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Habitual Coffee
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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Saw that Habitual is currently having their BOGO on both Hot and Iced Flat white coffee. This is to celebrate the International Coffee Day. Their promo runs until tommorow October 1. Perfectly we have an eat-up in Guijo Makati. So me and Elaine O planned to go early have our brunch here.

Habitual Coffee is located in Chino Roces Makati. Collocated with the Primal Ape Circuit Gym. The place got a very industrial kind of vibe perfectly blending with the circuit gym. This place looks like a perfecf place to work since it wasn't crowded and the place was quiet.

So we got the buy one get one Iced Flat White Latte and an Almond French Toast. Seldom I go for a iced version of flat white but the lovely pics of this flat white is a must for my IG goals. Their iced flat white was so good. While for the almond french toast it was so huge. Lucky we decided to order just one toast when we were asked by the barista. Love the cinnamon not uber sweet flavor of it. A toast was good for 2person.

Overall I love the place and the vibe of it. Another plus point was to be served by one the top placer in the recent Grand Barista Championship @Cianide_. Wow good job! Also plus point for the most important of a coffee shop power outlet.128521128076

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Chinna Y.
2.0 Stars

I had an awful first time visit. I really wanted to try it after looking at their thoughtfully curated instagram account.

1. Tomato Penne Pasta
Ahh.. just saw it go straight out of the microwave. I think it's better if you don't have the microwave displayed at the counter, so that we are led to believe that our food is actually cooked not heated. It was a bit soggy and the taste was just ok.

2. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
I love grilled cheese and I order it every time I see it on the menu and this is by far the worst I've tried. I'm not sure if they changed the recipe because all the photos in their social media did not look like this.

There was literally one piece of sliced cheese inside. The bread was actually burnt that the sides tasted bitter.

3. At least their coffee is photogenic.
Kudos to their wonderful lighting that all the food look as photogenic as ever! I couldn't even appreciate the coffee because the food ruined my experience. Their mocha is ok.

It's really disappointing because I like Yardstick. I'm not sure if I just went on a bad day but they really need to step up their game.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Breakfast with good friends feels good and should always be a habit.

The place is quite hard to be located because there were no signages, and delivery trucks seem so park near its small entrance. The place has a simple interior.

128204128525 buffalo chicken sandwich @240PhP
This is nice!! Chicken wings filleted inside the toasted sandwich! The sauce was spicy mild, then there's the blue cheese that's making a really good contrast to your main protein! Ah i wish i had more!

128204128525 cortado
This espresso drink will give you the kick. It's served in a demitasse; the espresso smelled so good!

Only downside is their menu. They've been open for more than a year already but they have not finalize it yet. We were all looking for their famous waffles (IG PICS) but it was not available that day!!
Also, i called the night before the event and there was this masungit na guy server who answered and entertained my call. Haha. At least it was entertained.

Ok lng. I liked my stay!

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

Mornings are the time of the day most people hate. The bright light and scorching heat of the sun trying to kick us out of bed in the morning, we have to admit, is one of the most difficult things we face every day. But once we gathered all the courage we need to get up on our feet, a nice cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast plate are enough to jumpstart our day.

We planned to have breakfast with some of our fellow looloo reviewers one Saturday morning at Bluesmith coffee. However, we learned the night before that the place is closed since it was a holiday the next day. So, Jayson J then decided to move our breakfast to Habitual Coffee, which is not that far from our initial cafe of choice.

Fast forward to Saturday, upon arriving the cafe I immediately checked their menu and was a bit disappointed. They have very limited options on food and drinks! I was planning on having waffles, but they weren't available. We were informed later on that the cafe is revamping its menu, which explains why some of the items available before were removed. The drinks they have are mostly just coffee, with the exception of the hot chocolate and some hot tea.

Since I don't drink coffee, I thought about having their hot chocolate until I was convinced to get coffee instead. I got their Flat White since it's the recommended item, plus according to their barista, it has weaker coffee content.

I am no coffee expert but I found their flat white too strong for me, based on the headache I experienced after drinking it hehe

The place pretty much looks like an old warehouse turned into a cafe. It's plain, didn't have too much decors and furniture, but it works for me. Their staff are also very friendly.

My only wish is for the cafe to have more food choices.

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

I love breakfast food but I hate waking up early. But I did, one Saturday morning. At around 7:45am I was already on my way so I checked reviews and I saw waffles, which got me excited.

Upon arriving, I asked Midz S and Jayson J what they ordered and if the waffles were available. Unfortunately Habitual changes their menu pala every now and then.

So I just ordered coffee...

