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Mary Iralyn C.
5.0 Stars

It’s nice to just chill and relax after a hell of week so finding the right place is key.

Ordered their best seller lechon sisig 🥘 and it tasted great. Calamari was also yummy but I forgot the Steak with Fries coz it wasn’t that good for me. But 2/3 is not bad at all...

Really loved their watermelon margarita so make that 2 please 127864127864and I will order you next time.

Coupled with drinks and good company 128522 this resto made it to my top spot. ♥️

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Sun M.
4.0 Stars

Ok...2nd time writing this review. Huhu. Not sure if the app restarted or what. Or I guess it happens when you go to another app. 128557 I love writing on the app itself, so that’s a risk I’m taking every time. This is not the first this happened believe me. Haha. Just too lazy to open my laptop. Now writing this on my note. Haha. *LESSON LEARNED*

Whew. Ok...from the beginning...🤣🤣🤣

Went here at Gorda last weekend for boyfie’s pre-birthday celebration. Found out about Gorda through my brother. He and his wife went here for a late night drink. They didn’t order any food because the resto was about to close so I got curious to try.

Made a reservation to be sure since I was told that Saturday nights could be jam-packed. We arrived at around 8pm and there’s only a couple of customers. There are tables set up outside, but inside is more spacious with a center bar and couches at the back.

I find it weird that they have to open-close the door every time a guest would come in. I love the ambiance and vibe of the place, it gives you the Fil-Mex feeling because of its lighting and brick walls.

We were seated at the couch already until I saw the other table facing a colorful wall-art near the window. I requested to be transferred there, however, a family was occupying it. 128148 While waiting for our food, the table became available so the staff happily obliged to transfer us. Yay! 128149 🤗

I’m not into Fil-Mex cuisine so I trust boyfie’s choices more since he loves grilled meat and spices and all. Haha. Good thing they have a Calamari, my ultimate favorite, and is always a must for me so I ordered one for appetizer. 🤗

For main meal, boyfie ordered Pork A La Parilla while I ended up ordering on my own. I ordered from what I saw on their instagram page (lol) so I had the Pollo Inasal Skillet. Also ordered their Gorda’s Avocado Pie for dessert since I love to eat anything that’s made from Avocado!!!

Calamari (Php380) - 5/5
*Squid frito, Local Spice Dust, Homemade Crema, Pinakurat*
The Calamari was tender and tasty. Boyfriend loved their pinakurat vinegar. I think he loved their calamari more than I did. Haha.

Pork A La Parrilla (Php500) - 5/5
*Grilled Tender Pork Chops, Pineapple Que, Homemade Refried Beans, Kapeng Barako Demi Glaze* (as described on their menu)

Surely not a fan of grilled pork, but I was surprised how tender the meat was. You could tell how juicy it is while slicing it. *DROOL* It was done medium well, but so soft and easy to slice, and cooked beautifully and perfectly. It came with 2 slices of pork chops, but without rice. Boyfie did not like the Kapeng Barako Glaze that much, but I did. The red bean side was yummy too. The dish also came with lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Boyfie enjoyed the pineapple as he did with the pork chops.

Pollo Inasal Skillet (Php450) - 4.5/5
*Mexican Spiced Marinated Chicken Inasal, Cilantro Sinangag, Roasted Pimiento and Onion, and Homemade Crema*

This one I loved better. Served over the cilantro rice and ultimately good for sharing. It was served with 2 skewers of boneless chicken inasal. Loved the onion and tomato. Boyfie ate the pimiento. Haha! I just felt that the rice went a little oily because of the chicken inasal. I love flavored rice so it was still good for me. Haha. For the inasal, I liked that how the sauce was basted on it because you can taste the marinated flavor in every portion. Waaah it was too heavy for the tummy so I shared it with the boyfie of course. Hihi. You can ask for extra crema if you want. 128513

Gorda’s Avocado Pie (Php250) - 5/5
*Condensada, Butter Graham Crust, and Calamansi Crema Whip*

This one is a must try for Gorda that I recommended this to my brother and for everyone to try. Haha. This is the perfect way to refresh your appetite from having too much spices.

