GQ Barbershop

G/F The Eastwood Lafayette 3, Eastwood Ave., Eastwood City, Quezon City, Metro Manila

GQ Barbershop
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Ken C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Anton M.
5.0 Stars

I've moved from Bruno's to Hair News (korean owner/stylist in Ortigas) to Hairshaft to Titan22 and now finally I've settled with GQ.

Before, I was very loyal to my barber at Bruno's that I kept getting shampooed for free. :)) My barber's name is Rey (Shangri-La branch). But, eventually I tried salons to accommodate and attend to my longer hairstyles back then. I usually end up talking about how i shouldn't have gotten a haircut because it' has turned out to be a disaster. It's always been like that. It's as if these stylists don't listen to your specific demands at all and just do whatever they feel like doing. I once left david's podium with half of my hair cut short, while the other half was kept long... I'm talking about the hair on the back of my head. I got a comment saying "pang hair show". I thought that meant nice. Then i saw my reflection in one of those huge silver mirror-like columns of podium and then my entourage just burst with laughter. Knew then that i had to go back and so had it cut to something not horse radical.

Anyway, yeah, my point is it takes many jagged scissored haircuts and ignored specificities and months of growing your hair back, years if you add them all, to find an awesome hair stylist. With GQ's Sir Franz, i've found mine. Hahahahahaha but yeah. He cuts ballers' hairs too like gabe norwood.

Photo was taken before haircut. Standstill traffic=selfies.

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Hya F.
5.0 Stars

I didn't really have any intention of cutting my hair (it's my tita's wedding this Saturday so yeah haircut is a big no-no) but my boyfriend was having his haircut and other stuff and it was taking SUPER LONG so I decided to have one too. :)) All of you must be thinking "What are you thinking?? Having your hair cut in a BARBER SHOP before a WEDDING?!" *insert shocked face here* but let me tell you it's the best decision I have ever made--hair-wise!

I went inside and they were very accommodating, also very shocked since they seldom have a girl customer. Hehe. I told them I just wanted a layered trim and have my undercut shaved again. My barber, Sam, was nice and efficient. He even offered to design my shave and it looks pretty bad ass ;) the other barbers were even watching him do it and they were telling me how cool I was. 15 mins of fame hehehe. I love how my hair turned out! I think this is better than what I get from salons. I thought my barber would charge me more since he shaved, designed my undercut, and gave me a trim. I was surprised when he just charged me for a normal haircut! Super nice :"> So I gave him a large tip. Mehehehe.

Overall, great experience! MIGHT do it again if I have the chance ;) Haha. Hurray for adventures!

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Arbel B.
5.0 Stars

Got my new haircut!!!Haha.Great service.I used Haircut+Shampoo+Scalp Massage.Perfect combination for those people who are living in the fast lane.Relaxing.

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Jodi N.
4.0 Stars

Great service. Friendly staff. Free wifi. All at reasonable prices. The barber shop that I go to the most.

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