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Most Recent Reviews

Francezca B.
3.0 Stars

Gringo offers so much taste for those looking for a Mexican cuisine. I liked how the ribs and chicken tastes and the smell is really inviting. Though some parts of my meal tasted sour but overall I was satisfied. Better order enough portions especially if you're in large group. Since I'm a heavy eater, the mexican rice served is kinda small for me. Would love to visit and dine here again!

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Marie Kristine Gene B.
4.0 Stars

This particular salad is to die for! 10084

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Sas R.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Angela Marie C.
4.0 Stars

This was a long overdue write-up. I had lunch here with my family and the boyfriend last May. When I was growing up, I was always an SM North baby cause it's the nearest mall from our house. It's nice that there are still nice new places opening up here. 128568

We really liked everything that was recommended to us by our waiter. We had a quarter Gringo Southern Spice Chicken with 3 sides (Php 375). It was delicious! We also had their Half Rack with 2 sides (Php 365). 128571 We pretty tried almost everything on their sides menu at that and I liked all of them.

We also ordered the Crispy Catfish Salsa (Php 365) and it was one of the favorites from the meal! 128571 It was crispy on the outside and was super nice and tender on the inside. We also ordered their Truffle Quesadilla (Php 145) and it was delicious! When it arrived our table, we instantly got a whiff of the generous heaping of Truffle and it made the grilled cheese sandwich so much more delicious! 128571

For beverage, I went for their Grape Juice (Php 89) for a cup and my mom had the House-Brewed Iced Tea (Php 75) for a cup. I liked the iced tea but the grape juice tasted like the ones I used to enjoy as a kid that came in tetra pak juice boxes. 128569

I think their prices are quite steep for the food and drinks, but I'd still come back. I'll try the tacos next time! 128077🏼

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Jaquelyn W.
4.0 Stars

First time to try Gringo at SM North Edsa and I would have to say it was delicious! The Chicken Quesadilla, although isn't one of their best sellers according to the staff, was really good! The RIBS! The meat just slid off the bones and was really tasty. You get 2 sides with chips for the half rack which makes the price worth it! A bit disappointed with the chips since they put so little sauce on it! Other than that it was a great meal.

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Patty A.
4.0 Stars

Had lunch at Gringo earlier. We ordered Half-rack Ribs and Quarter Original Chicken. Each comes with 2 sides. Chicken and ribs, what combination can beat that? Nothing! For the side dishes, we had Mashed Potatoes, Buttered Corn, Marbled Potato Salad, and Garlic Rice. Everything was delicious! Their Truffle Queso Quesadillas were great as well! Itching to eat at Gringo again! And oh, did I mention that this is my "comeback" post? Haha hello, Looloo! I missed writing reviews! 128522

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Kristina E.
5.0 Stars

I was on a ribs spree in one week and I was happy I went to try Gringo. The experience was like being in Señor Pollo, but the main dish is the ribs! The ribs were really good and fall off the bone type. There was enough spice in how the meat is cured and smoked. You'll be given 2 sauces to your liking.

I ordered their ribs and sides bundle and iced tea served on a mason jar. Really hearty and filling meal for 500php. I'll totally come back for ribs at Gringo. As for Chicken, it's Señor Pollo. They have chicken here too but maybe I'll try it next time.

Service is fast and staff were friendly. The place gets really packed and I can understand why haha.

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Gwen I.
3.0 Stars

Me & the |ooloo team had lunch here yesterday. 9786

We had the following:

Chicken Soup
It looked so sad. 128534 Never before have I seen a soup served so unappealing. I don't even want to write what it looks like. It tasted meh, too.

It doesn't really have anything on it. Just a few bits of tomatoes & a spoon of sauce. That's it. Maybe because it's just a side? I don't know. 128558

It's good! It's not hard to get the meat off the bone & it was tasty. I'll rate this as 4 stars. 128512

We ordered 2 types: Original & Southern Spice.

I didn't get to taste the original chicken as it was finished first by my colleagues 128513 so I went for the other one.

