Happy Lulu

19 Ubay St. cor. NS Amoranto Sr. St., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Happy Lulu
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HungryManila P.
4.0 Stars

Driving along Banawe ? Stop and eat at this delicious resto. I'm sure you wont regret it because they serve home-cooked chinese dishes . It was first recommended by a friend of ours. Hesitant at first, but, now I am making a review and share to you my tasty dinner.

First is their SPICY CLAMS. It's so good that I was able to eat the platter. Yes, I finished it.. alone. 128514 It's a must try and one of the best sellers of Happy LuLu. Pricing at 240PHP, sulit! Next, SALT AND PEPPER SPARERIBS at 240PHP. Anything spareribs is my favorite. Partner it with their vinegar and YANG CHAO FRIED RICE at 150PHP. Lastly, PAN FRIED SQUID at 240PHP. It's also marked as a best seller.

Tip: it's a little bit off the main road. Try using gps or map to get there.


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Ted R.
5.0 Stars

My newest favorite restaurant in the Banawe area. This small place is a gem of a Chinese restaurant. Tucked away in a residential street near the corner of Retiro and Banawe streets, this happy mom and pop restaurant will blow your taste buds away.

I've eaten here a few times already and all of the dishes I've tried were outstanding. Tonight my family just ordered something simple - Crabmeat Fooyong and Scallops with Mixed Veggies. The said dishes were on their 'Today's Specials' board. They were delish and fresh. The veggies were crispy and not overcooked.

The place is small but comfy and bright. The atmosphere inside is relaxing and very appetizing as you smell food being cooked at the nearby kitchen.

There is a parking lot at the side of the resto.

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Carlos L.
4.0 Stars

Panfried squid is good but lam dynasty version Iis much better, the sizzling tofu is good, soy calamansi fried chicken was undercook and when returned back was over cooked :(, clam soup was also good, it's a homey version of Mann Hann as the place is quite hidden and use to be a residence. Overall is ok and this is my second visit.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Celebrating an occasion like wedding anniversary could be an opportunity to try this place out as well. They got bigger. They eventually have VIP rooms that looks like an old school tutor house. -- tables and chairs are varying, and really the ambiance is like of a tutor house. I think the business is somehow blooming, it just does not like it nga lang. You would not notice until you enter that there's more seats inside by just looking at the small façade of the restaurant.

So i would not mention some orders since i have already described them in the previous ones...

128204128525 calamares
This flavorful squid dish was our favorite. The cutlets were not rubbery. The breading was light and salty. It got some green chili and spring onions to add spice and herb content. Dip it in vinegar to wholly enjoy the dish.

128204 sweet sour pork or fish
Still, i say Lam Tin would still offer the best kind of this dish. For Happy Lulu i think the tomatoes in it does not work well with the dish. The sweet and sour taste does not pronounce themselves very well. Weak taste. I even think that this got a lot of food color? Cause the color of it looks dangerously orange. The fish variation is too loose the pork variation is too tough.

128204 pancit noodle
(I am not sure of the name) if you swipe on to the third picture, you'll see a brown dish. That's it. Unbelievably the noodles was firm. I like the noodle. The sauce was quite forgettable though.

128204 prawns with fruit salad
(This too) this is rather a cold dish. I did not like the mayo in the fruit salad. I would most likely to enjoy this if its just cream and condensed milk in it. And the cheese? Elk. Not used to it, but having you read this, if you like it, then order this 128521

128204 hotpot eggplant
Caution: eggplants do really absorb heat and get hot. To compare with mandarin sky's i like this one better. This one's a little tasty. But because it was just too hot, this is one of the dish that was consumed the last.

128204oyster cake
My experience of this dish at My Home Kitchen is better. I'm afraid they use banana ketchup here at happy lulu 128148. The starch mixture is more than the oyster's

128204 128525 Lanka turon with icecream
Desserts suddenly became filipino, but good narin. One order got 5 pcs. Cooked perfectly. Not too oily too.