Little did I know that the pie is served frozen so it came as a surprise on my first bite. I loved its crust the most because it has a sweet and salty combination. The avacado flavor was not strong enough, but it’s there. The pie is topped with a caramelized calamansi that brings a bitter slash soury slash sweet texture to the dessert. Swear! You should try this one! Hihi.

Overall, the food was good and was visually appealing. Menu was a bit pricey, but it’s worth the taste and serving size. I guess most of their menu is good for sharing. It was Sunday so we didn’t order an alcohol drink. Maybe next time. 128513

Bar time is at 9pm so they turned off some of the lights and the place went dimmer which I liked even better. It gave a very chill vibe. Stayed there until 11pm while waiting for the lfs of the movie Flatliners.

The crews were very accommodating and attentive in every way possible. Something I always look for and admire about in a restaurant. Also loved the shot of one of the staff took for me and boyfie. Effort! So thumbs up for the service! Haha. 128076🏻128076🏻128076🏻

Their music playlist is updated, as if I was listening with my Spotify on. Haha. Perfect when destressing! 🤣🤣🤣
Will I come back? Definitely yes. Most likely with friends or when I feel like having a bottle and two. I was told they do have DJs in selected days of the week so I hope to experience that next time. :)

Giving 4 stars because of the small flies, not sure where those came from, but it is the least I want especially when eating. They have candles and electric fans ready on other hand, but I do hope they’ll do something about it. Not sure if this is the reason they’ve been closing-opening the main door of the resto.

I would love to try their quesadillas, burrito, and tacos next time for a more legit mexican dining experience. Most importantly, their alcoholic beverages.128076🏻128513🤗128149


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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

That massive door and impressive brick walls are what will welcome you to Gorda. A re-visit for me on an exclusive invite by Gorda to Team Kaladkarin, I was happy to walk inside once more to find out what else is good here. My first visit was only for dessert and it left me wanting.
A fusion of Filipino-Mexican food, this family owned business is poised to win your hearts and bellies. I myself am a big fan of Mexican food. I can eat it everyday. However, I do know Pinoys who can’t take Latin spices, and this place might be a great place to introduce to them to these flavors.

Mainly a restaurant that at night it transforms into a mean bar. They have DJs that come on selected days and offer happy hour everyday from 3-9PM.


Here’s what we had:

10024Mama’s Nachos. 400/600.
Spiced beef estofado, trio local keso sauce, ensalada, jalapeño atchara.
Their signature creation, which they encourage everyone to try. This is really good bar chow. There was a lot of cheese and toppings not just as a topping but on the different layers of nachos.

Calamari. 380.
Squid frito, house-made crema, pinakurat.
The squid was tender, cooked just right. Batter was light and crispy.

10024Gorda’s Lechon Sisig. 350.
Cebu lechon, Tapatio mayo, cilantro-jalapeno salsa, tostadas.
Super good! It’s lechon and you can rarely go wrong with this.

Tapa Burrito, decontructed. 350.
Carne asado, huevo, ensalada, garlic cilantro arroz.
Hmmm… the rice needs more flavor. I liked it as a rice meal, but it’s leaning more towards a Filipino than a mexican dish. Deconstructed, it’s a big serving of tapsilog.

Pollo Inasal Skillet. 450.
Mexican spiced marinated chicken inasal, cilantro sinangag, roasted pimento and onion, crema.
The rice is delicious. Chicken was cooked perfectly.

10024Bell Pepper Relleno. 300.
I happen to love stuffed bell peppers and everyone loved this. It’s cheesy and meaty.

Gorda’s Avocado Pie. 250.
Not too happy with this. The avocado was a bit bitter.

10024Horchata Morena. 320.
Love, love, love this!!!! What a great drink. Rice milk with whiskey, rum and cinnamon. It had a good amount of alcohol, this was amazing.

