Hala Paella

Banilad Town Center, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu

Hala Paella
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Most Recent Reviews

Anthony M.
5.0 Stars

Hala Paella is advertised as Spanish Comfort Food & it surely was

This nice little restaurant is food near the front of Banilad Town Centre S/C

Paella Solo - Lechon - P138 w/ Pork
- Valenciiana - P148 w/ Seafood

Both these Spanish rice based meals were healthy & deliciously tasty 128523

Neither meals were spicy

This Spanish Restaurant’s menu is limited.... which is ok , as what they serve is filling

When dining , you can sit inside or outside.

Will surely come back

  • No. of Comments: 3
Bing R.
5.0 Stars

This is a quaint little place whose menu revolves around their three main paella dishes - negra, valenciana, and lechon.

Paella Negra is all about its squid component, hence the black color while the lechon version, as the name suggests, highlights the Cebuano favorite as it's center. The valenciana, on the other hand, has mixed seafood in it.

So far, I have tried paella negra and valenciana and both are so damn good. Although I forgot to note the price of each, valenciana is the most expensive of the three varieties, at P148 for the solo meal (no drinks).

If you're with a group, they also have a choice of going for a bigger serving than a solo as you could go for the bigger platter that is good for 2-3 persons or the biggest, which is good for 4-5 persons.

As there is not much on the menu other than these paella dishes and some sides, it's very nice of them to allow food to be brought in from outside at no extra charge and no fuss.

I was with a friend who didn't feel like having paella at that time so he ended up buying a takeout from a nearby restaurant and eating it with me at the Hala Paella.

So far, my experience with their dishes has
been amazing and I'll definitely go back again and again.

On a side note, they used to have a stall at the Sugbo Mercado in IT Park but I haven't seen them there this week.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Eeeshk, I have so many backlogs. 128575 But I want to write them in order, so just bear with me please. 128569

I've actually eaten here twice now. I'll write about them separately. 128568

I first went to this place alone in one of my weekday days off. I like going to this area. Banilad is truly a foodie area here in Cebu. 128077🏼

I had lunch here. I heard from my colleague that the food's good here and very affordable. She sure was right! I was so surprised how the prices were so low, and so I had to tone down my expectations on the food too. 128569

I ordered the Lengua Bestseller Meal at Php 98. The serving size of the Lengua itself was rather big. This came with a cup of white rice and a glass of iced tea. Talk about sulit! And to make it even more amazing, the Lengua was actually sooooo gooood! 128571128571128571 The pieces of meat were so tender and flavorful and it went so well with the sauce. From what I got from the movie "Ratatouille", you know food's so good when it brings you memories. And having this unpretentious dish did just that as it reminded every bit of how my mom prepares this meal out of sheer and utter love. 10084

After this experience, it wasn't rocket science for me to aim to come back in this place! 128571128571128571

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Gladys M.
5.0 Stars

Paella is a rice dish from Spain that has become very popular and is now known around the world.

You can now taste Paella in Cebu. We ordered three solo Paella: Chorizo, Negra, and Aligue. Calamares and Gambas for the main course. They also serve churros for dessert. Dang! I guess they also serve the best churros in town. So, don’t you dare miss it.

They serve different Paella Specials namely: Chorizo, Aligue, Negra, Lechon, Alenciana and Pollo. You can have it as Solo (1person), Grande (2-3 persons), and Familia (4-5persons).

Paella/s starts at Php 98 and indeed the best Paella in Town.

You may visit the them at Banilad Town Centre. Operating hours is from 10am-2pm and resumes at 5pm-11pm.


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Odessa K.
4.0 Stars

Their Negra is a favorite :-D name sounds too literal and weird but it's good! You can definitely taste the Squid!
I tried the Valenciana too which is a mixture of shrimp, pork and chicken on a plate and I must say it ain't bad! Very affordable At 118php and 138php respectively. Their Calamares is also good along with a glass of Sangria! Can't get any better. Only space is too small so people just dine and go. Like a flash! He he

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