Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant

21 West Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila

Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant
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YVette C.
4.0 Stars

Place is nice. Limited parking but the guard is nice and helpful.

Ramen were affordable and great! We tried chasyu and seafood, both were okay.

Dynamite Roll - spicyyyy waaah but we like it!

Spicy tuna - love it!

Staff were friendly and serving time was really fast!

Medyo mahirap umorder kasi walang picture yung menu hehe

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Hydz T.
5.0 Stars

Happy tummy! 128525128525128525 Maybe in my past life I'm a Japanese! 128514128514128514

Food: 1108811088110881108811088
Ambience: 1108811088110881108811088

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Haru Sushi Bar and Resto is a place I've been wanting to try ever since my buddy Joseph C told me about it a few years back. Japanese being one of my absolute favorite cuisines!

Owned by Dr. Vazquez, who also owns the very popular Cafe Juanita (that Filipino resto with all those antiques and furniture that's also for sale) in the adjacent property, Haru sits along the main street West Capitol Drive, and it shares the converted house feel of Cafe Juanita. Dr. Vazquez also got a former Sugi chef, Chef Yamazaki to run the kitchen and likely design the menu, I've heard.

Entering Haru, you get to see many decorations, mannequins dressed in kimonos, and cute touches here and there. There're outdoor tables (though not a lot) for smokers, while inside there are multiple and split type levels of resto space (again like Juanita), many tables, seemingly endless nooks and crannies from which to choose. At least it seemed hard to choose at first since we went there very early (so only a few tables were taken) from our Kapitolyo food crawl, as in 5:30 early, if I recall correctly. But we got a nice big table in an area that had its own semi secluded feel, owing to the recess in the wall, for the group at the upper level.

The interiors exude both a feeling of welcome and comfort. An atmosphere partially earned given that it's a converted home, no doubt. But the way they decorated the place, it didn't make it too formal, which is a good thing, so it was perfect for the Kapitolyo vibe vs, say, if it was located inside a mall. Overall, I liked the interiors. Even the menu itself was traditional. A clear book type of menu #oldschool. And an extensive one at that. Sushi, Sashimi, Maki, Donburi, Teppanyaki, Ramen, Udon, Yakimono, Tataki, etc.

I was still not that hungry after eating lunch at Locavore, then dessert at Seventh Element, coffee and snack at Churreria La Lola, so it was good that they didn't rush our food, either. The pace to serve was decent. I might even minded if I was hungry but since I was having a great time chatting with Jairus d, Reich T, Clarissa P & Raymond P, Ruth D and eventually Roy Lambert T, I didn't mind at all.

First up were the two orders of salmon sashimi.

Indeed, they looked very fresh! Plump and perfect. At over P300, and 6 pieces, it's a bit pricey. Or it should have more pieces. Props to the freshness that even Jairus d could try it, being a sashimi virgin. 128514 I'd rate it a 4/5, penalizing the -1 due to the price to pieces ratio. Ditto for the sushi platter and spicy salmon sushi plate ordered by Clarissa and Reich, respectively. Fresh and well prepared.

My orders were the Spider Design Maki (soft shell crab sushi under P400) and Kaki Kari Kari Yaki (under P300), which was one of the waiter's recommendations. It's described as "The chef's original creation: Crisp oysters served a special sauce" When it arrived, it looked quite appetizing. Biting into it, it was crunchy outside (looked lightly breaded), with the yummy oyster inside. The marinade was savory sweet. If you appreciate oysters, try this. If not, there's a chicken version, which Clarissa and Raymond ordered, so I got to try that, too. The Kaki Kari Kari Yaki is highly recommended. I let the group try, too. Best for sharing. Medyo madami din. 4.5/5 The Spider Maki looked very good. Though it still didn't compare with my fave for makimono's, Omakase. It doesn't seem to be as filled and crunchy as the Omakase version. 3/5

Certainly, Haru met my expectations. There's a feeling of satisfaction that I can cross this off my to try list, but I'm definitely bringing the wife and family here next time. It's that good. Though there are certainly cheaper Japanese restos to go to, Haru is a must try for any metro Manila person who's likin

Only thing I hate about it is the limited parking. But that's sort of the norm too in Kapitolyo. You just have to either be early (we got to park coz we were early) or creative with it. Service was decent. Overall I'd rate our visit a successful one, so I'll give it a 4 out of 5. It wasn't perfect but then again, not many restos are.

