Han Guk Kwan

Crossroads Mall, Gov. Mariano Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu

Sorry! We're closed for good.
Han Guk Kwan
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Anthony M.
2.0 Stars

Closed Down - new high rise being built

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Bernisse C.
3.0 Stars

I was craving for some grilled samgyupsal and bulgogi that I dragged my friend over to the first Korean restaurant I saw. I was so ready to order a serving of samgyupsal all for myself (since my friend wanted the noodle soup a.k.a. Yukejang). To my dismay, a minimum of two orders is required for grilled meat! 128553 Aside from the fact that it's too much for one person to consume, it's expensive as well. In the end, I settled for kimchi jjigae.

KIMCHI JJIGAE [P250] 11088110881108811088
Spicy kimchi stew served with a cup of rice. Broth and kimchi were on point but the pork was too disappointing. Even though it was fatty, the texture was too tough and bland. I was able to forgive easily since I judged the dish based on the broth. It's quite good for the price since other Korean places charges at least P300 for this 128077🏻

FREE SIDE DISHES 110881108811088
They only have three side dishes: kimchi, cold noodles and beansprouts. Although the kimchi in the soup was good, I find the kimchi side dish flavor to be weird. It just tastes off for me. The cold noodles and beansprouts were average, almost nearing the below average mark tho 128517

The overall dining experience was okay. Service wasn't on point but not bad too. I may come back to try the grilled meat if I find someone to go with me 128514

P. S. Grilled beef are buy two get one free! Each serving costs P350-P400 so invite some friends and enjoy a night of affordable grilling session 128077🏻

P. P. S. No service charge!!

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Faith Eleanor A.
4.0 Stars

love their black bean noodles

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Pam L.
4.0 Stars

They have huge-ass bowls for their bibimbap. It's not the dolsot (stone bowl) but it's still good.

Make sure to stop by here when craving for Korean in Cebu. :)

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Haozhe C.
3.0 Stars

Normal Korean restaurant , and its not like other Korean restaurant always unlimited BBQ, here you can order by plate so you save money :)

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Jacy Mae L.
4.0 Stars

Authentic Korean food for lunch.

Grilled Beef + pork belly + bibimbap = SUPER BUSOG! 128055

Affordable dishes, I must say. Definitely cheaper compared to other Korean restos in Manila.

Our hearty and filling meal cost less than 1k! 128539

Korean food craving satisfied!128077

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