Gray Cave

Norzaragay, Bulacan

Gray Cave
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Kate R.
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I've been heartbroken and my soul is seeking for some adventures. And the moment it knocked, I naturally give in!

This has been one of the most exciting events of my life. My first full-blown Spelunking (Cave exploring). Normally I do caving as side trips but this time, its the main thing! My previous caving experiences are just minimal activities. I can describe it as just sauntering around. 128522

The weekend getaway with some of my colleagues slash friends and with TEA (The Extreme Adventure) Zone (a group who exercises and lives with the utmost activities they can think off) was stupefying! There was really good camaraderie among all who participated.

We've explored a cave called “Gray Cave” (it was named by Tea Zone mastermind, Marc Gana, it was slang for “Garay” or “Norzagaray” haha). The cave was dark, gloomy, has musty odor and so quiet. This cave is called a wet and wild, wet because literally we passed across water pathways (knee-deep to chest-deep) and wild because of the mud-crawling experience! Yes! Part of the cave were muddy, you have to crawl your way to the exit, it was slippery, we were mud-covered and it felt like I’m inside a giant clay molding. It was scary at first but after a while it was fun! (At this moment, I thought of the people who were trapped below during landslide. it was fearsome!) At the end of this cave is a nature pool where you can swim, cleanup and refresh – take note, it’s still a dark place, and you should rely on your headlamps for visibility. I can feel that we are in a very deep place. I'm chilling, the place is enticing and I am damn sure it’s mysterious. We've finished this for 2-3hours.

We actually explored two caves, the other one is called Kidlat cave. The path is narrow and the rocks formations are stiff and huge. It was thrilling to hug rocks in order to pass through. The excitement and fear of falling and unable to grasp the natural cracks of the rock was intense. This cave is one hell of an obstacle course. haha! We've finished this for 1-2 hours.

I am proud to say that I have conquered Garay Caves! 128077🏼128076🏽

How to get there:
Breakdown of expenses
Ride Bus from Cubao to Sapang Palay then get off to Road 2. (Php45.00)
Ride tricycle or jeep from Road 2 to Bigti Market (Php10.00 each)
Buy foods for your lunch (Php100.00) :)
Ride tricycle from Bigti Market to Tea Zone’s place (forgot the place and price hahaha, but it was Php15.00 ata each)
From Tea Zone’s place to the Garay caves, it was just walking distance.
Tea Zone’s fee for this adventure is Php 600.00
Total Spelunking expenses = Php840.00 only!

Interested? Do you envy my escapades?? Check out The Extreme Adventure Zone Facebook Page for their upcoming events! 128522

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PS. Ive never been to Sagada,
But I will this month! 10084128525

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