As I slice part of it & put it on my plate, the inside was still red with blood. Huhu. 128533 So we called the server & told her what's up & she immediately took the plate away. When she got back, there was no apology - unless I didn't hear it.

Despite the incident, the Southern Spice Chicken was actually pretty good! 128077 I recommend ordering this, but I hope they won't undercook it again.

Attentive servers. They will refill your water when they see it half empty.

I'd go for the Southern Spice Chicken again or maybe the ribs, too. I'll skip the nachos & the soup.

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4.0 Stars

After I settled my bills with Smart Communications, I headed to Gringo - SM The Block branch to used the GCs/vouchers given by Looloo App.

The interior is nice and it's very warm and welcoming.

I asked the server if I can used the GCs/vouchers here, he said "yes for a solo Chicken or Ribs..." He means 1/4 Chicken or Half-rack Ribs. 127831127830

Me: Are sides included?

Server: Not yet sir...

Me: So I need to order?

Server: Yes Sir...

Me: Okay, Half Ribs... And what rice is the best for ribs?

Server: Garlic Rice sir...

Me: One Garlic Rice and Fried Banana... That's it...

Server: Anything to drink?

Me: Water lang...

Server: By the way, where did you get your GC?

Me: Looloo gave it to me.

And after that, I have my own butler on that day that fills my glass when its empty, clean my table when I am done, always asked me if I need anything and he even offer the wet tissue to clean my hand. 128540

Half-Rack Ribs served with Garlic Rice and Fried Saba - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Thank you Looloo. 128153

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

It just opened recently and decided to give it a try. All of the servers were attentive and energetic. So in terms of their service, great job. 128079🏼

Gringo Baby Back Ribs with 2 sides (365PHp) not bad, it was flavorful and delicious. Got mashed potato and garlic mushroom.
Mango Chicken Salad (235PHp) generous serving good for sharing.
Calamares (can't remember the price) love the batter but it was too oily but it was still good.

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Karla C.
4.0 Stars

Good food. Excellent service. Big serving. Great value for money.

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Hannah V.
4.0 Stars

Gringo have a lot of various mexican choices e.g tacos, nachos, quesadillas, burritos and tacos. I really love mexican food so i tried their quesadillas and burritos though their sepcialty here is the roasted chicken and ribs.The place is not so big but It got a woody interior with cyclon wire and mexican painting as its design. The service was nice. Servers were very friendly I would still visit again and try the other dishes they have. 128522

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Alyssa Denise M.
4.0 Stars

Quarter southern spice chicken. Probably it was as good as I expected or even better. First bite had me close my eyes and savor it. A few bites would still have my eyes closed. Their sauce of lemon herb complimented the chicken very well. The chicken comes with 2 sides and I chose buttered corn and marble potato salad, which made my meal fulfilling. Words arenmt enough to define the gooooooood taste. I am so happy I dragged my boyfriend here.

Only gave a 4 because my boyfriend ordered a burrito (not in the picture) and it looked sad. It was so thin compared to other tex-mex or mexican restos with burritos that have lower prices and bigger servings. His burrito was even more expensive than my chicken. The taste was okay but I don't recommend. I'd recommend other places for burritos.

The ambiance was beautiful and the servers were nice too. I'd want to come back and try others from their menu, particularly the ribs.

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Jeddy N.
2.0 Stars

First time I tried this place, was very dissappointed, ribs was not tender not fall of the bones and expensive, first time to have ribs like that. Nothing special in this place.

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Marianne P.
5.0 Stars

Mexican cuisine is always 10084️. Every mexican resto offers unique menu but still the mixed up spices are consistent128522 Gringo original quarter chicken with two sides: chicken is herby and tasty up to the bones128516 sides mexican rice and macaroni salad complement well with the chicken. Latin Salpicao Soft Taco128536 shredded beef salpicao with eed cabbage garlic sauce and i guess..japanese mayo. Truffle Queso Quesadillas is 10084128525 legit truffle cheese or oil in it can't get over until now with the taste128522 budget for all of these around 600-800. I'll try ribs and burrito next time.

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Dennis O.
3.0 Stars

Visited SM the Block yesterday and exactly as we enter the side of the mall we saw Gringo. A fairly new latin/mexican resto that I always see in Facebook ads. Since we were already there might as well try it.

