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Ha-inan Delivery & Take Out
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

It was a sumptuous lunch last Tuesday when we were greeted with 5 of Ha-inan’s best selling dishes. My staff in the office felt like it was yet another Christmas party with all that they served.

When I got a message from Ha-inan last week, that they will be sending me their food for me to try, I gladly accepted. But I wasn’t expecting it to be really delicious. As you know, there have been a number of establishments that have sent their products to my office as well.

Ha-inan Delivery and Take-out, which recently opened its first branch in Mandaluyong, focuses on serving large groups of people through food delivery. One of our their business objectives is to provide corporate offices with a wide variety of food that are not only of great quality but are also competitive in price.

Their menu is of our local cuisine, Filipino but offered with a twist of their own. Ha-inan offers a full customized menu according to company’s preference.

So we celebrated during lunch time with a bilao of tasty Pancit Malabon; 2 containers of sinful and creamy Masisig or Sisig; 2 size-able really Crispy and tender Crispy Pata; 2 platters of my favorite sour Sinigang Steak; 3 boxes of not greasy and packed Empanaditas in different fillings of Beef Taco, Pizza and Creamy Chicken; and loads of rice for rice lovers like me.

If you are reading this, you must go for the Sinigang Steak. It’s quite similar with Locavore’s Sizzling Sinigang, only much better. Its meat was incredibly soft and its sauce a captivating blend of tamarind and other spices.

If you are interested go ahead and give them a call at 09215437456.

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

I first discovered Ha-inan Delivery while browsing feeds on Instagram. I found it cool and convenient especially for yuppies like me who usually order food in the office.

Peanut D and the |ooloo team arranged a special delivery of Ha-inan to my office last last week. I told them that it’s convenient for me to have it delivered at 4pm. And the delivery was on time! Amaziiing.

Kare-kare with bagoong. I’m not sure if |ooloo has a record of my favorite dishes but sending over Kare-kare made my day happy and my tummy satisfied. Ha-inan’s version of this well-loved Filipino dish is delicious. It’s not bland that you can eat it without the bagoong. It’s not sweet too like in other restaurants. It’s just right. I love the generous serving of beef and ox stripes.

Pancit Canton. Not really a fan of pancit in general but I know if one is delicious or not. Ha-inan version is actually good. It actually made me eat a lot. My teammates enjoyed this so much as well.

Empanaditas. These are small empanadas but packed with rich flavors. I liked the beef one, as it tasted like tacos. I assume it’s with cumin as it has a distinct taste. The chicken is also good but my teammates prefer the ham and cheese variant. It’s like pizza. These empanaditas are best eaten hot.

Sisig. I’m a serious fan of sisig and I love Ha-inan’s version! It’s flavorful, and CRISPY! I even recommended this to my friend who also loves crispy sisig too much. Pro tip: order the largest (good for 8-10pax) para di bitin. 128517

If you’re looking for a food delivery service for your next potluck sessions, try Ha-inan. It’s also good for office celebrations and parties. It can be the next Ambers. Aaaaand I think they also have crispy pata and sinigang in their menu. I’ll definitely order again for our next office party. 🤗

Thanks again Ha-inan and |ooloo! 128153

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

I usually order food for delivery when my work gets too taxing. We have around 1-2 trusted restaurants that I usually call and delivers our family faves... Palabok/Pancit Malabon, Kare-Kare, Lechon kawali, Chopsuey, Sinigang...

Then there was Ha-inan Take-out and Delivery...

Introduced by Peanut D., I didn't expect much. |ooloo organized for Ha-inan to deliver food at home. On a sunny weekday, lunch time, someone from Ha-inan texted me informing that Lalamove will deliver because they had lots of deliveries that day. Just minutes after, the delivery came in! Still warm, properly packed, I must say that the food didn't get "ugly" at all! Great job!

Pancit Malabon, Kare-Kare, Sisig and Empanadas, wow that was quite a lot!

The Empanadas came in three flavors (120Php for a box of 12, 3 flavors) - Beef, Ham & Cheese and Chicken. I liked the Chicken most. The filling was creamy and buttery, I finished all 4 in no time! LOL The Beef Empanada was good too. Flavorful with a hickory like sauce. Least fave was the Ham & Cheese. I didn't get to taste the cheese plus the sauce was off - it was like ketchup or something.

The Pancit Malabon (330Php for 3-5 pax) was awesome! Lots of sahog and it wasn't too saucy. I liked that the serving of shrimps was generous plus the slices of liempo too! You would't have a serving that's lacking with meat! Plus, this was packaged properly! The box was so sturdy, it kept the presentation of the Palabok like it was just handed to me straight from the kitchen! good job!

The Kare-Kare (290Php for 3-5 pax) was good too. Lots of meat and stripe, thick sauce and an adequate portion of veggies. I liked that they didn't try to color the sauce too much so it had a pale orange hue. I loved this! The Kare-kare lover in me was very very satisfied Plus the bagoong had the right sweet and salty profile.

The Ma-Sisig (170Php for 3-5pax) was a fave too. Even if we had left-over for dinner, it was still crunchy! Tasty and flavorful, this had a mild kick of chili which made it extra delicious. Highly recommended since it also didn't have a lot of onions as extender.

Overall, I would say that Ha-ianan food is good! Best for potlucks and office deliveries too. Plus their price points are affordable!

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

I didnt know about this delivery and take out until Peanut D told us that she’ll be sending food over to our office for us to try. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness! Thank you guys!

It was delivered exactly 12nn. The rider called me that he’s already at the back of the bldg so I went out to pick up the food. I also got a msg from Hainan that the rider is already on his way. I like how they manage the customers.

We had Kare-kare, sisig, pancit canton and empanada. To be honest, I love everything!! I shared it with the team and they love it too! Especially the sisig, it’s crunchy and spicy at the same time! The empanada has 3 flavors- beef, chicken and ham& cheese! My favorite is the beef! The kare kare was also good! I had quite a lot since it’s my favorite! 128517

The team was very happy with the free food plus we will be ordering soon again! Yaaay!! 🤗 Thank you looloo team! 128536

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