Happy Beans

2/F Metrowalk Commercial Complex, Meralco Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila

Happy Beans
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Another restaurant pops up in the neighborhood. And they are more happening everyday in the city. Running out of a new place to eat is almost impossible.

Happy Beans is so new it was 3 weeks old when I stepped in. The area they are in is now called Korean Mall. It used to be the go to place for buying DVDs.

Happy Beans has one goal and it is plastered in their shirts- to make you and I happy. I felt that in most moments especially while sipping their signature Rainbow Latte. I was so impressed on how it looked and more so how fast they made it- less than 5 minutes! It’s as refreshing as it looks.

Their Pesto is a winner. Trust me and order this well seasoned pasta on your visit. It has ample pesto and nice touch of tuna. Too bad they don’t have chili to kick the flavor to the moon.

Kimchi rice. I had mixed feelings with you. The sourness was too obvious and could be balanced with more salty Spam and runny egg yolks! It also lacks the hot it’s supposed to give.

Forget about the Rainbow cake. No gold in here. Its just sugar thats colored and got even worse because its almost frozen. They outsource this so am not blaming them too much.

This colorful vibe of place also offers you game boards on top of nice chairs and cool air conditioning.

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Camille S.
3.0 Stars

Heard about this place through a friend cos she wants to try their latte. Being the good friend that I am, I said yes and went with her.

It's located at the second floor of Metrowalk and it can be quickly seen when you go up the escalator. The colorfulness of the place brings curiosity and excitement. Their pastel-colored walls and the rest of the interiors scream happiness. They also have a shelf of board games you can play without any additional charge.

I ordered their Potato Sticks and Rainbow Milkshake. The potato sticks are expensive at Php128 because it was just normal French fries. The Rainbow Milkshake was intimidating to look at. It was plain vanilla milkshake topped with whipped cream and lollipop. I ate a little whipped cream only just so I can put my straw inside the mason jar. The milkshake was just okay.

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4.0 Stars

Happy Beans Cafe's viral and colorful pictures in social media app caught my attention... thats why after my dinner at Lung Hin I decided to have dessert at this coffee place.


I got the colorful Rainbow Cake for Php125.00 and the trending Happy Beans Rainbow Coffee for Php128.00.

Rainbow Cake - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"I cannot resist the Instagram worthy Rainbow Cake of Happy Beans Cafe, it taste sweet but manageable. The velvety texture of the cakes will ask you more of it."

Happy Beans Rainbow Coffee - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Version of their latte, just a colorful one. And beautifully crafted."


I love the ambiance. It is bright and spacious. It's also have a home feel. They have board games too but not as many as the other cafe specializing with that.


"Ate" was very accommodating and cheerful when I've visited Happy Beans Cafe. She recommends their bestsellers and offer me a glass of water while waiting for my dessert and coffee.

Happy Beans Cafe is located at the 2nd Level, Mall of Korea, Metrowalk, Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

We were on our way to a party somewhere near the area last Sunday and had some time to spare, so I suggested that we pay Happy Beans a visit.

This gem is found on the second floor of the newly established Mall Of Korea around Metrowalk. Parking is free in the area. No need for validation.

I was expecting the place to be full, since this place found its way around social media. Also, I've been to other boardgame cafes before, so I was ready for the noise thrilled gamers make.

To my surprise, the place was quiet. There were a few customers chatting, playing some games, and eating. We sat down, and I ordered a rainbow latte for myself (P128, but had VAT and other additional charges, so I ended up paying P150) , as I didn't want to have a heavy meal, since we just finished lunch and were about to go to a party.

I admired the relaxing ambiance of the cafe as I was waiting for my latte. My companion then helped himself and grabbed the colorful jenga set for us to use. It's also great that this place doesn't charge a fee for the use of their boardgames (maybe for now), unlike other places offering similar experience.

Every spot is incredibly but not heavily decorated and instagram-worthy. So as soon as my latte was served, I wasn't able to resist having a little photo op.

The rainbow latte wasn't that okay. It had that strong, bitter coffee feel but was a bit tasteless at the same time. I'm not good with coffee but I think a little sugar might have helped, although I didn't request for it.

I visited this cafe for the ambiance and the games alone, and I gotta say I had the right reasons for this trip. Being in a cozy atmosphere, playing some games with the ones I cherish is an experience worth paying for. I can't wait to come back. I hope the place isn't too rowdy yet when I return.

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

Flat white, 3D latte art, coffee with flower petals and now, colorful cup of coffee. Wait, what?! Yes, your usual black or brown cup of joe had a bit of makeover and it made coffee lovers go wild. Well, almost.

Hello, Happy Beans!

This adorable coffee shop is located at the 2nd floor of Metrowalk, inside Mall of Korea.

I was so giddy when I finally step foot inside the Instagram-worthy café where every corner deserves a photo or two. We got to the place a bit late but the friendly staff welcomed us with a big smile on her face. We were told though that we could only order drinks during that time as the kitchen is already closed. It was okay as we came to try Happy Beans Rainbow Coffee Latte (PHP128).

