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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Burgers whether they are gourmet or fast food, has been even more popular in the last two years. We have seen international players come here and bring theirs and local entrepreneurs challenging the already competitive burger market. Grind is a new comer and they have two branches in the BGC area.

This sponsored invite was a quick stop and well worth the visit. They are located in the middle of the mall, occupying quite an area. One side for the bistro and another part looking more like a cafe.

Got The Grind and customized it by adding bacon and sautéed mushrooms. It was a massive and packed 1/3 pound burger. If you take the time to analyze just the meat it impresses with the quality beef, no extenders. I got to enjoy this dish further as it came with three dips- ketchup, mustard and their own tasty chipotle barbecue.

I also tremendously enjoyed their Shrimp with Pesto Flat Bread. It’s a mini pizza with thinner form of carbs with rich flavors of basil pesto and extra layers of cheese. On a bute you’ll also feel the nice additions of pine nuts and roasted garlic. At just Php 295 this could feed up to three hungry souls.

Savory meals were super but the dessert part needs tweaking. I got all their four flavors of Macarons (Salted Caramel, Oreo, Pistachio and Smores) and they still need tweaking. These French inspired pieces crumble too fast, not soft enough and too sweet. They also don’t match with their flavors too well. I should have gone with their cakes, people rave about them.

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Midz S.
5.0 Stars

It's the weekend! And do you know what I'm really looking forward to every weekend? The looloo rendezvous! Peanut invited us to have a steak-filled lunch at Grind one Saturday. Yay!

Fresh greens with goat cheese, beets, carrots, and tomatoes. This salad tasted soooo healthy, but what I really loved about this was the generous portions of goat cheese.

I'm still drooling over this huge steak cooked medium! Parts of the steak were well done, dry and a bit tough, but the perfectly cooked parts were deliciously tender, juicy and flavorful.

128261Steak Rice
Rice with steak bits, topped with fried garlic. This had just the right amount of flavor and doesn't steal all the focus away from the steak when consumed altogether.

128261Garlic Rice

128525Truffled Potato Gratin
I will bet anything to have another bite of this goddess! This side had that strong scent of the truffle, with the nicely layered potatoes and creamy cheese.

Thank you for the treat, Peanut D and |! And it was nice spending time with you guys Norman Lester T, Abe C, Christina R, Unisse C! (especially those 2 rounds of exploding kittens)! 128522

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars


My first ever lunch |ooloo rendezvoos! 128525 And it's STEAK! 10084️ I am a girl who loves meat especially beef so I am very grateful for this meal! 128591🏼

🥗 Laguna Farmer's Salad
We were hoping to get the ricotta gnocchi as our appetizer but they said it wasn't available so we asked what the Laguna Farmer's Salad was. It says so in their menu: "Locally sourced and seasonal, ask your server"

The main selling point to us was the local goat cheese so we got this and it was pretty good! The dressing complimented the greens very well. At first, we thought there was smoked salmon slices but it was actually carrots! 128517

128046 One kilo house aged USDA rib eye with 2 sides served with a sauce sampler - PHP 5,900
Heaven! A huge slab of steak was served right in front of us with herb butter compound on top and some grilled mushrooms and asparagus on the side.

The steak was cooked medium and it was quite good, but there were some parts that were a bit well done. Because of the huge cut of meat, it was probably harder to get an even cook. The sauce sampler had 6 different sauces, but I was only able to remember the green peppercorn, basil pesto, chimichurri and the bacon marmalade.

This is a good choice to go with if you're dining as a bigger group and would like to have steak. The one kilo can be good for 6-8 people maybe. 128077🏼

127834 Steak rice & Garlic rice
I liked the steak rice. It had steak bits and crispy garlic bits too. Their garlic rice was simple and there was nothing too special about it. 128549

🥔 Truffled Potato Gratin 🧀
THIS IS THE BEST SIDE EVER! 10084️ The truffle flavor on this potato gratin was spot on! It wasn't overwhelmed with truffle and it wasn't lacking either. The potatoes were layered carefully and the sauce was extra creamy!! 10084️ Seconds please?

