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Karla Niña M.
4.0 Stars

Grub Hub
Hole in the Wall Concepts
12820547 Visayas Ave., Quezon City

9742️ 9299022

Operating Hours
🕚 11:00 AM-12:00 MN every Sunday
🕒 3:00 PM-12:00 MN every Monday to Thursday
🕚 11:00 AM-1:00 AM every Friday & Saturday

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Joanne P.
5.0 Stars

Backlog Looloo review starts now….128522

On 14-May-2018, decided to eat before I head home after my 11PM shift. Went to Grub Hub at Visayas Ave with hubby. Their closing time is 12MN so most of their stalls are packing up when we're there.


127860 POLLO PAPRICO - Original Flavored Wings 6pcs (PHP200)

Super like its spiciness. 128077

127860 SEOUL STREET - Odeng Guk 2pcs (PHP80) + Gimbap (PHP100)

So happy I found a place to satisfy my odeng cravings! Plus it is very affordable! 🤗

Gimbap is so-so; nothing special.

127860 YUSUF'S SHAWARMA - Beef Shawarma Rice (PHP90)

Hubby's order and this is good too.

🥃 Green Tea with Lychee (PHP70) + Mango Fruit Juice (PHP70)

The staff at their drinks station told us they are already closed. Good thing, there's a really nice man who told the lady to still accommodate our orders. Personally, I like green tea w/ lychee over the mango juice.


I like their creative interior design. Lights hanging inside a gallon drum. Old tires transformed into seats.

Thumbs up to the nice man in the last picture who is the same person which requested the staff in the drinks station. Since he noticed that we were rushing to eat, he told us not to worry and just enjoy our meal. 128077

Will definitely be back!

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foodtripamore Q.
4.0 Stars

recommending the mojos with garlic mayo 128076

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TheMitch M.
5.0 Stars


Along Visayas Ave. is a plastic bamboo organ looking food park.

It's not easy to miss, unless one is blind. Then I'm sorry.

You walk in and find a cacophony (plus points for pretentious word) of design and a menagerie (now I'm out of control, IDK what that word really means) of food choices.

There's graffiti everywhere.
And no, not the gang sign, Bobot labs Inday type of graffiti. These actually look cool.
There are a lot of wall ornaments.
It's a feast for the eyes right away.

Once you calm down and decide where to eat (boys plan ahead sa gf niyo, kahit saan applies here sa rami ng choices) you now have to choose which type of seating option.

Non-AC area

There are the rocking chairs for the seniors and Titas and Titos, some weird but oddly comfortable wheel type chairs, the normal tables and chairs, a kubo.

AC area.

Terrarium type tables.
A door table (come on hipsters, this speaks to you on another level).
Normal table.

Price range is competitive with middle class food parks.

Mang Larry's Isaw has a branch here.
Faves are the Japanese affordable food and Mexican food.

Servers weren't that attentive and cramped parking, but those things are negligible.

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Angela Marie C.
4.0 Stars

My next few reviews are from my (food) trips to Manila last December and February. 128569 Again, bear with me as I slowly but surely write my backlogs. 128569
Last December 4, I went to Manila for a day to attend an event. Of course I needed to make my one short day count by being able to go somewhere I can write about on |ooloo. 128568 So for Sunday lunch after hearing mass, I asked my parents if we could dine in GrubHub. This place is actually very near our house, so it worked very well for us. 128568

Where this food park is situated used to be FISH - Fiesta Island Seafood Hub. I know the restaurant because I used to work for its sister company. It's under the Manila Catering Corp. It's owned by Ms Milit Baron and her family. Now, GrubHub is actually still owned by their family, but mainly managed by her kids. I met the brother-sister tandem before, and it really was a smart move to have the millennials take over because the food park idea obviously took off. 128568

The place was packed when we went, so it was a good sign. 128568 We decided to get a table in the air-conditioned area. My dad let me and my sister call the shots on deciding on the food so we went all out by getting an item from a number of the stalls. We ended up with a feast. I'll write about each of them and the food we got. 128568

Generally, this place is an awesome place to hangout with friends and family. The security guard was rude though, hence the -1 11088️. Hopefully he'd be nicer next time cause I'd still come back. 128569

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

Of the many food parks that popped out in the metro, by far, this would be my favorite. 9786 The location is placed in a corner but the traffic across the place is just too bad.. (this could be the downside of it), regardless, if you get low on cash, there is a number of banks within walking distance. 128521

The thing that I liked about the inside is that it is very spacious, good ventilation, lots of seating spaces with each theme, I also liked that it has an air conditioning seating place that is not exclusive to one food hub/restaurant only & the drinks are also being sold inside.

