Green Coffee

Ruby St. cor. Turquiose St., Marfori Heights, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Green Coffee
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Most Recent Reviews

Pauie P.
5.0 Stars

Nice hang out and study place just like in Maginhawa tea houses and coffee hub. Gotta try their Caramel Macchiato as always.

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Dezzan J.
4.0 Stars

The coffee is really good!! And I love their green tea! The place is cozy and very peaceful! Although the packaging and stuff is kind of a so-so, if you tilt the ice coffee kasi (FOR PICTORIAL PURPOSES LOL), nagsspill ung coffee. The cakes are amazeballs! Esp the red velvet! Pair it with green tea PERFECT combi! I usually grab my morning coffee or tea here before going to work. Thanks green coffee!

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Charlene C.
3.0 Stars

Not much fan of greencoffee drinks i guess the drinks its just too sweet hahaha. Much prefer their cakes & hot teas hahaha.

This time i tried ordering their basic black tea latte. 9749 i wanna try this because i guess its not that sweet like the ones i tried in starbucks haha. I loved their basic black tea haha. But! The taste of it was okay-okay though it has a taste of condense milk with a little mix of basic black so still kinda sweet! Hahaha. Pero pde na. 1280779749

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Suzette C.
5.0 Stars

A lot of people say that they love studying at green coffee because the place is very well lit, i agree!

I was surprised to see that they have a branch in manila. :)

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Charlene C.
5.0 Stars

Saying hello to their 3rd branch?! Hahaha i guess, because supposedly the 3rd branch was in sm lanang but tsk tsk, it's close already 🙃

I think it just doesn't click or attracts the people & their place in there was very very small. 128078🏻

I'm not a fan of their drinks! I tried ordering their raspberry fruit juice i just don't like it, just so sourish! huhu. Also their greentea frappe! I guess the taste of it is just too sweet though..... But, a good pass is their hot teas, i tried their peppermint tea (i forgot what brand of tea they have) 128077🏻 Okay🤘🏻

Nonetheless!! This branch is kinda big & cute too! Thumbs-up for the place!

As you can see in the background of my picture haha! Instagrammable place right?! Lols, what can i say about this place is that it is just so cute & very spacious! I heard this place was a house before & now its a coffeeshop. 128588🏻 cutie design inside! I recommend this to all the people who wants to go to a place that's quiet & for students who wants study peacefully & to the one who wants to hang-out with their friends or for people who are working like to the ones who finishing some report works, its a good place for you! Btw, we were studying here too! Me, Krishna M & our other college friends! Good place to study too! I can see a lot of students like from different colleges & also to many med students go here to study! 128077🏻🤓

The staff in this place were okay & btw the servings of orders here is by picked up on the counter just like in starbucks hahaha! Nice place to hang! The place has a wifi too but signal on mobile phones in some areas don't have a coverage haha esp for sun subcribers haha. Lol. 128514 lastly! This place is just in front of lachi's. 9786️ hihi

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