners might take the review badly to the heart and think of silly things as per my experience 128512 though my criteria of giving it usually stems if the food, service or cleanliness are on the negative side of spectrum.

The service was not bad at all, they even allow us to dine here at 930pm. But the food is a different story, ordered their chicken pandan and sorry to say but it was a forgettable one, there were lots of broken chicken bones inside, it was more like chicken strips than juicy whole cut, and the sides are badly burnt.

Kare kare was just so so but it lacks flavor, even binagoong taste weird, i tried tasting the bagoong and there was some weird solid thing stuck between my teeth when i tried it. 128528

The last one that came out was tuna belly binagoongan and it was really bad. Waiter serves it with a finger on side and it leaves a distinct mark on the elongated plate. 128529 it was more of a chunk tuna ala sisig than an actual tuna belly, come on they even have pork with it. While menu clearly states it just tuna belly. It was really bad, we cant taste the authentic binagoongan taste and to add the awfully looking smash tuna belly.

The place is very slipper, lots of water on the floor, there was another customer who also complain about it. Table was not clean, loads of wet tissue on the back of my seat. And theres even cockroach on our table, i cant believe i will saw a cockroach on a restaurant at conrad. It doesnt feel right to see garbage going out on the front door with their waiter kicking it like their at a wet market.

This is a toss either 1 or 2 stars but i settle with 1 star as we all went out declaring wont be back here for a long time. Lol, i cant help but imagine their plate look like a dustpan. 128514

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Joy Vee A.
3.0 Stars

Looks good right? Defintely!

But it leave an oily after taste for hours. I ordered kalamansi juice to cleanse.

There are parts na matigas and it's different from all the scallops i ate. I still prefer Kuya J's more buttery, cheesy, & with uhmmami taste.

Thanks Cowrie for the experice. Great backgroup view of Manila Bay before sunset.

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4.0 Stars

Celebrating special occasion and decided to have lunch in Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen in S' Maison, SM Mall of Asia Complex.


Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen is affiliated with Hukad, the Filipino restaurant originated in Cebu. They are known for mouthwatering Cebu Lechon Belly.

Golden Cowrie has a beautiful view of Manila Bay. Perhaps the best time to dine here is during late afternoon for a good view of the sunset.


128055Cebu's Lechon Belly 1/4kg for Php310.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"My first bite... I just need rice to pair with Cebu's Lechon Belly. It has a strong flavor, even without the sauce it tasty. But if someone like to pair it with a sauce I will suggest for a seasoned vinegar."

128055Zarsuela de Mariscos for Php595.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"This mixed seafood in tomato based sauce is my favorite during our lunch. The crab, clams, octopus and shrimps were served fresh. Again it is best paired with plain rice."

128055Crispy Pata - Grande for Php665.00 - 110881108811088️ 3/5
"Although the meat is tender but it would be better if the pork knuckles skin is crispy."

128055Kare-kare for Php395.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The best way to eat the meat and vegetables soaked in a peanut sauce is to pair with bagoong. It's good and really can boost your appetite."

128055Sago't Gulaman for Php90.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

128055Mais Con Yelo - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

"Both desserts were refreshing during our lunch. The best palate cleanser so it can eliminate the after taste of bagoong."


The staff were attentive and alert during our visit. Keep it up! 128077🏼

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Kim A.
1.0 Stars

VERY BAD EXPERIENCE. We ordered Bicol Express with floating foil and pierced with hair, bland Adobong Talong, and Kilawing Tanigue (not fresh, accdg to the waiter). We had a hard time getting the attention of the clumsy waiters. And to top it all off, the rice was served last ;) definitely not coming back.

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Marylouise M.
4.0 Stars

So like the foods, the ambiance, the view and all about this Golden Cowrie's Filipino Restaurant. It's actually a Filipino-Cebuano restaurant. The restaurant is so cozy. You can eat inside or outdoors while watching the beautiful sunsets and scenery of Manila with your family or your love ones. The ambiance of the seaside was so beautiful. It's very relaxing.
We ordered 1/2 Cebu's letchon belly, Scallops, Garlic Rice, Fresh Lupia, Sagot Gulaman and Pineapple Juice. Ngoyong and Chilled taho is not available. They have complimentary soup. I got my Letche flan (rewards) by showing my sm advantage card because our bill is 1,700 service charge included. If your bill is 1,500 up you can get rewards by showing your sm advantage card.
The Cebu's Letchon Belly is so delicious and the special vinegar is so so good. The scallops are delicious too. The one cup of garlic rice is like 2 cups for me. The fresh lumpia is so yummy and so adorable because it's roll. Sagot gulaman is good but they don't have available chilled taho so sad. The pineapple juice tastes like real pineapple it's delicious too.
I'm satisfied with the foods, the ambiance, the view and all about this restaurant. But I'm sad because they don't have available chilled taho. I might be back next time.