The place is small and quite packed inside. It got a woody interior with cyclon wire and mexican painting as its design. Power outlet was also available beside the table where we were seated.

The menu got various mexican choices burittos,nachos, quesadillas and tacos. While their sepcialty here is the roasted chicken and ribs. Here are some of the dishes that we tried out.
127831Chicken soup - I like this one. A very simple soup. Tasted like chicken sopas with a kick of silantro. Great way to start a heavy meal.

127831Gringo's Original Chicken - a roasted chicken that comes with a mild and spicy dip. The chicken got a strong lemon taste. It worked well for me especially when the spicy sauce is added, But my niece didn't like the chicken. The chicken was also very dry for the breast and wing part. Comparing to other latin chicken in the market this one needs a lot of enhancing.

127831Ribs - I love this one. Sadly we only order half slab. Love the sauce and the tender meat.

127831Catfish Salsa - this one is a failure. 128528 I love how soft and appetizing the catfish was but lasang lupa siya. It was so hard to finish it. We just aded the chicken spicy sauce to overpower the taste.128559

127831Black Beans sides- This is my fave. Got a delicious bbq smokey flavor. A must try!

Overall the experience is a mix of high and low. The service was good but the food needs improvement. Good thing they are just fairly new adjustment can still be worked out. I would still love to visit again and try the other dishes they have.9786128076

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Angelo V.
4.0 Stars


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Sun M.
4.0 Stars

Hola Mi Amigos! 128512128512128512

Finally able to do a review for my friend Gringo. :)

Last week, feeling terribly sick, but being so dedicated to work, King Y had to fetch me from my office. I was so hungry, but I was quite unsure of what I wanted. It was a weekday so to get away from traffic, we decided to make do of what we have near my place - SM North!

I want some ramen, but something new was calling my name. Guess wut! It’s mi amigo, GRINGO! They have ribs so I know I can make King agree. 128520128519

The location was a little hard to find because it’s situated at the corner of UG/F in The Block. The best way I could tell you is to find the Hypermarket, turn left and you will see it next to Cafe Shibuya. I just can’t help it. My feet always drag me to places I haven’t visited/tried before and that’s why my family and friends call me ‘kiray-kiray’. I’m always curious and ‘hangry’. Haha!

The place has a very summer-ish outdoor vibe with its soft lighting, wooden tables, cyclone wire wall, and hedge ceiling interior. The combination of the lighting, green hedge and wooden tables gives it a good ambiance looking from the outside.

The menu list matched the theme of the restaurant. It's placed on a brown clipboard and printed on a brown thick paper. I love anything brown so I’m a little biased.

The menu is divided in several sections. Each best-seller comes with a 11088 beside its name. They have the STARTERS - fries, nachos, garlic calamari, and baked mussels. Price ranges from Php165-Php265.

The have the Gringo Original Chicken and Gringo South Spice Chicken where you have 3 size options - Quarter, Half, and Whole. Price depends if you chose the one W/out the Sides or W/ Sides. The Gringo South Spice Chicken is a little more expensive. I guess it has more flavor and more spice. As stated in the menu, it has a Latino Flavor while the Original is herby and lemony.

They also have the Amigos Paboritos for seafood lovers! Options are Crabs, Shrimps, and Catfish. The have a salad and soup as well. Planning to try their Lemon Garlic Butter Crab and Chicken Soup on my next visit!

Adding to their best-sellers is the Gringo Baby Back Ribs. They have Half Rack, Full Rack and Ribs Muchos. Price ranges from Php325 (half rack, w/out sides) to Php1,099 (ribs muchos, w/ 4 sides).

Speaking of the sides, they actually have a lot of variants - plain rice, mashed potato, garlic and Mexican rice, macaroni salad, fried saba, etc. For health conscious customers, they have the Healthy Sides like Roasted Squash, Fried Saba, Okra, Roasted Egg Plant, and many more. Each side costs from Php50 to Php75. It’s evidently more economical to opt for the meals that comes with the Sides. I forgot to ask though whether the Healthy Sides are included as an option for the meals w/ sides.