10024El Ecuador de Margarita. 320 per glass/900 per whole watermelon.
Talk about a party drink to share. The drink itself is very tropical and refreshing. Say hello to tequila. I personally don’t like sipping this from a straw with everyone else, so we scooped it to glasses instead. We were able to get 6-7 servings here and it justifies the price tag.


Overall, I must say we had a great time here. I find it more Filipino than Mexican, but it’s a good try. Food is a 4.0-4.5, but with the horchata and how fun it is to catch up with friends here, i can up my rating to a 5.

A great place to bring family and friends.

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

Gorda is a Filipino-Mexican fusion restaurant located at the second level of the stately Uptown Parade. The restaurant is a family-business and they're serving some of their family-favorite Mexican dishes but with a little twist!

Before anything else, they served Horchata Morena - one of their cocktail selection. Am an average drinker but I like trying out new drinks although my stomach could sacrifice afterwards. But I'm surprised that it's good; sweet cinnamony taste plus a good mixture of whisky and rum. Something you should try when you pay a visit here!

About the place - a concealed lair for the Instagram generation. Was truly mesmerized with the unique brick walls, wooden details on the ceiling, and its metal gate that reminds me like of entering a castle. Well I've never been to any castles, but I think that this is how we'd knock on their doors. High ceilings, artsy crafts everywhere even inside their bathroom - everything is just a feast to the eyes!!!

Now, let's talk about the food:

Calamari is like your usual calamari, but it's more floury than usual.

Mama's Nachos is something you would want to let your Mom try! This is one of the best nachos I've tried! This could be a tie with my all-time favorite Beef Nachos from Silantro! And would you believe that this big semi-planggana is just half serving? Sulit for Php 400!

Lechon Tacos - Crispy cebu lechon with liver pate and ensalada smothered inside their soft and flavorful tacos! Two thumbs up for me!

Bell Pepper Relleno - Not an avid fan of dynamite or anything that would require you to eat jalapeño alone; but I kinda like this because of the filled stuff including the Trio Local Keso Melt! Mixed flavors popping out of my mouth while eating this!

Tapa Burrito (Deconstruct) - a big serving of Carne Asada with Ensalada on the side, Garlic cilantro arroz, and large tortilla. The tapa is tender and flavorful. The rice was actually good, but could've been better if it's a spicy rice! But nonetheless, one of our favorites that night!

Pollo Inasal Skillet - Mexican Spiced Chicken Inasal in skewer-style on top of Cilantro Sinangag. Now this is my favorite!!! Not just because it's chicken, but I like how tender and flavorful the marinated chicken inasal is with the homemade crema on top! And the cilantro sinangag is just too good not to make simot-sarap!

Keso Quesadilla - This one's another favorite. Thin-layered quesadilla filled with trio local keso which is extremely delicious! Gotta love the cheese medley in this one!

Avocado Pie - Okay! This one might have a perfect rating because I love avocado; but the kalamansi crema whip overpowers the creamy coconut-ish taste of avocado. The bottom graham crust is perfect with the avocado layer. Maybe, a little less sour on the crema whip will do?

Really loved the food, overall. One of the best places to try in Uptown Parade for sure! Can't wait to go back the soonest!

Thanks for extending the invite, EJ B!
Great times Dennis O Marc M Jayson J Norman Lester T Patrick V Kristin A Midz S Christina R Denise A!

Special thanks to Gorda for having us that night!!! 128076🏼128076🏼128076🏼

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5.0 Stars

Gorda means fat. According to the owner it is a fat lady in Spanish.

Team Kaladkarin went to Gorda - Uptown Bonifacio to experience different kind of Fil-Mex cuisine.

We started with cocktails while waiting for our food to be served.

We were mesmerized with the instagrammable interior of the place. It's very artsy! Gorda also have aesthetic view outside.


