Hala Paella

Robinsons Cybergate Cebu, Don Mariano Cui St., Cebu City, Cebu

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Hala Paella
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Nicole C.
4.0 Stars

Another restaurant I tried out during our Cebu trip - we had brunch here. I'm a real fan of paella (my fave would always be my mom's homecooked paella haha!), so I've been dying to try out Hala Paella. Anyway, since my mom and I were only aiming for a light meal, we only ordered their solo size paella chorizo and valenciana. I was tempted to also order their other paella flavors, but opted to just try those other flavors out if ever we manage to swing by BTC, haha.

What I noticed was that their chorizo paella seemed to be more flavorful than their valenciana paella, but aside from that slight difference,both were equally good. We also had their churros for dessert, and ahhh, I love their churros!! Almost like La Lola's but definitely it has a much softer texture than La Lola's - at least I think so. Their chocolate dip was good but it was watery. At least it comes free with the churros unlike La Lola lols.

Their place is okay, they have no wifi. What bothered me was that though our food was yet to be served, there was already a huge fly hovering at our table - weird enough it did go away when we were eating though so at least that's a good thing.

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Gino J.
4.0 Stars

Finally they opened near my place. Almost a year ago, Cebuanos were so hyped with their Paella. It occupies my instagram feed most of the time. Its my first experience with their Paella (shame on me). Honestly, i don't have that much food experience with Paella. I had my first Valenciana Paella way back in highschool when I attended a wedding (still figuring out why they had Paella on their reception) hahhaha. Heard and seen a lot of it from travel shows. I know for a fact that saffron flowers had a lot of contribution to make an exquisite taste of Paella (or was it just for the color).

I love their place with all the brick walls, red and lighted monograms, and painted mirrors. They will greet you with 'Hala' instead of Hello as you entered. The space isn't that spacious (downside) but you can really feel the Spanish vibes dining here or simply have your Paella to go. A solo Paella starts at 108 php for the chorizo and aligue variant. I had their Paella Negra for 118 php and Oliver had the Chorizo. Eventhough i haven't tasted a lot of Paella, but i did love their Paella for my taste preference. The Negra had a lot of seafoods on it like squid and shrimps so as with the Chorizo. They served it on a small Paella pan. We also ordered their Calamares for 88 php only. Their best-selling Chuletas (Pork Rib) is definitely a must try and you can get it for 108 php. The meat is so tender and the sauce is perfect. Some of their Paella variants were Lechon (128 php/solo), Pollo (108 php/solo) and their specialty the Valenciana (138 php/solo). You can also have it for your parties and feast as they offer it on a larger portions like Grande( 2-3 persons) and Familia (4-5 persons).

We wanted to try their Churros as ive heard that it is the best but its not available that time 128533. Then, i found out that the owner had joined a weekend food market called Sugbo Mercado and had a stall full of churros called Papa Churros. By the way, the owner is a 22 yr.old young entrepreneur and he now have 2 branches of Hala Paella....beat that.

Over all i love my experience here. Its affordable yet could fill up your hungry tummies or your Spanish comfort food cravings. Its also a great option for a quick lunch. I must taste their Churros soon 128522

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