On the second page, you’ll find more! I was really hungry that I needed rice that time, but here’s a glimpse of the rest of their menu - Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas, Baked Taquittos. For desserts, they have Sweets for Gringas - Queso Sorbetes (Php85) & Mango Cream Sticky Rice (Php165) and on the Kids Menu - Chicken Tenders (Php135) & Bolognese Spaghetti (Php145). Sadly, I can’t have desserts that day. I want to find out whether the Queso Sorbetes is an in-house made dessert so I’m adding that to my list. Lito said the quesadillas is a must-try, but we were not in the mood for a snack.

Their drinks has a separate menu. They have House Brewed Iced Tea (Php75/ glass) and Grape Juice(Php89) as the best sellers. They also have cocktails, hard liquors, and beers. I didn't quite pay attention to the drinks as COLD was the very least thing I wanted that day. I’m marking the Iced Tea and Grape Juice for my next visit.

So here’s what King and I have tried so far! King ordered a half slab of Gringo Baby Back Ribs with 2 sides for (Php365). He chose the plain rice and Mexican rice. I was delighted because they have squid on their menu! So I opted for the Garlic Calamari (Php235). It does not have the Sides option. I asked Lito, our server, which among their sides will match best with it. He said the Garlic Rice (Php65). How come I haven’t thought of that?! I went for it.

We were double-thinking whether to try the chicken. I told King we could try it in our next visit and he agreed. Shortly, my Garlic Calamari and rice were served. King saw the garlic rice and asked to change one of his Sides from plain rice to garlic. I told Lito, and he immediately advised the kitchen staff.

I find the baby back ribs dry and small, which by the way, took more time to be served. The size explains the price. It was served with a hot sauce and lemon herb sauce (yay!). The ribs was tasty enough, but the meat does not fall off the bones. Something that made King a little disappointed. I asked for an extra bbq sauce instead to make it a little saucy. The Mexican Rice is tomato-based and King loved it. I don't like tomato based rice and pastas so I only had a taste of it. If you are to ask me, I prefer the garlic rice better.

Now talking about what I ordered, the Calamari looked delish because of the garlic garnish on top of it. It also came with a dip, but I liked the lemon herb and bbq sauce better. I was expecting ithe squid to be tasty, pepper-y, and garlicky, but I think it lacked all those flavors. I wish it had more garlic flavor it! The taste was so bitin! 128547 It was somehow bland, but the crispy crunchy and soft slice of squid inside saved the dish! King instead squeezed the lemon on it to add flavor. It got a little better together with the dip. King actually had a totally different impression about it, he liked it. 128542128530 The good thing with the Garlic Calamari is the serving size - it’s good for sharing!!! 128522 Lastly, the Garlic Rice we both loved! It’s sticky and pepper-y! Thanks to Lito! Hihi. 128525128525128525

We were almost done eating, but not until we saw one of their staff served a chicken meal on the table almost in front of us. The chicken skin looked very grilled and toasted outside. I love everything toasted so King had a hunch that I wanted to try it. Hehe. So I asked Lito to tell us which Chicken was that. It was the Original. King wanted to try the Southern one, but I don’t like spicy food. Since I was sick, he gave way. Haha! We ordered 1 of the quarter size of the Gringo Original Chicken with 2 sides (Php235). King got to choose the sides and he opted for the Garlic Rice and French Fries.

I’m not yet done with my meal when the chicken was served. We didn't know it comes with a small serving of tasty nachos. 128522 However, we were disappointed with the serving size of the Fries. You can count them using your fingers. I don’t think it’s worthy if you are to order it separately for Php60. Maybe they adjusted the size because it’s only a side of the meal? Dunno.