🥃El Ecuador de Margarita - Watermelon Keg for Php900.00 (Tequila, Fresh Watermelon, Citrus, Rosemary Essence) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🥃Horchata Morena for Php320.00 (Homemade Roasted Grains, Whisky, Rhum) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

The Food

🌮Mama's Nachos for Php400.00 Half Serving (Spiced Beef Estofado, Trio Local Keso Sauce, Ensalada, Jalapeño Atchara) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🌮Calamari for Php380.00 (Squid Frito, Local Spice Dust, Homemade Crema, Pinakurat) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🌮Lechon Tacos for Php200.00 (Cebu Lechon, Liver Pate, Ensalada) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🌮Bell Pepper Relleno for Php300.00 (Spiced Estofado, Black Beans, Corn Inasal, Trio Local Keso Melt) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🌮Keso Quesadilla for Php300.00 (Trio Local Keso, Homemade Crema, Ensalada) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🌮Pollo Inasal Skillet for Php450.00 (Mexican Spiced Marinated Chicken Inasal, Cilatro Sinangag, Roasted Pimiento and Onion, Homemade Crema) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🌮Deconstructed Tapa Burrito for Php350.00 (Carne Asado, Huevo, Ensalada, Garlic Cilantro Arroz) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

🌮Gorda's Avocado Pie for Php250.00 (Condensada, Butter Graham Crust, Calamansi Crema Whip) - 110881108811088️ 3/5

It's hard to choose what is my top 3 favorites. All the dishes we had were superb! Wala siguro ako masasabing hindi masarap... lahat masarap! Maybe the least will be the Avocado Pie, although it's good but I cannot taste the flavor of the avocado due to strong flavor of the calamansi cream.

Overall, I had a wonderful evening with Team Kaladkarin doing an eat up at Gorda. And I must say that this Fil-Mex restaurant is very recommendable.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

There is a new Fil-Mex in town and its really really good! Located in Uptown Parade this place looks like a hideout in some of those old action movies. Big metal slide door and bricks but once you open the door the inside was gorgeous inspired by New York feel.

EJ B. extend his invite to our group to try out some of their offering and it was surprisingly good. It was Mexican food with a punch. So here what we were able to try for that night.

🌮Calamari - This was my fave for that night. Love the perfect softness of the squid and the pinakurat vinegar dip was a perfect combination.

🌮Mama's Nachos - This come in two sizes. The half at 400PHP and the full size at 600PHP. The half size was already big and good for 5-6Pax. For its price it was worth it because it was really good. Love the local cheese that they use on this one and the toppings was very generous.

🌮Lechon Tacos - softshell lechon tacos. They use Cebu Lechon on this giving it a delicious flavor Goes well with the ensalada and chicharon bits. Also love this one and was a steal for only 200PHP for two tacos.

🌮Bell Pepper Relleno - a staple dish in mexican cuisine. They used again the local trio keso for this one which I really like. The bell pepper was filled with Black Beans and Corn Inasal. Delicious!

🌮Tapa Burritto - we opted for the open burritto rice bowl option on this one. It was gorgeous but tasted a bit like a tapsilog and we suggested the chef to incorporate more spices on the rice to give it more of a mexican rice taste.

🌮Pollo Inasal Skillet - Also one of my fave the chicken was so tender and the sinangag cilantro rice that comes with it was two thumbs up!!!

🥧Avocado Pie - This was a mix of good and overpowered flavor. The avocado pie itself was really delicious but the kalamansi whipped creme on top overpowered the avocado flavor giving too much of a zesty flavor.

127864Horchata Morena - oooh I love this one. I'm a big fan of horchata now made me fell in love with it more with some alcoholic kick. I highly recommend this drink!

127817Watermelon Keg - another alcoholic drink. This time in a watemelon tuned fruitpunch bowl. Lovely! I also love this one and almost simot simot hahaha..

Overall this place is a lovely choice for hangout and chill place after work. Great list of delicious mexican dishes. The place also got a lovely art gallery like washroom.128522128076

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

I have been seeing Gorda everytime we have dinner at Uptown Parade however the place is usually packed so I was happy that I finally got the chance to try it out with Norman Lester T, EJ B, Christina R, Russel F, Dennis O, Denise A, Midz S & the humabol Marc M and his wife.