9749️ Flat White
The flat white was good. The ratio of espresso to milk was just right but I still like the flat white from another coffee place much more. Haha! Sorry, Habitual! 9996🏻

While we were taking photos, Sandy P arrived and ordered her strawberry shortcake and coffee.

Overall, I like the place because it's not that crowded but I wish they would offer more food on their menu. I'd probably come back and chill here sometime.

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Sandy P.
4.0 Stars

The original plan was to go to Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen last Saturday but it was closed. Fail 128529 We decided to just go to Habitual Coffee at Chino Roces since I've been wanting to try it.

I was late!! Midz S came first and Jayson J Patrick V followed. They were doing photoshoot already when I arrived haha!

I ordered flat white coffee (P140) and strawberry shortcake (forgot the price) but it was good!

They have a small space and limited seats but on weekends, there were only a few of us or maybe because it's still early.

There's no signage outside so you might be a little lost like me 128514 It's beside a cross-fit gym.

They only have limited parking space and mostly used by those going to the gym.

It's a good place to just chill and hangout! Though they only have limited food menu, mostly drinks.

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Bonch S.
5.0 Stars

Ordered the flat white and grilled cheese. I like their flat white better than Toby's Estate. They don't rush in making your coffee. They take their time and do it right. Delicious cup!

The grilled cheese is a but different with the addition of jam. It works for me. But the chips thar go with the grilled cheese could be better.

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Anna d.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Cindy S.
4.0 Stars

Habitual Coffee has been forever on my list of "Must Visit Coffee Places" and I'm happy that I finally had the chance to visit today. They're just hidden along Chino Roces Ave. in Makati. I suggest you take a cab or have a car when visiting. 128077 Went there around 1:30 in the afternoon and the place was already close to full, we got a seat by the window which was nice. (Natural light for taking pics!)

So the boyfie and I tried their Berry Nut Ricotta Waffle (260php) and Iced Mocha (180php). The waffle was good! It's crispy on the outside and soft inside. I love the generous amount of blueberries with it, plus the almonds! ♡ But why o why ours didn't have those pretty edible flower petals? #sad. It was quite filling too, as after I think four bites I was full. Now the coffee, the Iced Mocha was bomb! Initially, I wanted to order the Hot Mocha Latte (me and my love for latte art. 9996) but the sun was scorching, so I opted for iced instead. There aren't many coffee shops around that could nail legit mocha, but Habitual Coffee does! ♡

I'm definitely sold! Plus the service was awesome, friendly baristas! 128522 If it weren't for them being so far from where I live, you'd most probably see me there once or twice a week! 128513

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

If only this cafe was near my office, I would hide here. Hahaha. I liked its raw and rough appeal. It's interiors are not well done that makes staying longer possible. For that afternoon, I had their White Cold Brew and Grilled Cheese. The sandwich was just awesome! It was a mix of cheddar, colby jack & mozzarella with some homemade fig jam. The jam added that sweet factor which was just great. As for the coffee, 127775127775127775127775127775. This is the home of AeroPress winner so coffee was top-notch. Acid was present though cooled down by the drink's temperature. Perfect combo for such a chill afternoon 128524

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Marjorie S.
5.0 Stars

Just because I read your article about the top most reviewed cafe in the metro and since my boyfriend is a coffee lover we woke up early one morning and look for Habitual before we go to the office.

The place is quiet and a bit small. The one thing I loved is the grilled cheese! It's my first time to try a grilled cheese with fig jam in it. It gives a contrast to the saltiness of the cheese and a nice crisp flavor. Thumbs up for the unique sandwich. The flat white is a regular flat white and the good thing is it is not acidic. Forgot how much we spent for this but it's almost the same as other cafes price range. 9749 we spent almost 2 hours in the cafe just drinking coffee and talking about anything and everything under the sun. Mornings are the best10084

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Marjorie G.
5.0 Stars

I celebrated my birthday recently, nothing fancy, I just met my friends over coffee. I think I've had enough of Bo's, Starbucks, and CBTL so I searched for a coffee shop that I've never tried before. That's how I learned about Habitual Coffee and it's located along Chino Roces. Imagine I lived in Makati for 3 years yet this was the first time I've heard of it (did I live in a cave?).

So I told my friends to meet me there. It was only along Chino Roces yet I managed to get myself lost 128514. Anyway, I found it eventually, but not after wasting an hour of my life on the road. My friends were already there and the only reason they forgave me for being late is that it was my birthday. 128514

Okay on to the review. Habitual Coffee is one of those cafes that offer specialty coffee. Specialty coffee means coffee that are not commercialized. They are usually roasted on the spot and they have shorter shelf life (only 1 month) to ensure the quality of the coffee. That's what I learned from the cupping event that I attended of late.