Thank you again to |ooloo and Peanut D for the treat!! A Saturday well spent with fellow reviewers – Norman Lester T, Christina R, Abe C and Midz S! 10084

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Hooray for another | rendezvoos! Lunch this time at Grind in BGC. 128069

We agreed to meet at 11am, but I was late by 5 minutes due to heavy traffic in Ortigas. Anyway, I still made it and exchanged a few chitchats while waiting for the group to be complete. I also used this time to roam around the restaurant to take some photos of the place. When Abe C arrived, we called the staff and agreed to order the following.


Laguna Farmer’s Salad

We ordered this out of curiosity as the menu says that everything in this salad is locally sourced and seasonal. We asked the server about this and we’re informed that this has kesong puti. When it arrived, we took a few snaps and munched on it right away. I noticed that this has beets, greens, cherry tomatoes, and carrots (which looked like salmon). Sorry Abe C, we were fooled. 128517


House Aged Rib Eye Steak (1 kg)

Cooked medium, it is topped with cheese butter. It came with various sauces such as chimichurri, green peppercorn, basil pesto and bacon marmalade. The steak was delectable. The slices were thick so it’s sulit and filling. Christina and Pea requested for sea salt for the added flavor. I liked it. The meat was juicy and flavorful on its own. But if I were to choose the sauce which I liked the most, it would be basil pesto. Hey, I love pesto.

** Garlic Fried Rice
** Garlic Spinach
** Steak Rice
** Truffled Potato Gratin

The truffled potato gratin was the bomb. Let me emphasize, it was sooo GOOD. It was creamy, smooth, and velvety not to mention its scrumptious taste. Another delicious sides we had was the steak rice. Though I found it oily, I liked its taste. The garlic spinach and garlic fried rice were just okay.

The place was bright so taking pictures didn’t become a problem. I wonder if it’s the same at night. I love the design of the place especially its high ceilings. The wall displays are also good. The service was generally okay and I can’t remember anything that would make me complain.

P.S. Thank you | and Peanut D for the invite! +1 star for this back up rendezvoos and for not making our hearts completely broken last Saturday. You guys are the best! 128153

And thank you also Christina R Abe C Midz S and Unisse C for the fun lunch! 128513

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

My amigas texted me last Sunday afternoon to ask me to have a last minute dinner with them at BGC. Since I was home, I immediately said yes. They also asked me to look for a restaurant within our budget and that is picture-perfect. I had a lot in mind, until I came across Grind and I was so sure that this was it.

I was supposed to use Booky to reserve our table since they offer a discount for this restaurant, but I still had a reservation at a different restaurant for the following night. Apparently that's not allowed.

I arrived at around 5:20pm and fell in love with their interiors. It's exactly how the photos on the reviews I've read looked. I approached a server and asked for a menu for me to browse while waiting for my friends. I informed my company that the prices are beyond our budget, but we still proceeded.

I continued waiting for my friends inside the restaurant. I began admiring the beautiful furnitures: the black and white tables and chairs of different designs and colors, but still so elegantly matched the whole theme of the restaurant.

I then received a call from my friends telling me to start ordering since they were already near the area. So, I called a server and asked her on what their recommended dishes are and she elaborated all of them to me, per category. She mentioned a lot! And since I wanted us to have the best time, I chose only from their best sellers. I ordered the Grind burger, the nutty black chicken and the truffled penne carbonara.

Chicken breasts with squid ink breading and sweet chili sauce. This is a unique take on chicken. The flavors felt so alive in my mouth. All of the elements combined was something really scrumptious.

We had our patty cooked medium well. This was also good. It's not the best burger I've tried, but definitely not your usual burger either. The patty was juicy and tender. A few sections of the burger, and the potato chips served on the side, tasted a bit salty.

Creamy carbonara served with two crispy bacon strips. It was good. It has the right to be called a "carbonara", but that's it.

Service was impressive.

Prices are a little high. It's higher than your normal budget when eating out but not really too extreme( unless you order their NY steak). It's something you can spend on every once in awhile.

I will surely be back to try their other dishes, and perhaps their milkshakes.

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Jinelle S.
5.0 Stars

Their pesto pasta with pine nuts is to die for. So creamy! My weekend cooking inspiration 128525

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4.0 Stars

Went to Grind Bistro at Net Lima Building before I'll meet the Kaladkarin Gang in Chotto Matte and Izakaya Sensu for a dinner and few drinks.

The waitress assisted me in my table when I enter the Grind Bistro, she even put the table napkin in my lap.