I figured they were going to serve cocktail, but since I stopped drinking alchohol a few months ago, I wasn't able to try them. (But I took a photo of the cute watermelon keg! 127817)

On the photos:
128525 Lechon Tacos
I loved this one! It was something new. The lechon plus the ensalada were perfect together! For P200, it's pretty good and affordable! 128055

128512 Mama's Nachos
Could you believe the serving in the photo just half? Haha! It was good and had a generous amount of toppings. It probably it would've been waaaaay better if it the cheese was still hot. We got too caught up taking photos. LOL.

128517 Bell Pepper Rellenos
Not a big fan of bell peppers so I wasn't able to taste these. However based on what the others said, this one is a crowd favorite.

🙂 Tapa Burrito
It was good, but I guess it was just like something I could make at home. Spice it up a little maybe? 🌶

128525 Pollo Inasal Skillet
My favorite! The chicken was flavorful and loooove the cilantro rice! 100841008410084️ Uhm pwede ba may mas malaking serving pa? Charot!

128566 Watermelon Keg
Very cute! And Instagrammable. I think Dennis O liked this one kasi sinimot talaga ng kuya ninyo ang watermelon eh.

128533 Avocado Pie
The avocado pie alone was good. However the kalamansi cream was just too much or too strong that when eaten with the avocado pie. 🥑

Not on the photos:
128525 The Keso Quesadilla and Calamari were seriously good! I liked both however I wasn't able to take photos of them. Promise, sulit! 10084

Thank you again, EJ B for the invite. 128522128522128522

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Midz S.
5.0 Stars

Gorda is one of the newest restaurants deserving of all the attention in Uptown Parade. Opened by a brother and sister team in November 2016, this restaurant and bar offers deliciously good Fil-Mex food and drinks in a New York-inspired setting. Team Kalakdarin paid Gorda a visit last Saturday night to indulge in some of their delectable food.

128525Mama's Nachos Full P600, Half P400
Nacho chips loaded with generous amounts of spiced beef estofado, gooey trio local keso sauce, ensalada and jalapeno atchara. Call me crazy but there were times that night that I felt like I was eating a lasagna because of how good the beef and cheese combo of this appetizer was. Good thing the jalapeno atchara gave it a mild kick to wake me up. The half serving size was also insanely huge that an order was enough to feed around 10 of us. Mama truly knows how to make the best nachos in town.

128525Calamari P380
Squid frito, Local spice dust, homemade crema, pinakurat
Made from deep frying breaded squids before adding a touch of local spice dust, and serving with homemade crema and pinakurat dips, this calamari is a divine blessing from the god of the seas (and the kitchen)! The squid itself was thicker than usual, but not rubbery or tough. The coating of every piece of the calamari had a little bit of sweetness to it. It's nothing that I've tried before.

|Beef Pepper Relleno P300
Spiced estofado, black beans, corn inasal, trio local keso melt
Bell Peppers filled with spiced estofado, black beans, corn inasal and trio keso melt. The bell pepper as the "plate" for the filling was a nice move, as its taste and crunch gave the whole dish the wow factor. This beef pepper relleno may not be spicy, but it sure was the bomb.

128525Lechon Tacos P200
Cebu Lechon, Liver Pate, Ensalada
This was one of the most innovative tasting dishes I've had so far. It's made from combining the ever crowd-favorite Cebu lechon, liver pate and ensalada in a soft shell taco. The clash of the unique flavor and saltiness of the lechon and the acidic touch of the ensalada was just epic.

|Keso Quesadilla P300
Trio Local Keso, Homemade Crema, Ensalada. Who's a solid cheese lover in here? (raises hand). The keso quesadilla may seem like a dish so simple. Well, it is, and that's what makes it more interesting. The thick cheese tasted so good and not really salty. Gorda was so successful in turning a simple quesadilla into a heart-winning dish.

|Tapa Burrito (deconstructed) P350
Carne Asado, huevo, ensalada, garlic, cilantro arroz
The tapa of this burrito had a perfect balance of sweet and salty. The cilantro rice and all the other ingredients also gave it more flavors. My only concern about this burrito is that it tasted far differently from a typical burrito. The strong taste of the herbs and spices was missing.

