Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant

VP Inting Avenue, Tagbilaran, Bohol

Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant
4.5 Stars

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+63 (038) 411-0323

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Pilihp Y.
3.0 Stars

Food presentation ok
Price reasonably
Salty food even you have told them to do less
Taste nothing special

  • No. of Comments: 2
Ron M.
5.0 Stars

Golden cowrie is one of the most delicious local restaurants i've ever tried in bohol and not only that but their food has a bery reasonable price, here are some of the dishes we tried:
Ngohiong, this is a specialty from cebu, its a deep fried veggie roll served with soy sauce and a special spicy dip, it was very delicious, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, however the downside is that its very oily

Imbao tinola soup, imbao is known as halaan in tagalog, the imbao shells tasted good and you'll know its a fresh catch and the soup was so tasty 128523

Chicken halang-halang, chicken is cooked over coconut milk and chopped veggies, its almost like a mild bicol express

Grilled tuna panga, this is one of my favorite grilled foods, and since bohol is known for its fresh seafoods, indeed its one of the most delicious grilled tuna panga i've ever had, its very fresh and it doesnt have that "malansa" taste and its grilled to perfection

Lastly their special halo halo, oh my gosh this was one of the best tasting halo halo i've had, well im not a fan of this pinoy dessert but i tried it anyway and it was totally worth it, the ice is so fine its like snow and the ube ice cream is so creamy alongside with the 12 halo halo ingredients, every scoop was like heaven 128523128523128523128523

To top it off, golden cowrie is a must try if you want a taste the best of bohol

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Nesty A.
5.0 Stars

Had lunch here with friends I haven't met for 6 years after college graduation! 127891

Their ground floor dining area was almost full when we got in. So we asked if we could dine on the upper floor instead to enjoy Panglao Island overlooking.

We were a group of ten people and it was just us who dined on that floor. Great because we didn't have to minimize our voices for our chatting busyness.

We ordered the following:

✅Crispy Pata
✅Baked Scallops
✅Chicken Tinola
✅Chicken Pandan
✅Adobong Pusit
✅Mango Shake

All checked in green because they all taste good! Satisfying and really delicious food!

The lady server stayed with us the entire time and was very accommodating. We felt like we had a private server that time 128512.

  • No. of Comments: 6
Nesty A.
5.0 Stars

Where else have I eaten Crispy Pata?! 128582 *thinking* *thinking* *thinking again* okay... just here! So I can't say theirs is the best because I got nothing to compare. But for sure, Golden Cowrie is one of the best Filipino restaurants I've been to. Their Crispy Pata is crispy of course and just tastes really good that you'll ignore other food on the table. Price depends on the serving size ranging from 200+ to 500+.

This restaurant has wide and very convenient parking area, and is located so close to Saint Joseph Cathedral Church. Perfect place to dine after attending a mass 128077.

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Jeanne Stephanie E.
4.0 Stars

Location of this should be in Boracay Uptown, station 2. Couldn't find it here so bohol nalang. Hehe! Anyways, their crispy kare2x and crispy dinugan are good. The sauce of karekare is separated from the meat and veggies. Very affordable, unlike other restos in bora which are a bit expensive. Btw, rice is unlimited here.

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