For Php350.00 I got Cheese on Rye served with Tomato Soup.

Cheese on Rye - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Tomato Soup - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

The modern interior of the Grind Bistro captivates me. It compliments with the neutral color of the restaurant.

Accommodating and provides good service even the dishes in their menu is a little bit pricey.

@ilovetoeat2015 12851510084

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Moritz S.
5.0 Stars

I've dined at Grind Bistro twice, and I consistently had an enjoyable time. The waitstaff were very polite and accommodating all throughout our dining experience. For our starter, we ordered the Poke Nachos which had the refreshing umami taste that one looks for in an appetizer. My personal favorite is the Nutty Black Chicken. It was crunchy, juicy and flavorful. Another standout is the Cheese on Rye Sandwich, which is a grilled cheese on homemade rye bread and roasted tomato soup. It's the ultimate comfort food, perfect for the rainy day. To cap off our sumptuous meal, we ordered the Chocolate Mousse, which is made of Malagos dark chocolate, fresh whipped cream and hazelnut tuile and brittle. If the Grind was known for their burgers, it was surprising to know that their desserts were good as well, particularly this one. Among the meals we had, we finished this the fastest. Lol.

I will definitely come back for more. And I'm excited to try more dishes next time 128522

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Mattel S.
5.0 Stars

First off - Grind's interiors reminded me of a posh restaurant in New York. Loved the cosmpolitan feel but it's still warm and inviting.

I had the chance to try out Grind's signature dishes with my family particularly: Poke Nachos, Nutty Black Chicken, Jamaican Jerk Chicken Sandwich, Grind Burger and their Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Rye.

Will make this review quick! :)

Poke Nachos - Very Interesting mix of ahi tuna, marinated in soy, chili, sesame and a whole lot of interesting flavors. We gobbled up everything in less than 10 mins. Hahaha.

Nutty Black Chicken - First bite, it reminded me of a sweetened buffalo chicken tender (which wasn't bad because I loooove buffalo chicken wings) but the succeeding bites evolved info a unique flavor of hazelnut, with a hint of tempura.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Sandwich - Hands down, my favorite thing on the menu! I'm not a sandwich person but this was an exception; The chicken sandwiched in toasted ciabatta, mango chutney, chimichurri sauce and roasted peppers felt like a party in mah mouf. Lolllll. Will definitely order this one again next time I come back. Actually I'm already craving for it as I write this review.

Grind Burger - First impression: the burger was presented very well! First bite - it reminded me of a tastier and juicier Jollibee Regular Yum, but there was a different depth in the flavor as the beef patty was a perfect medium well. The sauce also makes the burger a league of its own.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Rye - Simple and comforting. :) loved the roasted tomato soup.

Will definitely come back to try out their much raved about Baked Salmon Fillet in Asparagus! :)

Good job Grind! :)

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Ching B.
5.0 Stars

Discovered this restaurant while walking around in BGC. I was attracted to the decor and the friendly host who explained the burger and steak centric menu of Grind.

We were sat in a lovely table with very comfortable seats. I ordered a burger and my friend a black chicken. Even though he resto was picked for lunch, our food came pretty quickly. More importantly, our food was delicious. The burger buns were soft and buttery and perfect for the burger. And the patty...that amazing patty. So juicy and tender and no litid. I eat burgers a lot and other gourmet burgers tend to be tougher and have a lot of litid. Not here. You can tell they use 100% US beef. And the lettuce was crisp and tomato flavorful.

The black chicken was a great surprise. It was so juicy and tasty. The chili sauce was great. So unusual and interesting.

Definitely going back. The staff was attentive, the decor really nice and the food was to die for. Even their earl grey iced tea was well made. And try the hazelnut chocolate shake.

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April H.
2.0 Stars

Disappointed at our visit a few weeks back...

Jenn N and I were early birds to meet Carla M on the way to the airport... We talked about trying one of the new restaurants in the area... Jenn let me choose and it was a toss up between Passion and Grind... I went with Grind, which my bf and I passed after dessert one night at Passion... It's pretty new and there weren't that many customers when we passed by on a Saturday night... But I still went with it as my choice for a late lunch...

Awww, sorry for that Jenn!128546

The restaurant was pretty big and inviting. We were immediately entertained by the staff... We got their Grind burger and the ricotta gnocchi to share...

