Happy Cup

141 Mother Ignacia Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Happy Cup
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Gene G.
5.0 Stars

One fact about me is that i love milk tea. I have high expectations for milk tea (seryoso HAHAHAHA). When I found out that the Gonzaga sisters opened a milk tea place, I decided to try it out.

The first time I went here, my friend suggested the Okinawa Milk Tea (80php) with pearls (20php) because it's one of their bestsellers. Upon taking a sip, I fell in love with it. NO JOKE. Among all the okinawa milk tea I've tasted, I would definitely go for Happy Cup. I've noticed that their milk tea isn't too sugary so hindi ako nauumay.

So, a while ago, in between work hrs, I decided to go to Happy Cup because I was craving for milk tea. I decided to order the Wintermelon for a change. My verdict is I would still have to go for the Okinawa in Happy Cup. I've tried better Wintermelon Milk Tea out there. If it would be Wintermelon, I would have to go for Moonleaf.

Just a tip if you are going there: I suggest you take out your order because it's a small space. Also, I know there are times the Gonzaga sisters manage their store. So, you are one lucky person if you get to see 'em.

Enjoy your Happy Cup! 128513


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Jam C.
5.0 Stars

If you are looking for some happiness in a cup, you should try this newly-opened store in front of ABS-CBN that's owned by the Gonzaga sister's, (Toni and Alex) swear! I'm quite addicted to it na. I always order their dark chocolate milk tea every time my colleagues and i go here (almost 3 times a week). I tried their mocha frappe before but the taste was a little matabang for me. I like mcdo's iced mocha more.

There were 3 sizes, petite (60.00), moyen (70.00), and grand (80.00) and i always order the grand size since very sulit na din siya for 80 pesos compared to other milk tea stores na almost 100+ pesos yung pinaka malaki.

I think they are open until 12mn every weekends, 11pm weekdays. If I remember it right.

Try to visit around 8pm-11pm as you might see the Gonzaga sisters there. From all the time that we went here mabibilang lang sa daliri yung time na hindi namin sila nakita dun. If you were lucky enough, oftentimes, Alex and Toni Gonzaga take orders from their customers. They are very accommodating and mabait naman swear! There's also this one time na their whole family were there hahaha (Seve, direk Paul, and Alex's boyfriend also) i like that they are very hands-on with their business. 128522

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Judie Ann Princess M.
4.0 Stars

I admire the Gonzaga sisters so much! Specially their spontaneity 128516

That's why when I heard that they owned Happy Cup, I was eager to try it. Not just because it is hit for the millenials. But because of its affordability. Lol 128514

When I say affordable, IT IS VERY AFFORDABLE. Like I was shookt! 128514128517 they have 3 different Variant of drinks. The Frappe, Milk Tea & Pearl Coolers. Come the sizes and prizes,they have *drum roll*

Petite 12oz. @ php60.00
Moyen 16oz. @ php70.00
Grand 22oz. @ php80.00

Now, was I over acting wgen I say that it is indeed very affordable? Lol. Now enough of that. 128514

I ordered the Wintermelon Milk Tea. It is Alex Gonzaga's choice. And I will be with her because it tastes awesome! It is very milky and the pearls are just cooked right. 1108811088110881108811088

Another one that my aunt ordered was the Okinawa milk tea. It is Toni Gonzaga's choice. It tastes a little bland. I just liked my order more. Hehe

I was really eyeing on Choco Blast Frappe. But when we got inside, there is a huge crowd (we thought the sisters were inside 128514128517) inside. And the crew told us that there will be a 15 to 20 minutes waiting time for the Frappe & Pearl Coolers. Then after just 10 minutes, they announced that they cannot served those 2 because the problem on their water supply was short. I don't know how that happened. That's why we got the milk tea instead. đŸ™‚

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