|Pollo Inasal Skillet P450
Marinated chicken inasal, cilantro sinangag, roasted pimiento & onion, homemade crema
The chicken inasal was tender and wasn't dry. It was packed with spices that went beautifully with the rice and sauce. Presentation was also spot on.

|Gorda's Avocado Pie P250
Condensada, butter graham crust, kalamansi crema whip
The avocado pie is a good dessert especially for those who don't have the tongue for sweets. The taste of the avocado in the filling wasn't lacking, although a bit subtle. The buttery graham crust added a nice crunch, while the kalamansi crema on top added the acidity perfect for washing off any strong, left over spices in your palate.

|Horchata Morena P320
A concoction of homemade roasted grains, whiskey, and rum

|Watermelon Keg P320/glass & P900/keg
The perfect drink for a drinking sessions with your best buds. If this watermelon keg doesn't bring you closer with your friends, then I don't know what will.

Overall, I had a very pleasant dining experience from Gorda. The food, the ambiance, and the service, everything was worth every bit of my time. It's hard for me to choose a favorite from all the dishes we were served that night, but if you'd insist, then I'd say that my top choices are the mama's nachos, the lechon tacos and the calamari.


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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

If you're craving for good Fil-Mex food, then Gorda is what you're looking for. I was able to try few of Gorda's specialties last Sunday and they're all delicious.

The restaurant's exterior is quite intriguing as it's all brick and black door. It's unconventional to see a restaurant with this theme as it may back off certain diners. Normally, restaurants would have inviting clear windows for customers to have a peek of what's inside. However for foodies like me, this certain mysterious type of approach raised my curiosity to the top level.

I actually like Gorda's interior. It's classy and classic. The brick walls added to its sophistication. The huge art wall also made it cool. We were seated in the couch area and Jessica, one of the chefs and owners, welcomed us. She gave us few introductions about the restaurant. She also told us that their Nachos is a must-try. Well, that made everyone excited for it.

While waiting for the food to be served, Gorda's staff gave us Horchata Morena (320php). This whiskey + rum + roasted grains combination was actually one of my favorites that night. Trust me when I say that I can drink this every night. I don't normally give up beer, but I'd skip it for this. The base was creamy and malt-y. The roasted grains gave it a nice aftertaste. The cinnamon spiced it up too. The alcohol content tho is so low. Well maybe it's meant for longer drinking session.

Let's go to the food, shall we?

** Mama's Nachos (400php half / 600php full)
I honestly believe that Tipsy Pig's nachos is incomparable but Gorda's version made me think otherwise. It's so cheesy and has a lot of toppings. I think it's so sulit for 400php. The serving size is waaaay good for 5+ people.

** Calamari (380php)
This is not your usual calamari rings. The meat was cooked right as it's soft and not hard to chew. The breading was not salty and may lack in flavor but dipping it in their cream and pinakurat will make the difference.

** Lechon Tacos (200php)
Made with liver pate, ensalada, and Cebu lechon, I must say that it's a pretty nice catch for its price. I didn't enjoy this at first but when Denise A said that it's too good, I had to give it another try. And she was right. The meat was yummy and it really complemented with everything!

** Keso Quesadilla (300php)
Well I think I found a better tasting cheese quesadilla than other restaurants offering it. It's packed with cheese. So thick!!! Other said it's too much, but for me there's no such thing as too much cheese. Yay kidding. But it's too good. Hi Cindy S, you should give this a try. Thank me later. 128521

** Tapa Burrito (350php)
It was my first time to be served a deconstructed burrito. It's just too beautiful! The egg and tapa combination is really pleasing to the eyes. This can be your perfect meal but it's not just for me. Well first, I'm not a burrito fan so I cannot comment on it too much. For me, this dish needs more flavor. Will it be different if it's rolled? I'm not really sure.

** Pollo Inasal Skillet (450php)
Mexican-spiced chicken inasal, cilantro rice, pimiento, and homemade cream. This is also one of my favorites here. The cilantro rice was amazing. The chicken meat was packed with flavors. 5/5!