The gnocchi was described as tossed in pesto sauce, which was already unexpected... Gnocchi traditionally comes with a butter sauce. It was weird that when it was served it was pinkish in color. One bite and I knew that it had anchovies... Apparently, as well as beets... I thought that was a big technical error since they didn't state it on the menu... Many people have allergies to seafood and those ingredients should be disclosed to customers when ordering... Moreover, the sauce tasted off, a little too fishy in taste... The sauce also lent a slimy film that coated the gnocchi... The subtle taste of the ricotta was overpowered, which was a shame...

The burger was also a disappointment. It is roughly the same price as The Beef's burger, same concept as well... Beef patty and a great bun with minimal toppings... Unfortunately, the Grind's version was meh. The patty was too salty and not as substantial as The Beef's... The bun was good, but that should not the highlight of any burger... It was served with potato chips, which was probably the only saving grace of the meal... We also loved the lemon aioli dip the chips came with-- light and tangy...

After our meal, we were approached by their chief waiter to ask about the food... We really told them our problem with the gnocchi... The waiter (who was previously with 8 cuts, wala lang I just remembered) thought the issue would be about the texture, as was the comment of a previous guest... Jenn and I both thought the texture of the gnocchi was spot on. Light and pillowy, cooked just right... But the allergens admixed with the sauce was a bigger issue, IMO... A very serious health issue... We also made a comment about the burger patty being too salty... Remember that we didn't complain about the food, we were approached by the staff... We both appreciated their initiative and they appreciated the constructive criticism... I believe that attitude will go a long way in improving the food and the service... Though the service was already pretty good...

We were given complementary store-made ice cream... Two flavors-- hazelnut and another one which I now have forgotten... But their ice cream had a smooth texture and rich creamy taste... A nice ending to an otherwise disappointing meal...

When our bill came, they omitted the gnocchi... Jenn and I insisted that we pay for it, but the staff insisted on omitting it... They even gave us vouchers for a free dessert on our next visit... Note that they did ask us if we would drop by again... Jenn and I looked at each other... Maybe months down the line, but not anytime soon... Hopefully they tweak the menu and come up with something even better...

This and similar experiences like such, is the reason why I no longer fancy going to newly opened restaurants... I realized that I would have a much better experience once the staff have grown into their roles and the minor glitches have been fixed...

For the food alone, two stars... But it's the service and dedication to improving that would make me come back... Well, down the line... For sure the food would be even better by then...

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

For the love of food! No one could stop me from getting there especially when its new! I know it's a must to see how well they start. Thanks to Mary Love S who is ever updated with what's new around the area and made us Kristin A promise to try all the new and good restos soon to open!

Again, what's new with my being late?! I arrived and saw the ladies sitting pretty and hangrily challenge themselves not to touch anything until we're complete (really sorry!)

128204128525 poke nachos at php495
No nacho! The usual combination of thinly sliced sweet potato and taro (potato is missing) chips with crispy wonton with very interesting dips:
128205Ahi tuna- marinated in soy, really good, tasted like sashimi marinated in kikoman.
128205Chevre- goat cheese! I kinda did not like this one. Not an acquired taste. Have to learn
128205orange and wasabi tobico -supaishi! Giving you that japanese flavor
128205pico de gallo- mexican time dip!
We did not spare --i didnt--a single piece to be left. I especially enjoyed the taro, it's a little salty. My least favorite is the wonton--it got some starchy aftertaste

128204 wedge salad with crispy pork belly at php390
Halved fresh ice berg lettuce with blue cheese tomatoes, onions with really crispy pork belly (we want more!) in totality i think its a revamped caesar salad!

128204grind burger at php495
100% USDA beef--however we did not know its size--im guessing it's a 1/3lb home grind beef patty with its secret sauce. Not spectacular for me but good enough, everything went well with the bun. The fries were a bit overrated... Yes it was crispy but then too much fried becomes too oily.. I must reinforce mary's observation. Yeah, we almost forgot the pickles on the side. I think its not a stand-out burger and will have a difficulty to be remembered by customers. I wish they would make it unique.

128204 128525chocolate mousse on the house (@php350)
Malagos dark chocolate mousse with hezelnut tuile and brittle with whipcream on top. Dont forget the chocolate bread-ish bed which is in addition to the great texture. I wish i had more hues of chocolate in it.