The entire food park is very instagrammable. The wall murals are painted in artsy designs - very colorful and fun. The food is also different from the food parks I've been too, except for a few famous ones - Brook's, Wicked Kitchen & Mang Larry's. 128521


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Curious C.
1.0 Stars

Ok I'll be honest I haven't dined here yet. The reason for the 1 star rating is that this establishment is causing too much traffic! Considering it's situated near a corner, they should not let their patrons eat up one lane of Visayas Ave!

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Em D.
4.0 Stars

I'm not really a big fan of food parks sprouting everywhere because finding parking SUCKS, it causes A LOT of traffic and the food being sold are only instagrammable (and not very good).

Not sure what got into me but I dragged my friend here after getting dismissed early. We got there around 12:30 PM and of course there were lots of parking slots still available! 128513 I was surprised to see that the place looked exactly like the pictures circulating on social media. It was bright and sunny that day but I didn't sweat going around looking for food.

Ordered pizza and tacos from two different stalls (I'm sorry I didn't remember where exactly they came from lol) and waited inside their air conditioned dining area. 10084️ While waiting I discovered that you can only buy drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) from one station/bar. I guess it's more organized that way?? Anyway I tried their iced tea and four seasons. Both were pretty good. 9786

The pizza and tacos were surprisingly decent. 128561 We also got dessert from Wicked Kitchen (which I LOVE). Tried their mango crepe thing that had a spicy kick to it... IT WAS WEIRD?? Should've ordered the usual sweet stuff I get from Wicked Kitchen!

I'm actually going to go back and try other stuff here! They have burgers, pizzas, Asian food, churros, Mexican, Italian... They have almost everything! Plus their hand washing area is clean!

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Roegan T.
3.0 Stars

A lot of people were complaining about the availability of parking here so I told my friends that we should be early.

I got there at around 8PM and found a slot just beside Grub Hub. Lucky!

There were just 4 of us but we ordered A LOT:

1. Nachos
2. Churros
3. Fries
4. Plate full of pork isaw, chicken isaw, and pork BBQ.
5. 1 bucket of beer (RH - parang college lang lol)
6. A very cheesy sandwich (forgot the name).
7. Wings
8. Pork-looking dish w/ tons of breading.

The nachos were disgusting. The ground beef (pork?) that came with it tasted undercooked. It was barely touched!

The churros were just okay. For the price that my friend paid for it (around 80-100 pesos), it's something that I'd eat if given for free. Not something I'd buy though.

I loved the fries! Serving was good for 3 to 4 people. We got it from the very first stall on your right when you enter Grub Hub. Plus, the staff were very accommodating!

The plate of isaw and pork BBQ were ordered from Mang Larry's. Typical Mang Larry's if you ask me. 10 pesos for a stick of pork isaw. Not sure how much was paid for the chicken isaw and pork BBQ.

The wings were just okay. Nothing special.

HOWEVER, the pork-looking dish w/ tons of breading was AWESOME. My friends ordered it from the stall just beside Mang Larry's. It was good for sharing and came with a small serving of fries. I was surprised to know that the dish was just below 200 pesos. Bang for the buck! It was crunchy and tasty at the same time!

Very excited to go back to try the other stalls at Grub Hub. But I'd definitely skip the churros and nachos. ;)

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Lucille U.
3.0 Stars

The place is accessible, easy to locate but parking is bad...the stores are great, new to your taste....

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Rian K.
5.0 Stars

a lot of food parks has been pop out these days, so we need some time to check out each place. Went at Grub Hub last week to have some food trips with my girls. We are so drained and tired because of the traffic going here, the place is so crowded we waited 30 minutes to have our seats.

We shared a 12" sized pizza and ordered grilled cheese burger. AND most of all we ate a lot of mang larry's isaw!! 10084️ Our stomach was almost full but also tried the gelato.

It's a perfect spot for friends who wants to chill and make their cravings satisfied! GrubHub is just near Sm North. (Congressional ave corner Visayas Ave.)

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Gwen I.
4.0 Stars

I’ve been wanting to go to this food park ever since I added it on |ooloo, and finally, I was able to check it out last Friday. 128522

There were a lot of people when we arrived. I like the fact that they have a dining area with AC. We were lucky to find a table despite the crowd. 128522

We’ve tried:

* Grilled Cheese Sandwich Burger (from Brook’s) – It was okay for its price of 200 pesos. No “wow” factor, although I liked the patty. The fries were good, a little soggy, but I like it that way sometimes. Rating: 110881108811088

* Beef Chimichanga (from Brook’s) – This one’s good, but it was not served warm. 128528 So I went back and asked them if they can re-heat it. 1 kuya hesitated at first since they don’t have a microwave, but the other kuya took it, got a separate skillet (he was also cooking something else that time), and re-heated it. Thumbs up for that! 128077128522 And as expected, it’s better to eat it while it’s warm. Rating: 1108811088110881108811088️ (dish & service)

* Carbonara (from Brook’s) – My friend said it lacked flavor. She had me tried it and yup, it was not creamy enough and a little watered down. Rating: 3 stars.