** Bell Pepper Relleno (300php)
Not only this was colorful and plated beautifully, this also tasted good! It's safe to say that I really like the trio keso Gorda is using. Everything with it is just flavorful!!!

** Gorda's Avocado Pie (250php)
Everyone got excited when we were advised that we'll have Avocado pie as dessert. It was served with kalamansi whipped cream in butter Graham crust. The avocado was bitter but it's still okay. What I think I didn't like with this is the cream. It's kind of weird to partner sour cream with avocado. I actually like it to be more milky and creamy. I hope they will have the option to choose the cream in the future.

** El Ecuador de Margarita (320php glass / 900php KEG)
Served in fresh watermelon bowl, this has tequila and rosemary essence. Though I like the Horchata Morena better, this was refreshingly good. Not to mention that it's served with colorful straws. How cute!

Overall, I enjoyed the night with Team K at Gorda. The servers can be friendlier and more approachable, in my opinion. Ha! If only this is closer to my office, I would probably consider this during dinner break. I'm still dreaming about their Keso quesadilla! 9786

P.S. Thank you Gorda and EJ B for the invite! Thanks for your generosity!

It was nice spending the night with you Patrick V Dennis O Russel F EJ B Midz S Christina R Marc M and Denise A! |128153

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Gorda is a Filipino Mexican (FilMex) resto pub that offers a wide range of comfort food and unique alchoholic beverage situated in Uptown Parade, Taguig. I've never tried this Fusion before cause i'm not a huge fan of Mexican Food but said yes right away when I got invited by EJ B cause U knew that this will br another new foodventure for me.

Gorda is a family owned restaurant which got its name's inspiration as a tribute to the owners' Mom. In Spanish Gorda means Fat Lady but in urban calling it's like BAE! 128527

Gorda has a rustic chill urban vubr which makes it a perfect olace for lazy night drinking sesh with the barkada. It reminds me of underground pubs in NY. I like how they incorporated dark colored brickwalls and sassy graffiti which gave the okacr a very cozy feeling.

🌮 LECHON TACOS (Cebu Lechin, Liver Pate, Ensalada)
When someone says Mexican food I think of Tacos and this Lechon Tacos gave emohasis to the Filipino-Mexican Fusion. The chopped lechon bits went well with the ensalada and I liked how tiny bits of chicharon were also added giving it a crispy texture making it more enjiyable to eat. I think the Mayo is too much but that can easily be adjusted. WELL-SEASONED TACO!

🌮CALAMARI (Squid Frito, Local Spiced Dust, Hinemade Crema and Pinakurat)
One of my fave among the other dishes which were served during the night. It's not your ordinary Calamari fried in circles rather resembles a Dori. I thought it was a fish because the meat was so tender it almost melts in the mouth. I liked it better dipped in the homemade crema than the pinakurat. Must try.

🥙MAMA'S NACHOS (Spiced Beef Estofado, Trio Local Keso Sauce, Ensalada, Jalapeno Atchara)
Can you believe that this serving us only half? This is the perfect nacho for sharing. It's already good for 4-5 pax and the Full Size can already be good for 7-8 pax. They didn't scrimped on the ingredients and added freakin loads of cheese which made it delicious.
Half size is P400 and full is P600.

🌯BELL PEOPER RELLENO (Spiced Estofadi Black Beans, Corn Inasal, Trio Local Keso Melt)
Now this! I'm nit a fan of Jalapeno Poppers or anything that involves Bell Peppers cause they have a distunct taste i'm not fond of. What makes this great is how the amount of cheese overpowered the Bell-Pepper taste neautralizing that bitterness which made it 'edible' for me. This is a good appetizer btw.

🌯TAPA BURRITTO (Deconstruct) Carne Asafi, Huevo, Ensalada, Garlic Cilantro Arroz
Deconstructed Burritto - FANCY! The serving is big one bowl is already good for 2 people. I like hoe the Tapa tasted, the meat was tender and well-seasoned. I wish the rice was just more like the cilantro sinangag if Pollo Inasal Skillet. Pretty good!

