Gusto Trattoria Siciliana

215 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Gusto Trattoria Siciliana
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Most Recent Reviews

3.0 Stars

Curiosity satisfied and expectations were let down128517.

At this point in my fat life, when I walk into a restaurant and find a foreigner but a local to the cuisine of the restau, I know now not to be a fool to expect authentic & delicious food right away.

This restau is one of those places. We were given free bread sticks and mashed black olives. The appetizer we ordered was simple and we were given some "mashed" olives again as a dip so that was an eye roller for us already. The dishes were served one at a time and boy did they take a while. The pasta were both good but the lasagna was better. The spaghetti was cooked well but was as tasteless as a saltine cracker. The pizza had good cheese but also bland, when they cooked it outside, it covered the restau with smoke was ok but gave our jaw a workout as it got tougher as it cooled down. Friend and bf said they tasted something sour too, which I know is not a good sign for the dough.

The server was nice and the owner too. There's a whole lot of opportunity for improvement for them abs maybe I'd find myself wanting to give them a try again.

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

This isn't your typical Italian restaurant focusing on pizza and pasta. Though they do have great pasta selections, and recently pizza too! Being a trattoria, the focus is really on simple home-cooked style Italian food. That said, there was a lot of stuff on the menu that I haven't encountered in other Italian restaurants.

Ingredients are fresh from the market or grown in-house, and everything is made from scratch 128077. The serving sizes are pretty small even if the dishes are meant for sharing. This means you have to order a lot if your group's got an appetite!

I'd suggest trying the saltimboca (seasoned grilled chicken), squid ink pasta with potatos, seared tuna, parma ham & cheese pizza, and their appetizer sampler that included quail eggs on small squares of toast. Even the free breadsticks are good!

Really appreciate their focus on quality and fresh ingredients. And it does come out in the flavors and brings out that home-cooked feeling with each dish.

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Bryan D.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Sudhiira L.
5.0 Stars

BF homes house most of food business pioneers.Gusto at Aguirre has that italian flair and feel. The owner is a Sicilian boasting being a chef, artist and an alchemist. He was happy to be a mixologist offering us drinks with Absinthe (shoosh) and small portions with great taste would be this store's forte. Not too pricey coz Italians always makes small servings. Try Gusto on Fridays when it is busy.

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Don T.
4.0 Stars

Great place! Great Sicilian food. Had mixed greens with balsamic dressing and parmesan flakes, lasagna bolognese and pizza bianca. All great!

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Denise Q.
3.0 Stars

Postponed our visit here since I won over Don Limone for lunch with family from way back here in the south. 128517
(thanks Pam L for quickly adding this in the |ooloo database! <insert Gusto Trattoria Siciliana into looloo_places_to_love> 128514

This time we finally had a chance to eat here and also from a good recommendation from a friend.

We ordered the following:
Misto della Casa at P400 for appetizer composed of 6 different breads and pica-picas

Margherita Pizza P380 was okay however it lacked ingredients - too bad. But the cheese and thin crust was good especialy eaten fresh.

Fettucine Al Pesto P260 - this pasta was nothing of a new twist, but maybe for me, an Italian classic.

Tonno in Crosta P440 was my favorite! This one's had around 5 slices of encrusted tuna.

Spaghetti with Black Ink P350 - since I was pretty hyped up with Ramen Nagi's Black King, I decided to give this a try. It was delicious, and creative in using squid ink as pasta sauce.

In overall, this trattoria was okay and pretty homey. My main concern is the ingredients were insufficient to the proportion of the plates - so thus -1 star. Regardless, my family and I enjoyed it. 128513

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