Pacific Mall Legazpi, F. Imperial St. cor. Circumferential Rd., Landco Business Park, Legazpi, Albay

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レロン テ.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Erna S.
3.0 Stars

Graceland is one of the local restaurants in Legazpi City. They have several branches and I had different customer experience per branch.

Let's start with Graceland near St. Raphael church. The place gets crowded specially after the mass. I tried their sisig and it's not really good, 2stars. The second time I ate there was for a quick break with my friends.. I tried the breakfast meal, and it took more than 30 minutes for the food to get served.. that made me wonder if this is really a fast food chain.
The third time I went here was with my partner.. It's around 7pm and Sunday.. And it's raining. Most of the stores are about to close so we do not have any choice. We ordered the Bicol express meal with lechon kawali. The Bicol express was packed in a sauce container, which is a big joke. It's not even a spoonful of Bicol express. The lechon kawali was okay, so-so. We also ordered the burger with fries and spaghetti.. spaghetti is not si good. The burger tastes just like the minute burger or burgers bought from the streets.
One thing that made me say that I am not going back to this restaurant is.. the service is really slow and they did not give us the right amount of change. It was Php 200 short and when I tried to ask them they are so defensive and they just said wait and did make any follow up. I just don't wanna argue and look like I'm begging for Php 200, so we let it go. As I mentioned, it was raining and we just wanted to have something to take out and eat.

Another branch is from Daraga. The
Service crew starting from the security guard are nice. We are there for a dinner the first time an it was okay. We ordered the pork steak, beef.. Fried chicken and we all had fun. At least the place did not spoil the fun and catching up moments with my friends. The second time I ate here was when I had a stroll with my friends. We were riding motorcycles and guy drenched because the rain fell hard. The crew did not mind us being wet. We even ate halo halo and one of the best halo halo I tasted in this place!

The other branch is in Pacific Mall. The first visit was okay, just like a normal fast food. The second time was when I tried to order a cake for take out. The cashier kept on asking me to pay immediately though I have not seen the cake. I politely said that I need to see the cake and please give me a piece of paper to write the message I want them to put on the cake. And as if they did not hear me and she sounded like a robot telling me the price again. I took my wallet and showed them the cash I have and said.. " I am going to pay and I have money to pay for your cake. I just need to see the cake I ordered and I have a special request. Would that be okay?"

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Gordon C.
4.0 Stars

For our last day in Legaspi, we went to their local fast food place, Graceland, for brunch. I had their Lechon Bicol Express (right), the Lechon was actually just right, crispy skin, enough fat and meat. The Bicol Express was spicy. On the left is Laing and BBQ on rice. The BBQ was nothing special. The Laing was good. Not bad for a fast food chain considering it has the local dishes which I like to try when I'm in a different town or city.

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