Gustos y Gustos

Remedios St., Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Gustos y Gustos
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Luisa V.
4.0 Stars

Smokehouse Sandwich, Potato Salad and Solar Iced tea.

Solar iced tea- a refreshing taste from the traditional iced tea. It sorta tastes like green tea with honey but is rather refreshing.

Potato Salad- im not a big fan of mayo, but once i had a taste of their potato salad, i wanted more. Why? Because it's not drizzled in mayo, that's what makes it delicious. It's not overwhelming for the palate. It's simple, potato with parsley and their dressing- very straightforward.

Smokehouse- grilled hot pressed sandwich: smoked ham, smoked turkey, pickles, mustard and swiss cheese. Im a slow eater so i was scared that by the time im through with my first slice, my 2nd slice would be hard to bite. Boy was i wrong! Its bread was still crispy and the cheese was really chewy! The pickle slices aren't thick as well. Overall, i really enjoyed their sandwich. 128522

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Kaye L.
5.0 Stars

I loooooove Gustos y Gusto! Their bread is freshly baked everyday! 128539128539 My favorite item from their menu is the French Toast (which comes with a shot of maple syrup, jam and fruits) with a side of scambled eggs.

It's not just any french toast, they use a croissant! How sinful is that!

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