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Haru Sushi Bar was the dinner place of choice by the gang for our #kapitolyofoodcrawl. Right after our La Lola stint, we decided to head over to this place for an early dinner. The place looked small from outside but it was pretty big when you get in. It even has some al fresco space complete with Japanese garden - lush potted greens and even small fountain. Loved the vibe both inside and out.

As soon as you step in, you'll be welcomed by their sushi bar. Beautifully fresh slabs of salmon, tuna and some other fish will greet you. They also have bar chairs by the sushi bar, if that's your thing. As you move further, you'll see several room partitions with a couple of tables and chairs. The setting was more like a home with lots of Japanese trinkets and display.

I got a sampler of their Sushi for around 400Php. It was a good plate! The raw fish looked fresh and there was no fishy smell nor taste. The sampler even had uni in it. I have never had uni before and this first time was unforgettable. So I tried some of it first and thought that the taste was odd - very lasang dagat. I wanted the complete experience so I dunked the whole thing into my mouth and a load-full of uni exploded in my mouth! The texture was different and as I try to bite, I felt like something was swimming inside my mouth! There was this very strong after taste that was like flower or soap or something lol Maybe I should try it again next time.

Hubby got a bento for himself. It had mixed tempura, chicken, eggplant, some sashimi, soup and a mix of veggies. It was a lot but also pricey at about 550Php. Got to try the Salmon and Tuna sashimi and they were awesome! The chicken was coated with a sweet sauce and had sesame seeds in it. It was good! Loved the eggplant pieces as well coz they were coated with the same sauce as the chicken and then finished off with sesame seeds.

Abe got the fried oyster which were coated in the same sauce as the chicken. Good alternative to eating oysters raw or baked. He also ordered the Spider Maki which I wasn't able to try and Salmon Sashimi. You just got to love the color of that salmon!

It was a great experience overall and it's safe to say that Haru Sushi Bar is one of the best sushi places in the Metro! Definitely going back.

Note: parking can be a pain and the restaurant gets packed with most of the tables reserved as soon as they open at around 5PM.

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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

So happy that I got to meet fellow reviewers last Saturday. This meetup was arranged by Reich T. and Jairus d. for this Kapitolyo food crawl. But but but, I have work every Saturdays so I promised to join them for dinner and whatever still is left of their restaurants to visit. I really hoped they will stay until dinner, worrying they might get too full already since they started early. Good thing they did stay long and nakahabol ako! Sorry to keep you waiting guys. 128514 Great timing when I arrived at the restaurant, I saw a bunch of people standing and taking photos of the food. Right then was I sure that's where I'm going. Reich, Jai, Ruth D., Abe C., Clarissa P., and Raymond P. were all ready to eat. Just in time for the eating, yehey!

I can't remember the exact names of the food they ordered but I saw and got to try the salmon sashimi, some of the sushi rolls, the fried oysters Abe kept on saying the name and here I am forgetting what it's called again, and the spider maki. I ordered Gyudon which cost almost 300 bucks.

Salmon sashimi was really fresh and tasted good. I love salmon sashimi! I can't say anything wrong about it except for.... I want more more and more!!! I think there were 4-5 thick slices of this.

The fried oysters were not that crispy already but they tasted good. It came in a big bowl and we all got to try it. They actually reminded me of the oyster omelettes (Chinese cuisine) my mom always cooks. Oyster taste is something not everyone may like. It has this fishy (malangsa) taste. I usually put catsups in those omelettes my mom cook to cancel some of the taste out.

Spider maki was not bad. It came with soft-shell crabs which added a good crunch to it. More of the mayo would've been nicer. Not sure if only my piece got less mayo since it was the last one on the plate. hehe!

My gyudo arrived last. Understandable since I was the last one to place the order. For something almost 300 bucks, I think the serving was small especially for someone who was hungry after a full day at work. The gyudon tasted good though. Not too chewy thick beef strips and the sauce was not overly sweet but sweet. Just right. Sticky Japanese rice came with it, though again, small serving. The meal also came with a bowl of their hot miso soup. Not bad!

Oh and I also got to taste some of Clarissa P.'s uni sushi! My first time and I think I'm not going to be a fan. It tasted.....like the ocean. I can't imagine and I'm thanking the gods I never tried the super fresh sea urchins being offered by people by the beach, when we used to go swimming every week back in High School. My dad and ahia both loved getting those and I have never had the guts to try. Acquired taste.. hmmm, I could've liked it if I tried it back then? Not sure, but probably not! LOL!