127842POLLO INASAL SKILLET (Mexican Spiced Marinated Chicken Inasal, Cilantro Sinangag, Roasted Pimiento and Inion, Homemade Crema)
I wasn't able to take a photo of this sadly cause I was in a hurry to dig in. LOL. This is my NO. 1 FAVE not just me but I guess most of us. The chicken were skewed in huge sticks
making it look like a Kebab placed on top of Cilantro Rice. The chicken is so tender and was cooked perfectly. ENG SHEREP talaga kaya sinimut ko yung rice for the LOVE of CILANTRO.

127856GORDA'S AVOCADO PIE (Condensada, Butter Graham Crust, Kalamansi Cream whip)
I love Avocados. My 2nd favorite fruit after Strawberries. However this Avocado Pie's Custard part got too bitter maybe because of the Avocado. i usually eat my Avocados with Evaporated and Condensed milk so it would usually end up tasting sweet than bitter. The Kalamansi Whipped Cream was pretty interesting I thought it's a lemon curd or something. I wish they can make this a little bit sweeter 128539

🥃HORCHATA MORENA (Homemade Roasted Grains, Whiskey, Rum
THIS IS THE DRINK I will definitely recommend anyone to try. If you are following me on social media you'll know I went gaga over this. The genius behind this creation is Kalel Demetrio founder of Liquido maestro (ig:@liquidomaestro) who is famous for mixing and developing drinks and ingredients from local sources. The distinct pandan taste, a hint of cinammon and its creamy smooth texture makes it stand out. I AM OBSESSED! 128525

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3.0 Stars

After our dining experience at Hook by Todd English. We need to eat something to eliminate the after taste of fresh seafoods we had. We decided to go to Gorda and planing to have the avocado pie.

Cool! I like the interior of the restaurant. It's an artsy one. An instagram worthy place... from the wall, comfort room entrance door up to ceiling.

Unluckily, the Avocado Pie was not available when we've visited the place. And we replace our order to Churros con Tsokolate.

127851 Churros con Tsokolate for Php280.00 (Pate a Chaux, Davao Tablea, Local Harvest Seasonal Fruits) - 110881108811088️ 3/5
"The churros dipped with Davao chocolate was okay. I also like the local harvest seasonal fruits sauce composed of strawberry, mango and kiwi with some cilantro on it. "Bumagay naman sa churros." Pricey lang.

I'm going back again. I want to try the Avocado Tart.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

This was our second to the last stop in our mini foodcrawl around the Uptown Mall/ Parade area. We intended to have some desserts in here, as EJ B wanted to try their avocado pie, but sadly, it wasn't available, so we opted for their churros con tsokolate instead.

Ambiance of the place was okay. From the outside, it looked like one of those secret bars. On the inside it was bright, with wooden furnitures, brick walls on one side and patterned tiles on the other. There's also a mural of a lady savoring her taco next to a glass window where I had some pictures taken while people from the outside judge.

Pate a choux, davao tablea, local harvest seasonal fruits. Churros dusted with some cinnamon sugar, nothing fancy about that. The chocolate was a bit underwhelming because it lacked the thick consistency and dark taste that we normally expect to pair our churros with. The side of local harvest seasonal fruits, however, was delicious. It had some strawberries, kiwis, etc., with some juices that I can't say perfectly matched the churros, but it was really good.

I can say that the price for our dessert was too much especially since the serving size was relatively small. However, the local harvest seasonal fruits on the side of this churros dish is something that I couldn't ignore.

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Christina R.
3.0 Stars

Came here to try their signature avocado pie. Sadly it wasn't available. Settled on their churros instead.

with Davao tablea and a sweet salsa of seasonal fruits

The churros were nice and crunchy. However too skinny for me. Skinnier even than what Dulcinea offers. I like the chocolate ones.

The chocolate dip was too thin for me. And I'd like it to be darker.

Loved the fresh fruit salsa! Never had churros with something like this.

For the price though, I think I'll get my churros somewhere else. I'd like to try their mains sometime. Maybe I'll come back.

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