Heaven's Beauty Salon and Spa

5 President Quezon St., Pasig, Metro Manila

Heaven's Beauty Salon and Spa
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Hair Salon
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Most Recent Reviews

Lovely Framie J.
3.0 Stars

This salon is always on a full house mode. The staff are very approachable and attentive. The ambience is quite relaxing complete with their comfortable sofas and recliners.

Their rates are cheap especially their FOOT SPA (Oh how I miss!) and services are well done except for one - pedicure.

I've been through 3 different gay nail technicians who murdered my big toe on seperate days. It all happened despite of telling them to just leave it alone.

On the brighter side, I have no problems with all the women who handled my precious toes from their salon.

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Bebe R.
4.0 Stars

128135For vanidosa girls (and guys) who want their hair pampered, I recommend trying out Heaven's Beauty Salon and Spa. The price is cheaper than most well-known salons yet the quality is at par with them. The package I got was (as far as I can remember) P1490 - inclusive of rebond, cello and haircut.

128582DO'S AND DONT'S128581

HBS never runs out of customers so make sure to be there early. 4PM is their usual cutoff but it may be earlier if a lot of clients are already waiting. They will not reconsider if you come in late.

Rebounding is a long and tedious process (mine took about 7 hours). Expect a lot of waiting and falling in line. Your hairdresser(s) may even be shuffled. Bring enough food so you won't go hungry. Bring a gadget, a book or a magazine to keep you from boredom.

Get the name of your hairdressers. Not only is it proper, but it will also make it easier for you to know if you'd come back for or get back at them.

For those getting the cellophane, ensure to select the color of your choice early on. Some shades are not available so it is best to ask and think a lot about an alternative color.

The haircut is inclusive but is done mostly after the rebounding. Be specific on what haircut you want.

Don't leave your stuff unattended.

Expect to hear a lot of unwanted side comments, gestures and stares from the hairdressers. Still, DO NOT ENGAGE IN ANY SORT OF ARGUMENT with them. Remember that they can harm your hair anytime and any way they want to. ENDURE all of those and you'll be fine.

Giving a tip to your hairdresser is not a requirement but it is like a token of appreciation. Give only if you think it is deserved.

If, within a week, you are unsatisfied with the results, you may come back and have your hair repaired for free.

Enjoy!!! 128129128135128587

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