See you at the next meetup guys!

P.S. April H. and Ruth S. I thought you guys were coming? 128546

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Another stop from the Kapitolyo food trip during the weekend was Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant. It took us a while to place our orders because their menu was really extensive. They have raw seafood, cooked seafood, hot noodles, cold noodles, etc. Haha there were just really a lot there that I will only understand if I read the descriptions. How many ways can they cook a single ingredient?

Eventually I just started and ordered cold noodles, their Zaru Soba. With a quick Google search, I found out that Zaru is actually the bamboo strainer where the noodles are placed. This dish was just okay for me. I have definitely had better in terms of taste and presentation. I have encountered one where the noodles were placed on a bed of crushed but formed ice, and another where the noodles were just really cold as well as the dipping sauce. But this is the first time I’ve encountered one that is served with tube ice. Tube ice. Just eh, unglamorous? The noodles were a little hard too while the dipping sauce was bland.

Their other dishes were much better. Their salmon sashimi was good. Spider Maki was good too. It had a sweet sauce that blended well with the maki. The crispy oysters were good too. Well, they were just a little crispy because of the batter.

The place had a traditional Japanese feel. Service was good.

It’s a known fact that finding a parking space in Kapitolyo is difficult. Well, Haru has a few spaces available. BUT. Only for a maximum of 3 hours.

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Jairus d.
3.0 Stars

The highlight of my Haru experience: Kumain ako ng hilaw na isda! 128031128032128051

I might consider myself a foodie but just like everyone else I have my own limitation when it comes to food. I hate the smell of curry. I eat fish except when it's cooked in vinegar (aka paksiw). Lastly, I'm not into raw meat. Be it beef or fish.

Last Saturday, Haru happened. Reich T was set to try the place. I figured this was also my chance to try raw food. To be cultured (LOL).

Upon arrival, we were greeted in Japanese. Kimono, Japanese figurines and toys decorated the place. It felt authentic.

Now for the food part, our group went for sashimi, sushi, Kari Kari Kari Yaki, spider maki, cold maki and a bento set. I made sure I ordered a flavored fluid in case the experience ends badly. I settled for melon shake.

Food kept coming in when Roy Lambert T joined the table.

It seems the group enjoyed the meal. Ruth D thinks their cold noodle is okay. Clarissa P had her first sea urchin sushi experience. Abe enjoyed their crispy oysters.

I wasn't able to try everything and even if I did I'm afraid I will not remember every food that landed on my tongue. Most of them are raw and I only tasted.. raw. 128514128514128514

I'm proud of myself for not throwing up. Honestly, it's not that bad though I will not say it became my favorite food also. A bit weird for my taste buds but tolerable. It was just alright.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Simple lang akong tao,  may mga simpleng pangarap - pumayat, makadaupang-palad si Wang-Od,  magpakasal kay Benedict Cumberbatch at marami pang iba.  Ako ay nag-uumapaw sa galak ngayon dahil isa sa mga pangarap ko ay natupad.  (Malalaman sa huling talata ng kwento)

Araw ng Sabado,  napagkasunduan na kakalimutan ang pagbabawas ng timbang at makikipagkita sa mga kaibigan sa lungsod ng Pasig.  Pagsikat pa lang ng haring araw ay magkadaupang palad na kami ni Jairus d. Nagsalo sa agahan at magkasamang naghintay sa pagdating ni Abe C para saluhan kami sa pananghalian.  Nagpalipas kami ng oras habang umiinom ng kape sa tindahan ni Lowla habang nag-aabang kami sa pagdating ni Ruth D Clarissa P at Raymond P

Pagsapit ng dapit-hapon,  makadaupang-palad na namin ang iba pang kaibigan.  Napagkasunduan na sama-sama kaming maghahapunan sa Haru (isang lugar na sikat sa paghahanda ng iba't ibang pagkain ng mga Hapones).  Doon namin hinintay ang pagdating ni Roy Lambert T  

Nabighani ako sa disenyo at arkitektura sa Haru.  Bigla kong naalala ang nobelang Memoirs of a Geisha (paumanhin,  lubhang mahirap na isalin ang titulo sa Tagalog).  Napapaligiran ang kainan ng iba't - ibang bagay na galing sa bansang Hapon,  lahat ng dekorasyon sa dingding ay nagpapakita kung gaano kayaman ang kanilang kultura. 