On the other hand, I thought the chicken was not well-cooked that I wanted to ask for a replacement, but King said it’s cooked already. I ended up not eating the chicken meat, only the skin. The taste was superb though. That must be a lot of herb and spices! It has a very legit Texan/ Latin taste!!! The fries got me surprised as well despite the serving size. It was crunchy, and flavourful!!! I highly recommend their French Fries! 128077128077128077

I still have a lot to try here so I probably would have to be back for 2 or 3 more times and I will gladly share it with you. Hehe. I found out that they are under the same corporation with Tokyo Bubble Tea, which will also soon have a branch in The Block. (I saw a tarpaulin near Casa Italia). Lito shared that Gringo will most likely share the store of Tokyo Bubble Tea in their BGC branch. Ain’t that a good news! Watch out people of the South!

One thing I love about this resto is their tag line – Chicken, Ribs, and Friends. Like you will have friends by eating there. Hehe.. Well, I think we actually got a new one, guess who? It’s GRINGO! 128521128521128521


🔹FOOD - 110881108811088
🔹PRICE -110881108811088
🔹AMBIANCE -11088110881108811088
🔹SERVICE - 11088110881108811088


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Joyce C.
3.0 Stars

Sort of back from my hiatus! Hello looloo!

Anyway, stumbled upon this new resto one afternoon and since we were hungry from running errands, we decided to try it.
The place is kind of small but i love the industrial / nature feel of the interior. The place was packed even if it was off hours. But thankfully, the servers are really attentive.
The menu was pretty straightforward and upon their recommendation, we ordered their spiced chicken with two sides. (We chose the spiced rice and french fries) We also ordered the calamari for appetizers.

As I've said, were really hungry. So we were really getting impatient when our orders didn't arrive after the 15 minute mark. It was taking too long. When the chicken finally arrived, it was kind of cold.128542 The only hot food on our plate was the french fries.

Taste wise: the chicken was tasty especially paired with their sauce. But the skin is kind of burnt (as you can see on the photo).

Infairness, the rice is perfect when paired with the chicken but I wished the serving size was a little bigger. Maybe we shouldve ordered two of the rice for our sides. 128541

Overall, i still prefer senor pollo's chicken. But I'm still looking forward to trying their other offerings. Hopefully, it will not take more than 20min and also that it will be hot. 128293

-tasty chicken
-nice ambiance
-has wifi
-attentive servers

-serving time is too long
-the food was cold

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April H.
3.0 Stars

Cardinal Sin in the Restaurant Business: Serving undercooked chicken..128035

Taking a break from running errands, I found myself at Gringo yesterday... Taking a page from the Senor Pollo handbook, this place serves us Latin Roast chicken... They have quarter, half and whole chicken available with your choice of sides... Mark was my server and I did like that he was very proactive and knew the menu pretty well... I asked for suggestions and I liked his honest input...

I got their original quarter roast chicken with Mexican rice and garlic mushrooms... The first chicken they served was still a little bloody inside. Hell no!128581 there is no rare or medium well for chicken. Just cooked or not cooked. Period.

I called the server over and politely asked if they intended it to be served that way... He reacted very fast, told me that they will cook it further and apologized. He came back saying that they will replace the chicken... That was actually the answer that I was looking for... The manager, Marlon, was also quick to apologize and offer their quezo ice cream as an apology for the hassle...

The second chicken was better cooked but some parts were still a little under. I just didn't want the hassle of giving it back anymore. I avoided those parts, tried the lemon and spicy dipping sauce (which were both good btw) and tried the sides. I thought the sides were okay, but truth be told, I prefer Senor Pollo's chicken and sides... I did ask the manager if they put something in the chicken and he said that they marinade it for two days... Well, it might discolor the chicken; but if so, why were there only parts that were reddish? Then wouldn't the whole chicken have that tinge then? Well, it tasted good naman.

As for the quezo ice cream, this was pretty good actually! Great for the sweltering heat, with little itty bits of cheese... Nice!

Their service was commendable and efficient... I appreciated the staff and the manager. It might have been a fiasco had they not been that well-trained. But I just can't give a thumbs up for undercooked chicken. Even if they have just recently opened... However, I wouldn't go as far as to say that it was a bad experience... I wouldn't mind coming back and trying their truffle quesadilla or the ribs that Kim L enjoyed... That's the big difference that great service makes... Not an irate customer here! We'll see next time!128522

Aminin nyo: iboboto nyo ba si Gringo?128540

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