Habitual gets their coffee from Belis Washing Station in Atok, Benguet. I am partial with specialty coffee because they really taste better than those you can buy from regular cafes.

But let's talk about the interior first. Habitual Coffee takes on the industrialized minimalist theme that has become the signature look of hip cafes. But they have this raw unfinished look that is so very masculine. I loved it.

The cafe shares a building with Primal Ape, a crossfit gym so most of the patrons here are the "crossfitters."

I ordered my favorite coffee flavor, Flat White. It has a strong woodsy and nutty notes with a bit of a sour aftertaste. It was awesome!

Since it was my birthday, my friend got me a cake. It's chocolate cake, which surprisingly passed to my liking (I'm not big on chocolate cake you see) because it was not overly sweet. The staff garnished it with some flowers, a nice touch that I truly appreciated. The wine candles are from my friend by the way.

We also had two sandwiches, they were just okay to me, nothing remarkable.

All in all I loved Habitual and my friends and I agreed that it was worth returning to. And I definitely will, one of these days.

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Pötpöt P.
4.0 Stars

When the base coffee is good, all what-fancies-have-you in your other coffee-based drinks are sure to end up well in a cup. Just like this newfound brewing station along Chino Roces Avenue called Habitual Cafe.

The beans are well-roasted & made just at the right temperature. Many people don't care about the consistency but at Habitual, they just do it quite nice.

There's nothing much on the food menu but delightfully you'll find the essential coffee pairs. Their buffalo chicken sandwich & grilled cheese are flat-out damn delicious.

Set in industrial interiors, clean lines & neutral finish, this cafe is chic & chill.

However, I find the coffee serving too small for the price. And oh, I wish they could have thought more about its name.

Overall, it was a pleasurable experience being here.

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

This is one of the cafés that I'm really excited to try! Since I've read mostly good reviews, I've prepared myself on what to expect with their food especially with their coffee. So I decided to go here on a Saturday afternoon to finish some freelance work with my notebook.

Upon entering, I immediately noticed the almost "bare" look of the cafe as it was not exorbitantly shaped up in the likes of third wave coffee shops in the city (e.g. Starbucks, Bo's, name it). Highly-elevated ceilings with some wooden and metal foreground that keeps that "less is more" feel of the place. Like most reviews mentioned, it looks like a warehouse that was redesigned and molded into an industrial-looking café.

Their AC wasn't on full power when I checked in. There were few seats by the counter, few tables and chairs near the window, and a long couch with few wooden tables on the opposite site of the entrance. The place is also a perfect spot to catch up with your lectures or work, or just simply hang around by yourself.

I tried their Ice White and got an Ensaymada Toast to pair with my coffee. like the Iced White mainly because it's not too strong but not too mild - it's just right! The Ensaymada toast is definitely the perfect choice for snack to pair up with your coffee! Brioche topped with sweet buttercream, and grated Edam cheese. For Php 180, you can share this toast with a friend because it's quite big!

Serving time wasn't that long. They have free wifi but I didn't ask to access it since the cellular signal was strong even inside the café. There's also a portal next to their neighbor Primal Ape Crossfit box.

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Clarisse D.
5.0 Stars

Saturday is the busiest day for the music and poetry scene of our country. Indie music and spoken word events are happening all at the same day, in different places. But there were two events nearby. Both in Makati.
Jack Daniels Future Legends Indiefest in Globe Circuit Makati and Focus: Lagablab in Habitual Coffee.

I went to Circuit first because I need to hear Reese Lansangan, Tide/Edit and Runway Criminals. I wanted to be omnipresent that time because W H Y DO T H E Y N E E D T O H A P P E N O N T H E S A M E D A Y?!

So after tide/edit's set, I head straight to Habitual Coffee, one of my favorite places to have coffee. I went there alone. I don't know how to process things of having new friends so I'm scared at first but nah, I should master the art of being alone.

I will not be reviewing the place by their coffee because their coffee will always be a five for five for me. I'll review Habitual coffee on how they process things when their vicinity is used as an event place.

It was full house. I came minutes before 8PM (start of the program) and I head straight to the rest room because I cannot find a seat. 128517 I'm not anti social, I just don't know where to place myself comfortably. Every seat seems to be taken already.

First minutes on standing inside, I realized that the AC is not enough to cool the warm hearts inside. (Or baka pareparehas nang malamig mga puso namin kaya feel ni aircon kaya na namin tong init)

But the AC functioned well and enough as soon as the program started.

Kaye Ong was there. Kaye Ong was there.