Oras na para sa hapunan.  Sa tulong ng tagasilbi,  pumili kami ng iba't-ibang uri ng pagkain para sa aming munting salo-salo.  Parang pinag-adya ng tadhana,  dumating si Roy para saluhan kami.

Nakahain sa hapag-kainan ang iba't-ibang uri ng pagkain.  May sariwang isda,  gulay at manok.  Lubha kaming natuwa dahil lahat ng pagkain ay napakasarap. 

Nabanggit ko sa aking panimulang pangungusap sa natupad ang isa sa aking mga pangarap.  Ito ay mapakain ng sariwa at hilaw na salmon ang aking matalik na kaibigan na si Jairus.  Isa ito sa mga kapana-panabik na pangayayari sa kasaysayan ng aming pagkakaibigan. Nakaramdam ako ng panandaliang pagkabagabag sa umpisa, unti-unti itong napalitan ng galak ng napansin ko na hindi naduwal ang aking kaibigan pagkatapos lunukin ang sariwang salmon. Tagumpay!

Nais kong pasalamatan si Franciso Balagtas para sa inspirasyon,  ito ang unang pagkakataon na lumikha ako ng kwento sa wikang Filipino.

P.S.  That is the most difficult review I've ever written.  I've put all my knowledge in Filipino class in the paragraph listed above.  Hope you like it 128512

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I’m so thankful that my family lives near Kapitolyo and that we could eat there every time I visit them. I saw it bloom from a quiet residential area to a busy foodie district. I still can’t say I conquered Kapitolyo as every time I’m just a restaurant or two away from saying I have conquered Kapitolyo, a bunch of restaurants open! (I’m not complaining though.) Last Saturday, I was supposed to go on a food trip with E but my tummy didn’t want to cooperate so we ended up having a quick lunch at Haru.

Hello, Haru!

Haru is one of my favorite restaurants in Kapitolyo. Charming décor and delicious food is always a winning combo!

Since it was quite warm that day, I opted to get Zaru Soba (PHP180), Seafood Teppanyaki (PHP335), Sake Sashimi (PHP308), and Guyabano Shake (PHP84). E went with a bowl of ramen and a plate of assorted sushi.

My salmon sashimi was served first; and as before, it was love. Thick cuts of fresh salmon… it was heavenly!

The seafood teppanyaki was served next and I fell in love with the tuna. (I guess I love salmon more when baked or steamed.) The squid and shrimps were delightful as well. The oysters had a weird texture so I skipped that one.

The cold soba was served last and it was refreshing! I absolutely love cold soba. Sadly, I don’t know anyone who shares the same sentiment. I loved slurping the cool cha noodles with bits of nori. The cool and slightly sweet dipping sauce also made the dish extra yummy.

Haru never fails to serve great and affordable Japanese dishes. I will be back! 100841008410084

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Bae G.
5.0 Stars

Ambiance ✅
Food ✅
Service ✅
Price for authentic Japanese food ✅
Parking ✅

Over all 1108811088110881108811088



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Mark L.
4.0 Stars

tempura bento 128077128077128077128077

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Jeffrey L.
5.0 Stars

One of those Japanese restos you would want to go back to. It's a sushi lover, I enjoyed trying out some of their special delicacies like yellowtail. Their Shirashi bowl was the best I've had compared to other Japanese restos I've been to.

The ambiance was so Japanese it felt like you were in Japan. A little bit pricey but worth it!

RECOMMENDED: Katsudon, Shirashi, all their sushi. :)

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Camille S.
5.0 Stars

Haru is one of our go-to places for Japanese food. I just love how the place is designed to have to a resemblance with Japan with all the elements of wood and bamboo, umbrellas and sushi counter at the entrance. Plus, all the female servers are wearing kimonos.

Of course, we started off with appetizers - Unagi Maki and Salmon Sashimi. The maki was flavorful even though you don't dip in the sauce. The sashimi is so fresh and delicious, we were tempted to order another one. For our main dish, we ordered for the teppanyaki (U.S. Beef) and ebi tempura. The teppanyaki's sauce has a strong flavor but it's a good kind of strong. It also came with a small serving of cabbage with roasted sesame dressing on the side. The tempura's yummy too! Also, we ordered the fried rice which is actually becoming one of my favorites. It looks deceiving because of its size but you'll really feel full after.

