Hap Chan

Ortigas Ave. Ext., St. Anthony Subd., Cainta, Rizal

Hap Chan
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SoulkitchenBar B.
5.0 Stars

Everytime we can't cook for lunch we call them for delivery we always order thier Star anised Fried Chicken, Fish Tofu, kaylan in oystet sauce.. and yang chow fried rice.. service delivery is fast.. we still feel the hotness of our ordered food... very like... recomended to everybody.. ‪#‎loolooexplorerpackgiveaway‬

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Mahwee H.
4.0 Stars

Since my forever favorite dimsum place is tucked away in the far far away land of Binondo, my family and I decided to try this to satisfy our fix. We ordered everything on the dimsum menu and it wasn't bad at all. I didn't enjoy the Kutchai dumplings that much but the Hakaw and siomai were as good as the ones in binondo. My kids looooved the Buchi too. Their selection was not as wide as the ones in Chinatown as well(missing my fave beancurd roll128532) but it's ok. The fact that I didn't get a chance to take pictures coz my family started digging in the minute they arrived means we'll certainly be back here. Nom nom nom!

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
4.0 Stars

Mom in law and Lola's Friday night ritual. Sometimes we are able to join them and when we do we get that giant platter of Yang Chow and they get to order more dishes to try.

On the table
Yang Chow Fried Rice - your usual yummy fried rice. Serving is so huge we end up taking home some of it. Even though it already is flavorful, i can't help but sprinkle some toyo-mansi-chili on it.
Ho To Tay Soup - filling and satisfying but gets cold right away.
Cu-chay dumpling - good
Hakaw - fresh shrimps but the dimsum wrapper is kinda thick
Hap Chan Crispy Fried Chicken - very crispy and yummy. Served with tomato catsup and cropek. We had the leftovers the next day and it was dry already. Best eaten when "bagong luto"
Minced Pork with Eggplant - this was a hit. Served with tofu also and a thick sauce that screams Chinese cuisine. Skip this if you don't like soft mushy eggplants. It was still piping hot when we took home the leftovers since it was served in a hotpot.
Hong Kong Iced Lemon Tea - light and refreshing but when the lemon sits for too long it gets squishy and the seeds can get into the straw.

Come here with hungry bellies and a big group so you can taste a lot of their offerings. Food is meant for sharing.

Side note - since mom in law and lola come here so often, they have a regular table which the staff tries their best to reserve for them.

Other must try dishes
Crispy Fried Stuffed Eggplant
Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic

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Dianne M.
4.0 Stars

Good food and good service

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Jay S.
3.0 Stars

Food tastes fine but is too salty. The place is too noisy also. Every sound bounces back from everywhere. Very irritating.

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Jorelle F.
5.0 Stars

As promised, Jp G...1285229995 1 credit for you..! Yay
Birthday dinner of my mother dear at HapChan..9786128522
My family's favorite..!! We ordered minced pork with eggplant, lumpiang shanghai, Lemon Chicken and fish fillet with tausi
Yum. Yum. Yum.
Super full..! Oh I really love birthdays.!! Hahah 12853612852510084127881

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3.0 Stars

My first visit was better. I think it's because of the dishes we ordered.

We tried out the white chicken. The ginger sauce was amaze balls but the chicken was dry 128513 Ang layo from The Chicken Rice Shop.

The Lechon Macau had loads of fat :( and not as crunchy as expected. North park or wai ying parin.

Their service was a little slow that day as well

I'm sticking to the broccoli and shrimp dish, hot and sour soup, and dimsum next time.

I think I had high expectations because I loved the first visit so much. Haha

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4.0 Stars

This branch really surprised me. I've never liked hap chan. Ever. All their branches always disappointed me in terms of service and flavor of the food.

We were really craving for Chinese and this was the closest one we could find (too much traffic to go to causeway).

I was already expecting a bleh from this restaurant but Lo and behold, ANG SARAP!

Their broccoli and shrimp dish was AWESOME. Their salt and pepper squid was OMG. Their birthday pancit and hot and sour soup was just okay though.

But their crew were really friendly and super Mura ng food.

The only reason I'm rating it 4/5 is because we waited 15min outside due to the long line.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this restaurant. At least there's a closer Chinese fix near home.

Check it out :)

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Theresa L.
4.0 Stars

Celebrated my Dad's Birthday! Well, my Mom is forcing us to dine at Causeway (na naman!) hahaha, but my Dad is a kind of person that doesn't want a long drive. Pftt! Is it only my Dad? Hahaha! 128514 Good thing there's a newly open Chinese Resto near us! 128522

We ordered the following:
✅ Special Assorted Coldcuts Combination- It's good! Not the usual kind of coldcuts that was serve in other resto. Since they have Lengua, and those stuffs that I'm not familiar. 128514 But I kinda don't like their Seaweed (which I'm looking forward everytime) 128557 Though their "special" is just the same with the regular which we ordered the otherweek. Hmmm 128586

❎ Hot and Sour Soup - Since I'm tired of the usual soup, I asked my Dad to order Hot and Sour soup since it sounds so good! Acckkk!! 128567 Kaderder! It was really sour! Not expecting that it would be so sour like that! The first time that we didn't finish our soup and lots of leftover. 128555

✅ Yang Chaw Rice - Kanin palang ulam na! (Wait, it's familiar! 128518) Smokey Yang Chaw rice generously topped with good stuffs! 128523

10084 Steam Fish with Garlic - In the photo! 128070Simple dish, but truly the highlight of our meal (for me 128513) It's really good! Soft Cream Dory fish on a sweet soysauce! 128079128079128079

Beef with Broccoli - Was so-so. The veggies were cooked perfectly, though I can taste some bitter parts. Maybe with the body itself. 128517

✅ Salt and Pepper Calamari - 2nd to my favorite! I didn't experience a hard time chewing the squid. Twas soft, tasty, and crunchy on the outside. But my brother said it's hard to chew? Maybe some was cooked perfectly while others.....128586

Special Birthday Mixed Beef Noodles - Twas OK. The sauce was thick the way I liked it. But taste wise, It can be improved.

Lechon Macau - Hmmm. Nothing much to say. Needs a major flavor bigtime! 128523

Overall, it was good! I want to give it a three, but the Steam Fish with Garlic was really good. So i'll go for 4! 128107

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