Green Pepper Gourmet Stop

Ketchup: The Food Community, 1 Romulo Drive, Lualhati, Baguio, Benguet

Green Pepper Gourmet Stop
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Pötpöt P.
3.0 Stars

I have to be honest that I'm not really a chocolate person. But when I get the craving, you'd better clear the way because I'm gonna have them whatever it is---warm, cold, fluffy or rockhard.

I was at Ketchup Food Community in Baguio when I suddenly felt I needed some saccharinic kick. And if you've been to this place, there's no legit dessert station.

Green Pepper was the least I thought would fulfill that sweet ending. The name just sounds it sells all those healthy food that I avoid.

But Green Pepper is actually a restaurant that offers Western food like steaks. Surprisingly, they have what this chocolate indulgence cake thing that honestly I felt at first it wasn't good.

Oh boy, the softness & the sweetness was just baked to the goodness. Their coffee was so so but that wasn't what I came for anyway.

So next time you're in Ketchup in Baguio, you can cross order Green Pepper's chocolate indulgence.

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Dominique Martel S.
5.0 Stars

Baguio's Garden 128077🏻

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Rocky R.
4.0 Stars

When eating vegetables, not you, or I can tell the difference whether they are organically or conventionally grown. But from what I know, organic fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf life, and more importantly, they have a higher concentration of vitamins and antioxidants, so you feel semi-not guilty indulging in Green Pepper Gourmet Stop.

Green Pepper Gourmet Stop is one of the few restaurants in Baguio that practices the use of organic ingredients in their dishes. Their vision is to have their customers experience a healthy, yet delicious meal, through the use of organically grown vegetables.

The food Green Pepper offer says American, but the interior channels a Baguio City vibe, with a covered patio surrounded by a hanging garden of herbs and an airy, woodsy feel dining room flanked by a counter displaying their desserts. It totally captures Baguio's spirit.

What I ordered is their Gourmet Pork Grill. It's composed of succulent pork strips topped with homemade BBQ sauce, served with pita bread, or rice and a side of Baguio garden salad.

The pork is properly seasoned. It's grilled properly making it fork tender, giving off a good smokiness flavor that's not too overpowering. Their homemade pita bread is served warm, nicely leavened, and goes very well with the Pork Grill. Their Baguio Garden Salad, with vinaigrette is always fresh, crisp, and delicious. There will be no need to order extra vinaigrette, for the salad is smothered by it. That's how I like my salads. 128514

Green Pepper, I believe is overshadowed by Canto and Happy Tummy due to its semi-high priced menu. But to know that you're eating in a healthier way, price is just a number. It's not like you're going to be eating there everyday, right? 128513

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