* Chicken Isaw & Liver (from Mang Larry’s) – Hmm.. I’ve had better isaws before. 128542 I didn’t like it due to its bitter aftertaste, and you can only taste that when the intestine was not thoroughly cleaned. I like Mang Larry’s isaw in UP better, but maybe it was just for that day? I’d still give it another shot, anyway. Rating: 1108811088

We’re supposed to get that huge cookie from Wicked Kitchen, but I was already full. I’ll definitely be back here for that and to try the other stalls. 128521

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

Grub Hub is one of the more recently opened food parks in Metro Manila. Located in Quezon City, along Visayas Ave. corner Congressional Ave, there's parking outside for maybe 8 to 10 cars. What I love with Grub Hub is that it has an air-conditioned area, and likely the best interior designed food park in town. We went here Jan 2, a holiday, and a bit early at 630pm. But parking was already full and a queue was there along Visayas Ave. I parked a few stores before Grub Hub under a canopy (luckily nothing happened during the hour or so we were there). Park there at your own risk (I think it was worth the risk, but I did sweat a bit).

Grub Hub at a Glance:
Food: 127775127775127775127775127775 awesome variety (went with Mang Larry's isaw, Brooks comfort food and Aji Sushi, details later).
Service: 127775127775127775127775127775 Grub Hub has service staff to clean up and to assist in the parking lot. As for the food, you order and pick it up yourself at each food hub. Like a typical food park
Ambience: 127775127775127775127775127775 (relative to other food parks I've seen, I find this the best! Hands down. Did I mention it has aircon?128521)
Value for money: 127775127775127775127775127775 (it's a food park, it's QC, price is relatively cheap)
OVERALL: 127775127775127775127775127775
Worth a try: YES!
Worth a return: Absolutely YES! QC people and even nearby Pasig, Caloocan, Marikina and Manila peeps ought to travel here and experience the creativity of our fellow Filipinos. This is like the 3rd or 4th food park just in the Congressional area. Love that my old neighborhood is experiencing this foodie boom the past year plus since I moved. They also serve beer and hard drinks. Professionally done.

> Must try Mang Larry's isaw (P10/stick), like chicken isaw and pork isaw, also the bigger pork isaw (I forget the name). Try also Aji Sushi's Cheetos Roll (P139) and Brooks' Grilled Cheese Sandwich Burger (P200, I think). But the other stalls are also promising. We were limited by our stomachs. 128513 Details in the per store reviews.
> Stay in the aircon area!

We went on a nice cool Jan evening so even the outside tables and chairs were fine, too, but this was at night; not sure how hot it gets during the afternoon.

Outside, you can marvel at their cool barrel lights in front and the circular woven baskets lanterns at the rear though inside the air-conditioned area is no slouch with crate designed lighting and small plants. Bits of design pieces here and there add to the alure of the place. Grub Hub also has a few bahay kubo's for big groups at the rear. I believe it's first come first serve. I also like the wall decorations and caricatures. And of course, their circular and colorful hubs per food stall. It makes it more pleasing to the eye and feels welcoming. Check the pics out.

Like I said, parking can be a bit of a bummer here so, if you can, take Uber or cab it or commute since it's easily accessible, especially going during high traffic times. Otherwise either queue up or take your chances parking along Visayas Ave or Congressional Ave. Worth the experience.

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Negative Blogger V.
3.0 Stars

The place has a lot of small stalls you can visit and try. They each offer different varieties.

What I like:
Aji Sushi Tuna And Cream Cheese Roll-128525128525128525 (yummy and creamy. Good combination)
Brook's fries-128525128525128525128525 (just because I'm a fries lover)
Wicked Cafe's Ecstasy Chocolate Milkshake-128525128525128525 (just the right amount of sweetness)
Beef Shawarma and Rice- 128525128525128525128525 (yum!!!)

What I don't like:

The fried crablets- nothing special
Bacon like fried chicken- not really my taste.

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Kara L.
4.0 Stars

There are a lot of food choices. Price was okay for the food. Especially love Mang Larry's isawan. 10084️ The only problem was there is limited parking, waiting line for parking is causing traffic because it is situated on a main road, and limited chairs/tables inside.

Overall, eating experience was food. The staff are also very accommodating. 128077🏻

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

It's the congressional avenue' who's teeming with food hubs. One of them is this. It's the place where FISH was established. Yes, cerrado na sila.

