Great Taste Lomi

National Highway, Pangao East, Ibaan, Batangas

Great Taste Lomi
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Tei A.
5.0 Stars

By far my favorite Lomi in Batangas! It was so tasty, full of flavor and with generous meat toppings!! Writing this review makes me crave this lomi goodness!

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Peach L.
4.0 Stars

When it comes to food, I am impressed and I feel proud when I find establishments that have my 2 simple rules: Cheap and Great-tasting.

(Although, here in the city, it's kind of difficult to achieve that.)

My initial encounter with one of Batangas' famous staple food was in a small carinderia somewhere in Rosario when we had to stop over before heading straight to Laiya. I liked the place. And since I am historically not a fan of lomi, it was an encounter that I considered as a "life hindrance that I needed to deal with" (lalim!) 128514

I didn't bother much for anything noodles with thick sauces... in fact I didn't care much for noodles.. until Ramen. But after multiple sightings of lomi signages in the different towns of the Ala, Eh! region, and usually done in crude handwriting on planks or plywoods, my interest piqued. So since then, I asked my gf that we should one time try to see what a Batangas lomi is (not that I know what an authentic lomi tastes like). After that first encounter which I liked because it was different from the packed lomi I sometimes had that's coming from grocery stores, I vowed to try and find the actual "Best" lomihan in Batangas.

In the case of this second one (and not necessarily THE best.. not yet at least), it's LOMI-AN. And I don't know what happened to the letter H. 128533

We've often seen this particular establishment whenever we were heading towards Laiya but we didn't really pay much attention until yesterday when we saw it again and decided that we'll visit it the next day. This is in Ibaan. When you are familiar with the roads going to Laiya, when you turn right, that's the road towards Ibaan (and Rosario, and Laiya, and.. I don't know). Since there's no particular landmark I can give, all I can advice is to watch out for a "LOMI-AN" signage at the right side and there you'll see a restaurant made of native materials. You will notice that in all the lomihan signages that you'll see, this one has a couple or more cars parked in front. This is actually an indication that the place is good.. and of course, their name will attract you as well because "GREAT TASTING LOMI HOUSE" 128514128514

Since we just had our brunch and was not really that hungry, we ordered 1 special lomi. There are 3 sizes, the regular, the special, and the jumbo. We chose the one in the middle because like Goldilocks, it was just right. And of course, as advised by some of the articles I've read, it's best paired with monay, which they didn't have.. but they do have these small monay-like breads which actually tasted like monay as well, so. 128513 Then I also ordered a bottle of 12 oz. Coke and Wilkins water (ubusin na natin ipromote and brands).

The lomi arrived in a bowl, hot. Unlike the first one I had, the ingredients in this one is not overwhelming. It still had chicharon, kikiam, and egg. And there's ground pork, too. Of course, noodles but that's about it. The serving was generous and for the kind of appetite we had earlier, it was good for two. And IMHO, it's probably not great tasting but it's really good and I think it's better than the first one I had... and when I got the bill... it's cheaper, too!

For everything, our bill was Php87! 128527

I had to pat myself on the back for doing a great job, and had to thank my companion for spotting the place. 128522

This is another place that i wouldn't mind going back to when in the area. 128522

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