Grandpa's Inn

1 Quirino Blvd. cor. Bonifacio St., Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Grandpa's Inn
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Emma Jane C.
1.0 Stars

The extra bed we had in our room might have been infested with bugs. My daughter ended up with scabies after our trip

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Jana Q.
4.0 Stars

Granpa's Inn is located near Calle Crisologo, a must visit in Vigan City.

The place is very classic . Full of arts, and old things like a mini museum. 128522

The room is big, good for a family trip. And very affordable.

The receptionist were very accomodating, they even took photos for us in all the areas of their Inn. 128516

I cannot give much comment about their food coz I only tasted their Vigan Longganisa.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Sam S.
1.0 Stars

While I cannot make a review based on the food served at this establishment (seeing as I never got to eat their food), I will talk about the service provided by Granpa's Inn Restaurant.
- We were brought to a table where another group wanted to seat. The hostess did not even bother to tell the other group to wait to be seated.
- They sat us at a reserved table for 1pm. it was close to 12:20 pm at that time.
- A waiter took our order and said the food will be ready within 25 minutes.
- We asked a waiter for 6 glasses. He brought 4 glasses. My mom found one glass from the table. It took 3 times to ask for another glass but they never gave it. Finally, after asking again, the waiter took a glass from another table and gave it to us.
- Remember how the waiter took our order? THAT SAME WAITER ASKED US IF SOMEONE ALREADY TOOK OUR ORDER. So we told him, yes we did. we told HIM our order 35 minutes ago. (I was thinking "this guy MUST be high")
- Same waiter rushed to the counter and told us, he could not find any order slip and telling us we never placed our order (again, i was thinking "he IS high").
- I asked to talk to the manager or owner but they said there was no manager on duty so I talked to the cashier.
- Waiter came back to me and said he found the order slip but the order was not yet processed.The waiter told us that if we wanted to eat already, we should opt for the buffet as it will be quicker than waiting for our order to be served.
- I went to the counter to ask the cashier why the order was not processed. She said, they were only waiting for the soup. So i asked just the soup or the whole order? at this point she was lying so they did not give a reply. Someone from my group asked why the order slip was never received in the kitchen. She did not give a reply.
- The whole time I told them I did not want to make a scene that's why I went to the counter away from the other customers. but the cashier wanted to see where we were seat so she brought the whole situation to where the customers were seated.
- we left because there was no use talking to them anymore.

I should also note that while we were waiting for our order, one other group already walked out. The other group that sat at the initial table offered to us, went to the buffet because they could not wait for their normal sit down orders.

Please be advised and vigilant when dining here.

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

1. Located at Bonifacio St. cor. Quirino Ave., not far away from Calle Crisologo.

2. We just opted for the standard room as we planned to spend only a night. The rate was over P1,800+ so it was a bit steep for my standards.

3. However, our stay was worth enough the price. The room was OK, it reminded me of a rustic Italian dwelling. Thankfully, it was air conditioned, had an "en suite" bathroom which was a lot more decorated than the rest of the room itself. And it had a hot enjoyable shower!!!! Niiiice! 128512128703

4. Clean and fragrant cover pillowcases and sheets, cable TV and WiFi. Only no breakfast in bed. There's a coffee shop there though.

5. I loved the antique furniture, fixtures and pieces such as the old currencies framed and displayed on the wall, spoons, bells, typewriters, etc. It's like really stepping back in time.

6. Service staff was courteous. Exceptional. 128076

7. There's something interesting too: it has received several celebrity clients. There was a big frame at the foyer which featured pictures of celebs who stayed there.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Katrina V.
5.0 Stars

This place reminded me of my maternal grandparents house but this one has a lot of antique furnitures and stuffs that added a vintage feel in an artsy way. The place is well-maintained, clean, and tidy. Their staff were accommodating as well and the complimentary breakfast was yummy.128077

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Arianessy T.
4.0 Stars

We made the right choice when we stayed here for our vigan trip! :) the place is really cool and antique-ish, parang museum because of all the vintage stuff found here. Customer service, cleanliness and affordability are all thumbs up for me 128077

Minus one star for not replacing our glass & pitcher of water and for the not so sound proof rooms. - Yes,we can hear the steps of the occupants(sana mga guests din not ghosts) upstairs and it kinda creeped me out 128561

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Ria B.
5.0 Stars

Finally back in Looloo! And this will be one of my many reviews for the coming days.

So we stayed here with my whole family, when I say family, the whole family. We were 30+ enough to fill in a bus so we took almost all of the rooms on the second floor.

The hotel was old, yet homey. Since This side of Vigan houses the old buildings of maybe the Spanish era, it's just perfect to stay in a place as old or way older than your Grandpa.

The rooms were nice and clean. And there was this one room that had a kalesa for a bed! If I'm not mistaken this one's room 6. Isn't that cute!

As for their bathrooms, it's fantastic and clean and not as old as the building and rooms. That part of the room is really modern.

Hmmm what else their downstairs cafe was good as well.

To cut this story short, I would recommend this for those people going to Vigan. Good value for money naman :)

  • No. of Comments: 5
Louisa P.
4.0 Stars

It is a home from from home indeed! Vintage, enough space, cozy, homey, love. It truly manifests the Spanish heritage of the place. The place wanted to tell stories that I don't know what are those! (*^_^*)

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Ryan V.
4.0 Stars

Food is good and the service is ok friendly and recommended their bestsellers. Bagnet sarap

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Steve K.
3.0 Stars

Old Spanish decor, cozy, tight smaller rooms, the restaurant in house was pretty good. Large menu, lots of choices.

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