So, since the Jollibee I ate during my ride from circuit to habitual was easily processed by my dysfunctional metabolism machine, I need to order something. They only had three bar foods. I ordered their grilled cheese because HOW DO I MISS THAT FOOD???? I MISS IT A LOT. It costs a hundred and the serving is half of half of the original serving. Quite fine. Tastes still the same, yay.

Observing, while I drink from my light beer, they are all really doing their best to make the orders. They are sweating. But they're calm so everything went good and nice. They are able to quickly memorize costumers' faces and orders so no need to call "for clarisse?" "For anna?" something like that because Kaye Ong knows who ordered which.

They actively participate with the event. It is an open mic event, so there are spoken word performances. And if there's spoken word, there will be poems made by past tragedies that will make you go "awww" "hay life". They are doing their job while being part of the audience. They sing along, clap with us, and even make positive comments. Because why not, tao rin naman sila nakakaramdam din.

Habitual Coffee's very own barista, Kaye Lavin, had her performance. I didn't know she was part of the line up so when she was called I was like, wow. Active participation nga.

Their cocktails, so I was trying to escape too much beer because I love my liver, I went for their Gold Rush. It's part whiskey and the other part I think is calamansi. I like the mix of it, parang calamansi juice lang na may onting tama 128517128517

I need to go home early so I wasn't able to finish the event. But all the performances I was able to witness were all good, the place is kinda crowded by 9PM but they still accept orders from costumers who are not for the event, but only for limited choices of their coffee.

All in all, Habitual Coffee is a great place to have small and intimate events. They do their work as if they are just part a committee that are to serve the food to fellow attendees of the event. They never fail to make the people inside their place happy.


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Erika D.
5.0 Stars

Habitual Coffee is my go-to coffee shop whenever I'm in Makati. Located along the long stretch of Chino Roces, the cafe seems like it was molded out of an empty warehouse: high ceilings, black and gray tones, metal and wood accents, industrial and “untouched” feel.

In spite of those, the cafe’s star is really its coffee. Their latte, aka the drink that I always order, is smooth yet mild in coffee taste. The baristas seem to know what they are doing.

I had breakfast at Habitual Coffee one morning and paired my latte with an ensaymada toast. The saltiness of the edam cheese topped on brioche and richness of the toast’s butter very well complemented the milkiness of the coffee. I suggest you go out one time and try the no-fail combination. The cafe opens at 8am daily.

Coffee shop campers are also a regular sight at Habitual Coffee, perhaps largely due to the cafe’s free wi-fi access. Don't get me wrong, it's a chill place to hangout alone or with a friend regardless of internet connection. Apart from that, the cafe has a nice selection of magazines including Monocle, Grid, and Harvard Business Review.

Another good thing about Habitual Coffee is their washroom, which is always kept clean (hand soaps courtesy of Ritual!). You don't need to worry about sharing it with other tenants of the warehouse too because the cafe has its own. Meanwhile, their parking spaces may get limited late in the afternoon because of the Crossfit gym situated beside the shop.

Nonetheless, I’ve made it a conscious habit to drop by the coffee shop everytime I'm in the area. No wonder they call themselves Habitual.



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Roberto S.
4.0 Stars

While Son is at crossfit primal ape, I'm here at habitual (this will be a habit) haha food is good.

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Jinky U.
4.0 Stars

Cold brew 128076
Grilled Cheese Sandwich 128523
Cosy vibe of the place 128077
Yummylicious hunks from the crossfit gym nextdoor 128293128170128584128540
Verdict : 11088110881108811088

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Breakfast at far far places from my place sure is fun. Thanks for the company Marco Jose L . magreview ka na ulit.

The place still is quite bare. But nice anyway. Sunlight could pass thru the ceiling--though effect might be lessen because of the incandescent light hanging low. The place has an alternative genre vibe. They only have one server cause that time there were no other customers except is three.

Parking space is very good. Upto 8 cars inside.

This espresso drink has a 1:1 ratio of milk and espresso and the espresso was quite strong. The latte art skill performed was just ordinary. Cortado serve in a short glass.
128204Grilled cheese.
I was surprised so know that they only serve two sandwiches. The very, very very interesting waffle reviewed by Ron M is not available. Saad. Why doea this always happen to me! 128557
So i ordered this popular grilled cheese. Well, it's not really that big! But it does taste food! Not just all salty. May pagkassweet din siya cause it has some kind of jam in there.
The chips at the side were quite salty.. Salty More than the usual potato chips.

They're still in soft opening because their official receipt has not yet been launched. No CR inside too.

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Preecess P.
5.0 Stars

It was my first time in this place. I had mocha. I am not really a coffee lover and I usually opt for a tea. But this one is worth it. The best mocha I had ever tried so far.

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