Gorliz Tapas + Vinos

2/F Streetscape Mall, Paseo Saturnino St., Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu

Gorliz Tapas + Vinos
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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars


I can’t remember the exact names of the dishes we ordered but I loved the roasted/baked chicken and the paella negra the most. I loved how flavorful the paella was.. 🤤 and how tender and tasty the chicken was! Sarap ng chicken especially with it’s sauce/juice. 128525

The paella vallenciana, chicken croquettes, gambas, and beef salpicao were also good but nothing extraordinary. Usual usual.

Service wasn’t that great though. Servers are not approachable and you would really have to wait for your requests. Sayang! 128533

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Odessa K.
3.0 Stars

I don't have photos cause I got conscious he he he I should be wearing a looloo shirt when dinning out so I can have better photos and feels legit doing so 128541128588

On a dinner / meeting - I Had Garlic Soup (of which a wrong choice) though Mahimahi (a certain fish) as main course was delectable but the rice was goodness heavy , a lot is mixed up there. I paired my plate a glass of cold calamansi juice and ohh! The salad full of arugula was superb! (For take out) 128537

Will definitely explore their menu next time!
Interior 127775 127775 127775 127775
Food 127775 127775 127775 127775
Price 127775 127775 127775
Service 127775 (because the server's tie was too long it dipped right into my friend's soup, He was apologetic but took him a second to have soup changed and mine was spilled all over but I didn't complain) 128522

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Toy G.
5.0 Stars

Just for the Paella , Gorliz deserves 5 stars.
Lengua 4 stars
Tenderloin 5 stars but could be larger
Salpicao 4 stars
The beef caldereta - four stars
Crisy anchovies . Pass next time , doesn't come close to crispy tawilis
The veggies sidings were real good
The salad fresh and light
Even the garlic rice was great !
But the paella , oh the paella !
Just for this we will keep on coming back

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Jhowee H.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Chris C.
4.0 Stars

This 700g medium rare bone-in ribeye steak was as delicious as it looked. Deliciously charred on the outside and pink and juicy in the middle. Not only do they serve awesome tapas and paella but some good steak as well such as the porterhouse, wagyu and tenderloin steaks. The highlight of the night was the baby octopus. Cooked to perfection, the baby octopus had the perfect texture and bite and had a smokey taste almost giving it a beefy element. We also got the salpicao that unfortunately tasted like any other regular beef dish in any restaurant; the torta that's made of potatoes and egg which kind of reminded me of okonomiyaki (japanese egg dish) and hash browns; paella cubana; tenderloin steak; and chocolate croquettes for dessert. I'm definitely coming back for the tapas to pair them with some Estrella Galicia. #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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Chris C.
5.0 Stars

Quite possibly the best and newest Spanish resto in Cebu city. My family and I we're a little hesistant to order at first because of the intimidating prices but my parents decided to order a lot since we were already there. We got 2 tapas: Chorizo de Vino and the Croquetas de Jamon. We were thinking that the tapas wouldn't be 'sulit' because they're obviously small in size being appetizers, but damn they tasted really good! The croquetas were fried to potato perfection; soft on the inside and crispy on the out; and the chorizo had so much flavor from the wine and garlic cooked in it. We also ordered four main courses namely: Lobster pasta with herbed cream sauce, Callos a la Madrileña, Paella ala Cubana, and Tenderloin Steak. The paella was the star of the show really. It's easily one of the best paellas i have ever tasted. I think it's the fact that they put lobster in it than the regular shrimps. They also put in chicken breasts, clams and squid. The rice was just cooked to perfection soaking all of the juices and the saffron flavor and the lemon wedges you can use cuts all the richness and just makes the dish taste good on a whole 'nother level. The lobster pasta was also delicious being al dente and with two delicious pieces of lobster on top. Their callos had the traditional flavors that you could find anywhere and the tenderloin steak was juicy and perfectly cooked medium well for our liking. To top it all of the french bread they gave us was freshly baked! I would come back here often!

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