What's amazing with this food hub is that they open really early. I was aghast to see them operational around lunch time--As compared to the rest of the food hub, which opens until 4pm. It's the nicest and unique interior design i have seen so far too. It has a colorful cool hubs.

Same thing with other hubs they got Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, steak and grill, and drinks!

I think the ventilation is not that good at the furthest section where the grille and isawan is located, but like the communeaty, there's also an air conditioned room which can accommodate about 50 pax. Inside the room, you will find the house drinks where bottled water is being sold as well.

128204 hokien kitchen co.
They serve Chinese rice meals and you could choose from either yang chow or hokien rice. I chose the hokien rice which was salty because of the anchovies in it. The serving is a little small and will give you a saktong busog feeling after. The orange chicken was my choice and it tasted okay. It costs 140PhP

128204 cafe fratello
I got their choco mocha mint which i liked. The drink costs 120PhP. The only think that i did not like was the chocolate and caramel chips. I hope they just had them in syrup. The 'cafe' also offers pasta which has bigger servings for the same price compared to my hokien order. Tsk tsk.

What interests me is their steak and grill (jack?) at the end. The lamb only costs below 300PhP but i got scared because it was too smoky ill get the stink after. Maybe next time?

Parking here is a little decent. Una unahan lang.

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

I saw lots of good reviews about this hype so I wanted to join the bandwagon. I was insisting my husband to come here with me, I even bribed him that I would pay for our dinner. Then he was convinced even though he told me million times that he's on a "diet". *evil laugh*

Grub Hub is the newest food park in Quezon City. It's along Visayas Ave. corner Congressional. We went here on a weekend so there was a terrible traffic along the way. But the place was worth to visit! Its new, artsy, and vibrant!

Upon entering, we saw the big green signage displayed outside. There are parking spaces available. This food park is designed to be instagram-able! All the corners of the place are worth to see especially the graffiti artworks and recycled materials used in interior designing. Even the colors here are so vibrant and lively.

There are 15 hobbit like stalls here that offer good food. We made our choices to try six of them.

✔Chica's Chicharonia
Chicharon Bulaklak (P150)
My all time favorite "putok-batok" finger food! Crispy chicharon bulaklak with spicy vinegar is yumyum! The serving was too small for the price, I guess.

✔Papa Beer
Crispy Kangkong (P65)
I'm not a fan of crispy greens even before. Husband liked this one with mayo.

Chicken Poppers (P120)
This is a flavored chicken pops - easy to eat, soft chicken meat but crispy outside.

✔Hokian Kitchen Co.
Yang Chow Fried Rice (P60)
The yang chow was good! We were looking for plain rice but we ended up ordering this. Also, delicious especially with Mang Larry's isaw!

✔Mang Larry's Isawan
Bochi is love and isaw is life! No need to go to UP to taste Mang Larry's isaw because they are here in Grub Hub. The price though is a bit higher compare to their stall in the University.

✔F.I.S.H Bar
Raspberry Shake (P99)
We had raspberry shake because its our favorite flavored shake eversince! F.I.S.H Bar offers wide variety of drinks and beers for everyone.

Staffs are friendly and nice. They are attentive on cleaning spots where the customers left their trash. Restrooms are clean and artsy, too!

We ate inside the Green House because it's the airconditioned spot here. I love how they made the interior design of this dining area. They even have door turned into a table, scrapped woods into wall designs of the bar, and hanging plants to add more greens and nature. There's also The Junkyard and Hippieyard if you opt to eat and drink outside.

I'm sure we are going back because we wanted to taste other food stalls such as the Yzzy Eats, Wicked Kitchen Co., Aji sushi, Mrs. Lumpia, Sub Zero, Big Tummies, Brooks, Noble Comida, St. Mick's, Joey's Charcoal Grill, Cafe Fratello, and Miggy Piggy. Kudos for this amazing food park, and I'm just so happy that this one is near our place.


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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

The nicest "food park" i've been too! Well ventilated, comfortable seats, and "chill".

Parking is a hassle so come early!

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Jen S.
5.0 Stars

New found place to eat!

I am fond of visiting foodparks and Grub Hub was my recent. Their place is cool, colorful and well ventilated. One of the main reason why I visited the place was because of Mang Larry's. BUT I end buying food from different stalls from there and I don't regret it. Masarap ung food. 128513

Visit them guys! They are open as early as 11am. I had my lunch there. 128522

No food pictures. Why? Hangry na, eh 128514

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

2nd day of their grand opening. Met up with a friend of mine and grab dinner as well.

Went to Mang Larry's, ordered 4pcs pork bbq (25Php each) and rice (15Php). Yummy! Will try the other establishments next time.

Limited parking.

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