Healthway Medical Clinic

2/F Alabang Town Center, Alabang-Zapote Rd. cor. Madrigal Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Healthway Medical Clinic
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Medical Center
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Most Recent Reviews

Michelle M.
1.0 Stars

I did a review recently on the dental side of Healthway...five stars hands down. Surprisingly, their medical side (mainly just my experience with the doc) was far from that. I don't think I've ever been frustrated with a clinic or hospital until now!

Anyhoo, went in without an appointment plus it's a holiday today so there were a lot of people. I waited nearly two hours, which was fine because it was my fault for not planning ahead. I'm finally called in and the doctor is pleasant and friendly. The facility is clean. I begin to tell her that my reason for the visit is because of my new asthma meds, which do not seem to be effective. I explain that I don't have chronic asthma, I have activity/exercise induced asthma. She begins to tell me that she has never heard of this and most likely I don't have asthma -- as several active people think they do because they're short of breath while exercising. Um, say what now?? I may have paused for a second to pick up my jaw off the floor. I really wanted to say, "are you FREAKING kidding me"???? However, I decided (since she never asked) to tell her my medical history and how asthma inhalers have fixed my breathing problem. At this point, she STILL hadn't asked me what symptoms I was feeling nor did she give me options on how to fix my issue!! She said to stick with what I have and maybe not do anymore strenuous exercises! Wtf?? It's not like I'm climbing Mount Everest!!? All I'm asking is to let me try a new medication so I don't have to alter my lifestyle. She gives me a referral for a pulmonologist so I can take tests to see if I really do have asthma. Im thinking, someone please just kick me for wasting my time here. Useless consultation. I really should have left but I figured, I'm paying for this, let me ask about my ear. Long story about my dog ripping off a tragus earring and I want to make sure a piece didn't fall in my ear. I know, I know...silly me. Anyway, she doesn't bother to look---instead, tells me she has to refer me to an ENT because she doesn't have the right tools to look deep into my ear. I'm thinking (as I look at her little tool they use to check ears)...could ya at least try?? Well, before I left she decides to listen to my lungs. So I guess that (and the pulmonologist referral) is where my 400 peso consultation fee went.

I really wanted to like them and I'm sure other doctors are probably good there. The staff is friendly and efficient but unfortunately, because of one doctor, I'll never go back.

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Michelle M.
4.0 Stars

So Mammabear is getting old and losing her teeth (let's pray she doesn't see this review or I'll end up losing some teeth). She had dentures from another dental office but was in so much pain because they didn't fit well. We stumbled across Healthway Medical while at the Town Center and inquired about dentures. The Doc was so nice and charming. She answered all of our questions and was clearly knowledgable and up-to-date with the latest type of dentures. She really catered to mom's needs and even took into consideration that mom needed the new dentures by a specific date. As promised, she delivered and the dentures fit like a glove!

The facility is small but clean and it's located inside the mall so it's convenient. They take the senior discount and there's a pharmacy on-site so it's a one-stop shop! The only part that's a bit of a hassle is that you have to register each time you go there-- whether dental or medical. It's best to arrive about 10-15 min before your appointment.

So why not 5 stars? It's a great place but I kind of have a pet peeve about service employees using their phones/texting while "on the floor" or rather, in front of customers/guests. I've always been taught to be "present" in front of our customers to give them the best possible service. Unfortunately I saw a few employees paying more attention to their phones than the customer/patient in front of them (this includes the medical facility).

I plan to try their medical facility soon so I'll update you on how that goes!

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