While waiting for our drinks, we took several snapshots of the place, from the cute salt and pepper shakers to the shelf full of board and card games.

I then noticed the barista prepping the milk. It signalled me to approach the bar to take some photos of her making the colorful cup of caffeine. I happily asked her if she could prep it on the counter so that we could take photos of it. However, I just got an annoyed and loud “Teka lang miss. Ginagawa ko pa.” reply from the barista. She said it a couple of times too every time I approach the counter. She also banged some of the tools she used on the steel counter which I thought was to let out her annoyance. I figured that I must have been very annoying that night or that she was PMS-ing.

But she was not annoyed. She was actually frustrated with the new machine they got that night. She could not get the right temperature to make the perfect milk to create the popular rainbow coffee latte. She threw away perhaps four to five cups before serving ours.

After getting the right temperature, she called me back to take a photo of the magical transformation of coffee.

I was at awe when I saw her make the latte art. At first, I thought that she puts the latte art after pouring coffee, just like how others make it. But she actually makes it while pouring coffee. I have no idea how she makes it but I was very impressed.

The coffee beans are sourced locally and were sadly overpowered by milk. It was like drinking a very milky cup of cappuccino. Then again, it was perfect that time as it was already almost 10:45 pm when we got our coffee.

And to make up for the long wait, Zappy, the head barista whom we thought was pissed with us, didn’t let us pay for our coffee. She didn’t really have to as she already won us back when we witnessed how challenging it is to make rainbow latte.

I’ll definitely be back to try the other drinks and perhaps some of the savory dishes.

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Karla C.
3.0 Stars

The restaurant had a delightful ambiance. They had excellent food presentation but sadly, they didn't taste as good as they looked. Their appetizers, coffee, & desserts weren't awful but they weren't great either.
They still have very few selections for food and options for board games. Apart from CAH, the other games were blah.
The service was really great though. Their servers were very pleasant and attentive. Food was served in a reasonable amount of time. The price was relatively ok. There were still a lot of areas for improvement but since they were still on soft opening it was quite understandable. Hopefully, our next visit would be a lot better.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Last stop for this foodcrawl was Happy Bean.

A breathe of something fresh and out of the norm in metrowalk. Metrowalk is basically a lasingan till morning kind of place but Happy Bean made a bold move opening a small cafe on the 2nd floor of metrowalk. Inside the Korean Fashion Mall. The place is quite hidden but if your familiar with PBA cafe it's just across it.

The place got a lovely girly baby pink and blue motiff. The place is such an instagramable kind of cafe that girls would love to hangout. The cafe also got variety of card and boardgame that you could play. We chose my fave exploding kitten 128568. While playing we order our drinks the famous singnature rainbow latte, strawberry calamansi juice and kiwi smoothies. We also got the chicken skin for our snack. The rainbow latte is 128525128525128525. Colorful latte art made from milk infused food dye. This lovely latte is made from 100% benguet arabica coffee beans. So expect a strong kick to it. The strawberry calamansi juice is served in a lovely lighbulb kind of bottle. The juice was a little bit sweet and sour delicious. I love the added basil seeds to the juice giving a nice texture. Didn't get to taste the Kiwi smoothies but as per Jojo it was also good. The sinful chicken skin was sinfully good. Great snack while playing a game.128513

We also got to chat with Chesa, one of the owner the cafe, the backstory of the cafe. She told us that they want to bring something new to the metrowalk scene and a place to hangout. Chesa also gave us a complimentary cheesecake. Their take on this cheesecake is quite unique. They put the cherry and blueberry on the side for customer to get a various flavor in every spoon. You can go for a spoon of plain cheesecake or cherry or blueberry. This is like 3 order cheesecake in one. I love this take and their cheesecake is good better than some famous coffee franchise.

Overall definitely a great new addition to the coffee scene and a must try in Ortigas. Would definitely comeback and maybe try playing the 50 shades of grey card game. Very interesting card game hahaha..128520

By the way they've got lots of power outlet. 128522128077

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Happy beans at its soft opening offers a good ambience for good fun card and board game activities with friends. They have a lot of board and card games here. One of these is the exploding kittens card--which we played. And yes, tgey are playing habang ako (first to lose) is now reviewing 128520

128204 128525happy beans rainbow latteart
This is amazing. The coloring comes from the milk when they pour it in the coffee. Barista zappy made these tulip and swan latte arts for us. The coffee is strong! So if you dont like bitter, try adding sugar to it. I like it plain as it is. Coffee used arabica beans.

128204chicken skin
This is also good pero the serving is small.

128204128525 strawberry calamansi juice
Placed in a drinking lightbulb. This drink is sweet. I think kids will like it. The basil seeds feels healthy to drink.

128204 kiwi smoothie
This feels full of milk. The kiwi hindi mashado lasa. Good for kids as well.

128204128525 cheesecake
There's blueberry and strawberry topping at the sides so you get a plain cheesecake to avoid the cloying taste. You could swap the flavors if you want. Thanks miss chesa for giving us this complimentary dessert!

