Greg's Fruitcakery & Bakeshop

Twin Lakes, Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay, Cavite

Greg's Fruitcakery & Bakeshop
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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

DISCLAIMER: Not a fan of fruitcakes

After having two breakfasts, we then headed to Twin Lakes for another stop over to have some snacks or coffee. Our group broke down into smaller groups and had our own mini food crawl. The group I was in decided to pay Greg a visit.
The interiors of the place is great having wooden furnitures with displays of the pastries all over. Looking around, we discovered that Greg’s doesn’t only sell fruitcakes, but also breads and cakes. We ordered their Gold’s PiecaKen cake, Carrot Cheesecake, and a small fruitcake.

A 3-layered cake. I didn't appreciate this cake because I found the layers too dry and a bit hard.

This one's better than the first cake, but I just found the middle layer a bit too thick. The cinnamon in the cake was also strong.

I can't remember the price correctly but I know that for a small block of the fruitcake, it's no joke. Their fruitcake truly was the highlight from our visit at Greg's because we really got the price we paid for it. The cake was moist and loaded with ingredients (fruits stuff). The only problem I have with fruitcakes is that it contains liquor, which my tongue can't bear. I could've given a higher rating for their fruitcake alone if I was a fruitcake fan. But if you are one, then I think this is good 128077🏼

Their server was very friendly and even exchanged some jokes with us.

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4.0 Stars

‪Tagaytay Food Crawl‬

Third Stop: Greg's Fruitcakery and Bakeshop

After our breakfast exploration at Charito's and Antonio's we travel for a few kilometers to reach Twin Lakes Tagaytay and decided to satisfy our sweet tooth. We went to Greg's Fruitcakery Co. Ltd. and have some coffee and cakes.

Greg's Fruitcakery is a 24 Hours Bakeshop in Twin Lakes, Tagaytay that offers various kinds of breads, pastries, cakes and from the name of the bakeshop itself fruitcakes. Fruitcake is the main product of Greg's Fruitcakery Co. Ltd. and we agreed to try it. With astonishing amount of Php700.00 per box, we shifted to try a block of it for Php350.00 (Still expensive!) 128558 and let the staff of the bakeshop sliced the fruitcake. We also tried their Carrot Cheesecake and Gold's Piecaken (a three layered cake - red velvet on top, cheesecake in the middle and brookies at the bottom) for Php130.00 per slice of cake.

Fruitcake - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Expensive but worth it. It is one of the best fruitcake I've tasted so far. It's moist and sticky."

Carrot Cheesecake - 1108811088110881108811088️ 45/5
"Imagine the cheesecake in the middle sandwiched between the two carrot cake, isn't drooling?"

Gold's Piecaken - 110881108811088️ 3/5
"This 3-layered cake composed of red velvet, cheesecake and brookies. I don't like the quality of red velvet on top when I tried it (mukhang luma na). Although, I love the brookies part.

Greg's Fruitcakery is located at Twin Lakes, Tagaytay.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

The plan of going to the twin lakes after our second stop at the tagaytay food crawl was pushed through. At twin lakes, there are already a lot of restaurants to choose from. I was keen on going for the restaurants that cannot be found at manila.

Greg's fruitcakery is owned by a Mae and her Canadian husband. The original recipe of this fruitcake came from Mae's mother. Mae's mother was a chemist who tweaked a fruitcake recipe to be given for Christmas some years ago. It was loved by everyone, unfortunately her mom passed away last 1993. Not long enough Mae started baking the fruitcakes at Canada and started to send it everywhere in which we fortunately spotted at twin lakes.

Consider me a believer of this fruitcakery. I am not really fond of fruitcakes but this one made me yearn for more. This is dense and moist. The fruits in it weren't medicine flavored as the others. This is a better than mary grace IMHO. The price would be reasonable, but honestly the first time i saw it i was kinda shocked. True that im not a fruitcake type. The glaze on top of it made it extra special. Each cubed bar costs around PhP350+

We also tried the carrot cheesecake and the triple flavored cake. both of it are that forgettable. I recommend you visiting their shop for a goof fruitcake option. Good to give as a gift. You can also try to dine inside if you wanna taste the fruitcake pronto.

Also, Mae and her hubby owns Webers in which you can find Greg's fruitcake. 128523128513

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