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Rodney O.
4.0 Stars

Got a bunch of stuff from the menu.

Tori Kuwayaki - double fried and sweet. As an appetizer it should be one of the first dish to arrive but it was the last one. Crunchy good.

Spicy Salmon - a change from the usual spicy tuna. Spicy good.

Kari Kari Kari Yaki - It's yummy. Oysters, Mushrooms and the veggies. It's a must.

US Beer Yakiniku - if you just need meat in your mouth. This would do.

Ambiance was quirky. A lot of Japanese feels. You have to cross a bridge to go to the restroom.

Service was ok. Not that fast not that slow.

*parking can be a problem.

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Anly S.
5.0 Stars

Super yummy Crazy Roll & Katsu Curry Rice 128525
Price is fair enough!127860

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

I have been pretty inactive with Couchsurfing for a few years now. The only way to lure me to reply to posts or appear in gatherings would be food. My friends know that. Alcohol, parties, or whatnot are not appealing to a cat-lady-without-a-cat me. And living near Kapitolyo has been a blessing for me to guide fellow foodies where to eat. However, there's this one place I always miss whenever I eat there. Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant! It opened last year but I never had the chance to eat there. But finally, someone was game to try it with me.

Haru, Haru! (Hello, Hello! Okay, I killed the joke.)

I was pretty impressed with the interiors. It is so... Japanese. There are umbrellas and little bridges, and even musical instruments all over the place. Good job there!

I find the way to call the server really charming. We just have to ring the bell that's stringed to the ceiling. The server was very attentive too but failed to give much recommendations. But we managed and settled for the following: Salmon Sashimi (PHP308), Tuna Sashimi (PHP198), Tori Kuwayaki (PHP258), and U.S. Beef Rib Eye Teppanyaki (PHP598).

The service was pretty quick as I would give it an estimate of 15 minutes before they served the first dishes.

After one bite of the salmon sashimi, I went to sashimi heaven! At that moment, I was the ideal customer of restaurateurs as I was so giddy munching on my food. The salmon was fresh and it was milky as well. Oh salmooooon~

W ordered the tuna sashimi and mentioned that sashimi is actually cleaner than most food. I don't really recall why he said that but I was glad to know that I could munch on more sashimi without much worry.

The Tori Kuwayaki tasted just like Bon Chon's chicken only this one was more flavorful. The crunchy skin was a bit too sticky though and made it slightly awkward to talk as bits always manage to get stuck in between the teeth.

I loved the teppanyaki! The meat was tender and juicy. It was seasoned well too. I would love to order that again.

W seemed to enjoy the food as he ordered another bowl of rice, this time with bits of salmon. I didn't take a picture of it anymore as I was too focused on eating.

Too bad though that they don't have desserts. But I will definitely visit Haru again soon when I crave for salmon sashimi and teppanyaki! I'll give the seafood teppanyaki and uni a try too.


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Julie J.
5.0 Stars

Our go to Japanese place when in Kapitolyo, love the nice interiors and the food is 128076🏼... Menu is extensive and the sashimi is always fresh 127843 Servers are helpful and knowledgeable when you have queries (always a good sign).

Up there128070🏼 is the Chirashi and Tai Usuzukuri 128156128523 nomnom!

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Roxela C.
3.0 Stars

I would like to let you people know first that i really liked the design of the place. It gives you this horror vacui style japanese version with interesting things going on in every corner of the restaurant such as the japanese dolls, kimonos and the sakura on the ceiling to name a few. Too bad we were not able to go around the whole place and take more pictures because the place was packed.

So we ordered the aki nigiri moriawase, ebi tempura and their gohan. Their nigiri was good, it was fresh and slightly bigger than your common resto nigiris. Their ebi tempura and gohan was okay nothing extraordinary. Their service was nice, they were quick and very attentive despite loads of people coming in and out. I can't wait to try more of their offerings real soon.

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Jasper T.
5.0 Stars

Love the interior and the food, really great. A little expensive but its worth it. One of the best Okonomiyaki that I've tasted.

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Crissy B.
5.0 Stars

First time to try Haru and I loved it! As all the other reviews say, it's a lot cheaper than Kimpura, but it tastes better. 9786

I especially loved their sashimis and this one oyster dish! They were so good 128525

Haru was also approved of by my parents (yay!!) but they said it's not really authentic Japanese 128517 Maybe, maybe not.

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