The place has a teeny boppy feel. It's kindof out of place because basically metrowalk is a booze place. This place is bot that easy to find. Enter the mall i suggest.

There are a lot (like a lot!) of power outlets but there's no internet connection pa. The place is frigid because it shares with the mall's centralized air conditioning plus it has air conditioner of its own. The CR is just outside.

The place is just two weeks old so still in their soft opening. There's still room for improvements since not all in their menu is available yet. But i really like the place128521

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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

Back to this happy place!

We decided to go back with Lorie Mae B this time. And we are back for lunch!

For my lunch, I had Pestorrific (P188) its pesto! Serving size is quite generous plus its good.You can ask for additional parmesan cheese... Gosh! Better if there's a lot!

Yna N had, Lazy Pig (P198) -or pork binagoongan served with rice. Big serving and she's happy with it. While Lorie Mae B go for Southern Chick (P188), big thigh part served and fried to golden brown, served with rice & mushroom gravy. She's says its good. However, there's still a red meat inside and requested to have it done well.. So far she loved it. The owner apologizes, and served us a complimentary cheesecake! 10084

I enjoyed my Strawberry Passion fruit drink (P68), refreshing! Served in this cute lighbulb-like glass with straw.

For dessert, we tried the Chocolate Cake (P120 per slice), so thick! What I love about it is that its moisful and not that sweet. And of course I had cappuccino (P88), its also good128077🏼 also same as the rainbow latte (less color lang128522)

Food: we are happy & satisfied with our lunch. Price is reasonable, ranging from P160 to 200+, serving size is big. Drinks are surprisingly cheap, yet we enjoyed it.

Place: i have some reservations about the place, as its located in the innermost location of Metrowalk. But for weekdays, its not a problem as its across our office. Nice place to hang out with friends, as they also have boardgames128516

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Yna N.
4.0 Stars

I'm just curious with the name that's why I go directly on google to know whats the meaning of Happy Beans!

happy as a bean "when someone or something is so pleasing that one is more than just content with the situation"

Ohh that's the meaning of Happybeans!
Nice choice of business name..🤔

Me and my lunch buddy Sandra Y wanted to have something new to review on looloo and also wanted to try new dessert on the newly soft opened store of Happy Beans located in Metrowalk at the 2nd floor beside Mall of Korea store.

I ordered Strawberry passion fruit juice for an affordable price of Php68.00 with a very refreshing taste!!!I liked it 128523128077🏻

We wanted to order a cake but unfortunately the owner said its not yet delivered pa so we switch instead to chicken skin (Php88.00) its crunchy and we loved it!!!

A Hype Place that have a unique motif; a nice light bulb on the ceiling with meaningful words on frames; a colorful menu board and more game boards to chose from; "A friendly place to be"

Hint: If you wanted to have inaudible moment, best way to go here maybe lunch or snack time because its a dead time and place in metrowalk when noon time..

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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

Happy feeling over Happy Beans.

We didn't have a chance to visit the opening last Friday, and today we finally got time to drop by after lunch.

The place is so hip! Light bulbs, frames on the wall (anything abt coffee), large blackboard where you can see the menu, boardgames, and cute salt & pepper containers on the tables. The place is confirmed to be instagrammable.

We planned of having dessert and some drinks. Unfortunately, cakes are yet to be delivered. We wanted to munch something so we tried the Crispy Chicken Skin (P88). Gosh! We love it! Serving is quite small but its sulit.

My visit won't be complete if I'll not try their Rainbow Latte (P128). Its actually a cappuccino, but its so adorable because of the latte art 10084️ Yna N tried the Passion drink for only P68, she loved it!

Verdict: Its adorable place! Plus I enjoyed the coffee as well as the chicken skin. And price is affordable128522

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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

So in love with this new café in town! It was their soft opening last Friday and first 50 customers can have their Rainbow Latte for free! ♡ Admittedly, I badly wanted to visit them because of the Rainbow Latte. The reality didn't disappoint, aside from being seriously Instagrammable, it's also awesome coffee!

They're located on the 2nd floor of Metrowalk, inside Mall of Korea. The place is hip and cozy! I love their fun and vibrant interiors. It's fairly spacious and I think it'll be crowded soon enough once news of the Rainbow Latte (128php) hits social media! 127752

The boyfie and I ordered Euphoric (Carbonara) for 198php and Southern Chick (Southern style fried chicken) for 188php. Aside from our free Rainbow Latte, the boyfie also ordered for Calamansi Quencher. It's served on a light bulb-shaped glass (which is a thing rn!) and my absolute favorite thing about this are the chia seeds they added! ♡

Food is delish and the price is reasonable. They've got an amazing menu and I'd definitely be back to try the others! Staff are very friendly and all smiles throughout our stay. Oh! Aside from their amazing coffee and food, they also have boardgames available which you can borrow to maximize your visit. Recommending this to all foodies out there! ♡

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