Chef steven visited our table just before giving us dessert. He's a nice chef who still have plans on expanding to the north and aura. He mentioned that it's. Gonna be a bit light on those branches--more feminine ambiance

Well, the ambiance here is musculine--dark, dimmed and --brown. Bar and slow pulse music and all. There's only one CR and it's pretty nice too.

Servers were all warm and accommodating. Never failing to do water refill 128512

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

As a sucker for trying out new places, I digitally dragged with me Kristin A and Jayson J to try this new restaurant called Grind Bistro.

Hello, Grind Bistro!

The place was pretty empty on its first day of operation. The only group there was... just my bosses and his friends. Yeah. That's how I roll.

The dimly lit restaurant shouts sophisticated and a not so friendly price tag on its dishes. True enough, when I checked the menu, you could easily spend over a thousand by ordering a couple of dishes. The steaks alone range around PHP1,600 to PHP2,200. (It was odd though that these were not recommended to us.)

While waiting, I had a chat with Thea, the store manager and she told me more about the restaurant and the recommended dishes. She mentioned that the name of the restaurant is called Grind because they grind their own beef for the burgers. Also, their chef, Mr. Carl, used to be the executive chef of Hyatt hence the impeccable dishes. That small talk made my expectations shoot up!

K arrived a couple of minutes after my talk with Thea and we decided to order Poke Nachos (PHP495) while waiting for J who was having an intense battle with traffic.

The nachos were served after a short while and we did our best not to touch it till J arrives. And we succeeded.

Complimentary bread was served a couple minutes before J arrived. Yes, it was served after our nachos. I guess they might have thought we were just there to sit and drink free water hence the reluctance to give us a wait snack.

The nachos were delightful! The chips which were sweet potato, taro and wonton were all crisp and added texture to the pico de gallo, ahi tuna, local chevre and wasabi tobiko. I truly enjoyed the play of flavors and texture. It was a mix of sweet and salty flavors, crunchy and smooth textures. All went well together.

The complimentary breads were great too! Soft and fluffy, it went so well with the salted and unsalted butter.

We were so busy talking about food, work and traffic that we totally forgot to order other dishes. We placed our order for Grind Burger (PHP495) and Wedge Salad with Crispy Pork Belly (PHP390) after realizing that we were running out of nachos.

Thankfully, service was quick and our salad was served before we finished our nachos.

I was expecting the salad to be served on a bowl but it was plated differently. True to its name, the lettuce was cut wedge-like and was topped with a generous dollop of bleu cheese. There were lovely cherry tomatoes and four strips of pork belly on the side.

The rather salty (ranch?) sauce and soft and delectable pork belly was well complemented by the tangy cheese and tomatoes. It was actually a great dish but quite overpriced for its serving size.

The recommended burger was served last and we got the "not your ordinary" fries as its side dish.

The burger was indeed flavorful and meaty. The patty was succulent and tender. But it was ordinary. It was just at par with 8Cuts and Burger Project. In short, I could have gotten the same kind of burger elsewhere at half the price.

The fries, which the server said to be different and was validated by the restaurant manager was ordinary too. It was just your usual deep fried real potato. (Side story: I asked the manager why their fries are special and she told me that it is because they use real potatoes and that they cut it in-house. It made me think... isn't it that most restaurants, or at least the ones I frequent, do the same thing?)

Oh, and the fries were actually overfried to the point of being translucent as it was too oily.

While waiting for our bill, we had a chance to chat with Mr. Carl and he told us more about the two other Grind branches (SM Aura and SM North Edsa) which will have different concepts as to match the mall goers' preferences. The one in Aura will have more sharing platters and a more feminine vibe while the one in North Edsa will focus more on burgers and shakes creating a more casual ambiance.

We were also given a complimentary Chocolate Mousse (PHP350) to thank us for our visit.

The chocolate mousse which was malagos dark chocolate topped with fresh whipped cream with hazelnut tuile and brittle as base was a nice treat. It was chocolatey but not too sweet making it a good way to cap the night. My only problem with scooped chocolate mousse is that my brain tells me that I'm enjoying lukewarm ice cream. 128529

Overall, it was a pricy meal but I'll go back for more Poke Nachos and to try the Nutty Black Chicken. 4 stars for the nachos and service!

Total damage: PHP1,509

Note: The place is really dark so bring extra light if you plan to take photos.


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