CR is for both gender's use. Small and a bit unkempt. Very friendly staff here. Knowledgeable of what they serve. 128513128077🏼

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Jayson J.
2.0 Stars

I am pretty sure some old folks just like it here. Because it's homey, cheap and traditional chinese. Maybe it's a hype for those 父母 folks but hey the youngsters nowadays do the reviews. So i think it's just too salty for me.
When you order the halaan (featured), do inspect if you order the meat not the shell. Call the attention of the server if it is only full of shells. Their shrimp is not consistent. I went here and ate overcooked shrimps. Very difficult to undress (128514) the shrimp.
This time, the spare ribs was cooked all right though. Still without the vinegar it could go wrong.
The chopsuy was FULL of starch. Come on!

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Angelica U.
1.0 Stars

We've been hearing a lot of "good reviews" regarding this new restaurant near our house. They said that food was cheap and was delicious so we opted to check the place. Being Chinese, I'm practically familiar with all types of Chinese food there is on the menu. This restaurant served Fusion Cuisine, so I wanted to try the basics first like Yang Chow Fried Rice, I wanted to order Vegetable dishes but there menu was limited so we ordered Spinach soup instead. (Not in pic) I love sizzling beef tenderloin Szechuan style so I also ordered that. To our disappointment everything was bad 128529. Their so called fried rice had few toppings almost filled with chorizo and peas only. The spinach soup was as equally bad, the soup was supposed to look really green because of the spinach ingredient, but instead it was white with little amount of Spinach and taste was bland, i had to put tons of black vinegar just to be able to finish my bowl. Worst was the beef tenderloin, we tasted NO BEEF AT ALL. I think they just used extenders, when you cut to the meat you see no beef at all, it was to be juicy and chewy but instead it was just sad and horrible. I don't know what other people are ordering here that made them say that the food was delicious, or maybe i just ordered the wrong foods. But still, i'm really not planning to eat here ever again 128548 #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

#loolooandroidreview naman

Yes! It sounds like this app.
Located at a very strategic and hidden side at ubay near banawe, it seems to be earning! Because.... Of the chinese community! Hehe

Well ang dami ko nakikutang gracean. If you like to dine with chinky eyes go here.
The place is quite small but its homy.
The food serve is ok. Quite bit "MSG-ized" i say, the second time i went here.

But im gonna talk about my first.
The style is like binondo type food. Rice bowls. Boiled peanut as appetizer.
I ordered the tomatoes and beef rice bowl.
For 200, it was good. My hunger was satiated. I was satisfied.

Servers were pleasant. I think owner is hands on.

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Gilbert T.
2.0 Stars

sizzling beef tenderloin- small serving, nothing special. P280. I give this dish to LUK FOO.

kuchay kidney- some kidney was cooked perfectly and some overcooked. there was a bit of odor from the kidney. loaded with ginger. I hate ginger! P180

halaan soup- small serving. taste was so-so. P180

plain rice- P25

name says HAPPY LULU- FUSION KITCHEN. I could not see the fusion. dishes were regular. what I know about fusion is get a Chinese dish and cook it western style just like MU NOODLE BAR. now that's FUSION!

small place and can be cramped up when full. an old house that was converted into a resto. 2 waiter and 1 waitress has no uniform. it's just like promoting your house helps and let them to serve you.

2 old guys (probably the owner) watching on their tablets with LOUD AUDIO. irritating!

you can't find the place because it's on a side street near banawe. needed LOOLOO to find this.

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Carie Y.
3.0 Stars

Busy night tonight as Father's Day. Could be the reason why one of our order arrived late. Ordered pan fried squid (5 stars!), sizzling tofu with pork ( 3 stars), szechuan talong ( 2-3 stars mainly due to not real szechuan chili, as i tasted chili to be chili paste), and chami (4 stars). We wanted to order sea cucumber with tendons, but out of stock already since this is their best sellers. Food here is 家常菜(comfort food). I will still come back though and try the tendon dish, and other recommended dishes. ( didn't manage to follow the other recommended dishes aside from squid, due to my mom do not eat beef and sea shells). Servers are quite nice. Promising ... Will be doing another review when i come back.

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