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Dennis O.
3.0 Stars

After the kiddo finished watching Disney on Ice lst night we proceeded to S Maison planning to have dinner in Paradise Dynasty but at almost 9pm it was still jampacked. So we decided to try out Golden Cowrie. Funny thing my brother thought this was the same as Cowrie Grill Steak House haha.128514128514128514

Golden Cowrie is part of Cebu's Golden Restaurant group that is expanding in Manila. Hukad is part of this group. Golden Cowrie have been serving Cebuano for almost 33yrs and they have been a go to place in VISMIN area.128516

Our group was immediately given a table as we arrived. We were seated along the narrow aisle going to the main dinning area. The tables were seem to be pilit in that narrow aisle. I also noticed that there was kitchen door between the mirror walls. There was a few instance the waiter coming out the kitchen door and hitting someone walking since the door is not noticeable. It was a blindspot. 128528

For the food we try out some simple dishes.
128026Baked Bantayan Scallops (220PHP) - It was 10pcs. of scallops I think. Nicely baked scallop and tasted cheesy great.
128055Dinuguan (135PHP) - classic style Dinuguan. The type of dinuguan that I like but the pork in it was a bit fatty.
128020Chicken Tinola (270PHP) - this one was a bit weird. The chicken was vender and tasted great but the soap didn't tasted tinola. It tasted like halaan. All of us have the same feedback regarding the soup.
🦑Grilled Squid (265PHP) - Love this one. You can never go wrong with grilled squid!
🥜Kare-Kare (375PHP) - the serving was generous and lots of veggies. The soup was creamy and very peanut tastewise. The meat was the downfall some part was a bit to dry and tough to chew.
127865Aqua Fresca (295PHP)- very refreshing kind of drink. Love the blended cucumber!

Overall 3stars for now service for this visit was bad. Got to call the waiter attention more than once or twice and few more follow-up. Food need a little more improvement since they are align with some juggernaut resto in S Maison. The good side this is a great cheap option in S Maison that you'll surely get full. Unli rice by the way. 128521

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Tommy T.
2.0 Stars

Visited this 2 weeks old resto, a branch of the well known Golden Cowrie in Cebu. We were seated promptly, there were not too many guests. We ordered NGOHIONG, CHICKEN TINOLA, and CEBU BELLY LECHON. and rice.

Ngohiong. An adoptation of the chinese kikiam flavored with 5 spices
( ngo, means 5, hiong, means fragrance). Their version was thinly sliced banana blossoms and singkamas wrapped with lumpia wrapper, then deep fried. The taste was ok.

Cebu belly lechon was a disaster, it was served in an elongated tray with pieces of what looked like lechon, the lechon was very dark colored in contrast to the yummy lechon pictured on their menu. The skin was not crispy, it was tough.( see photo ),

Chicken Tinola was also a disaster. It has 4 slices of chicken, with Pringle chips thin slices of what look like papaya, 2 pcs of ginger and some sili leaves and some soup. The soup was bland, no taste of chicken nor ginger. The chicken was tough.

I requested for the manager, who quickly attended to us. I told her about the lechon, that it would take a great effort to chew on the tough not crispy skin. She promised to change, which she did. The lechon now appeared appetizing and the skin crispy.
She also promised to change the chicken tinola, the replacement was the same chicken pieces with more salt added to the soup, the soup became salty but remained bland with no flavor of chicken. It was a shame ! 128078128078128078
My analysis is this resto boiled some chicken pieces in water, as soon as the chicken appeared to be cooked, the fish out the chicken for fear that prolonged boiling will cause the chicken to become too tender and disintegrate into the soup. But in so doing, the soup was devoid ot the chicken taste. It was really bad.☹️128078128078128078

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5.0 Stars

Care for desserts? I went to Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen after our lunch at Paradise Dynasty. It is right beside of the said Chinese Restaurant. Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen is under the management of Hukad. Yes! The famous Cebuano restaurant open its branch here in Pasay. This is not my first time to try Hukad. I already tried the restaurant in Cebu, Tacloban and Cagayan de Oro. I will never forget Hukad's Cebu Lechon, it was really delicious. But during my visit, there's no available Cebu Lechon that's why I had several desserts.

127854Choco Chilled Taho for Php125.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"The presentation of my choco taho was so cute. Literally, it was chilled and served on top of ice bucket."

127854Tropical Brulee for Php130.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The burnt sugar on top of mango and pineapple compliments with the tropical fruits. Masarap pero medyo maasim yung pineapple"

127854Ube Halaya Crisp ala Mode for Php130.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"They used cheese ice cream instead of vanilla. Ang sarap ng combination ng cheese and ube."

Even they're having a meeting that time, the staff accommodated me well. He served water and provided assistance.

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen is located at the 2nd Floor, S' Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel, SM MOA Complex, Pasay City.


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Chrisalyn T.
4.0 Stars

I passed by this place one late afternoon thinking of getting a snack while i wait for my date that day. I checked the menu and wasn’t really feeling all too well, so as much as I would have been enticed to order a few from the menu. I just made my decision to order one of my comfort foods, which is the HALO HALOMAZING (price is less than 150)

Halo Halo is one of my favorite desserts, so sick or not i’ll always want this. Anyway, their halo halo as you can see in the picture is composed with just a few ingredients. The ingredients are shaved ice, corn, sugar palm fruit in syrup “Kaong", corn flakes, macapuno strips, banana foster, red mung beans, gelatin, sugar and milk. It didn’t have ice cream though and ube halaya. But no matter what, I still had an amazing time feeding myself a spoonful of this delicious dessert. I didn’t find it too sweet, so i’m pretty sure most would enjoy this.

The servers were also really nice to me, so service was excellent. I’m actually excited to try their viands though, since I really love food that originated from Cebu. Cebu is my second home actually, and having their food here in Manila, instead of having to wait to fly back to cebu again makes me really happy.

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