Hello Kitty Cafe

3/F Uptown Place Mall, 36th St. cor. 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Hello Kitty Cafe
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Julie L.
2.0 Stars

After our lunch, we decided to have some coffee and desserts. I didn’t get to see the menu before heading over there. I just have to say that their dishes and desserts are overpriced. Their cakes ranges from Php 260 to Php 600 for slices. It didn’t look as appetizing too. We just wanted something light so just tried profiteroles we got 4 flavors: Oreo (Php 50), Chocomint (Php 60) , Salted Caramel (Php 60) and Blueberry (Php 70). It was ok not something i will go back for. But i have to say their coffee tasted great but again I doubt we will go back to this restaurant.

Service was slow though.

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Kara G.
1.0 Stars

Very overrated. Meh service. Meh food.

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Katherine Summer V.
1.0 Stars

Went to the cafe for dessert. The place looks great, nostalgic. But service was crappy. We had to ask for menus, we've seated for awhile already. We had to wave several times to get their attention.
The waitress looks irritated as she placed the menus..
The profiteroles I ordered was passable and diisappointing!! I had to return it as it has HAIR in it. No apologies when I returned it, they just replaced it. Who would have the appetite to eat it after that..

It is over rated.

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Jan D.
4.0 Stars

1. The place is so kawaii. 128111‍♀️ If you miss Sanrio Puroland, this is the place to reminisce. Though Im really not a fan, my kids could never have enough of Hello Kitty and so they enjoyed the place very much. From the dainty furnitures to the fancy presentation of the food.
2. My youngest daughter had mango charlotte which tasted very good. Not too sweet. My eldest had choco chip biskies which was quite hard to chew daw (She's 3) but she loved the creme filling. I had cappucino with a hello kitty design on top. We added salted egg french fries also which I would recommned because it was really good.
3. The staff were very friendly and accomodating.
4. The choices at the time of our visit were limited though. So maybe there would've been more choices on the weekends.
Definitely will come back. 128522

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

The aunt was extra happy during our visit here that even though I am not a HK fan, I got too excited as well. While waiting for our desserts, we took our time taking photos of the place. Every corner was just so cute and it’s so hard not to take photos!! Hello Kitty fans will surely love this place! 128525128525128525

FOOD. We were able to try some of the desserts and they were all surprisingly good. I was expecting them to taste bad because of the mixed reviews but surprise surprise!! 🤗 This is exactly why it’s best not to expect talaga! Hahaha! #hugot

SERVICE. Just okay. Staffs are kind of rude and they don’t really respect their customers (with the way they interact and talk especially the one assigned outside welcoming customers).

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Eboy D.
3.0 Stars

I first got wind of Hello Kitty Cafe during the 2015 holiday season when they did a pop up at Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall in Paranaque City. I was a littlw late though in my visit since I went there 3 days after they have packed up in January or February 2016. I was so disappointed because all was left was the standees, tables, chairs and freezers. I even made a post on it on IG, fake crying in front of their signage. Months have past and they finally opened their first stand alone cafe in BGC. Many have been said, I waited for things to settle down and finally tried it with family. The kids are fond of "Kitty" and upon seeing the Cafe their faces lit up. The cake display was kind of empty, they did not have the doughnuts and cupcakes they had during the Duty Free Pop Up.

Service was fast and prompt but a bit uptight. They lack the personal charm you would expect from someone like Hello Kitty. Smiles are not frequent in this cafe. We ordered their Mango Charlotte which was priced at 500 plus pesos. For a small size cake, they went all out on the design only to be disappointed on the dryness of the cake. The broas surrounding the cake was soggy. Nothing you would expect from a cake with that price tag. The cream puffs was suprisingly cheaper than their other pastries for only 50-80pesos, this we enjoyed better than the overpriced cake. If licensing for the Sanrio Characters is driving the high cost of their food, it would be nice if they invest in a bit of freshness, kindness and sincerity (on their service crew's part), so customers are rewarded with a pleasant first experience thus pushing a return visit. They still have that "soft opening" sign (several months on soft opening mode) on the door which is a way to excuse themselves from lackluster performance. Sadly, i would think twice before visiting again. Senior discounts honored.

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Melody B.
5.0 Stars

The cookie sandwiches and the cakes are awesome. Would definitely come back for the savory dishes soon!

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Sun M.
3.0 Stars

Thanks to one of the staff who accommodated us despite the long queue. The place was untidy and the crews were a little all over the place and seemed so unorganized.

The food was good, even though a little pricey as expected for a theme cafe. Wasn’t that impressed with the desserts.

Still happy because the boyfie’s niece enjoyed her Hello Kitty Cafe experience and that’s what matters the most. 128149 Too bad, the creamy pink carbonara was not available, but we’ll definitely come back for that. Hopefully with a better service.

The cafe was still on its ‘soft opening’ when we went here last month so I’m giving this cafe a second chance.


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Irish O.
3.0 Stars

Hello Kitty Cafe @ Uptown Mall BGC

I am a fan of Hello Kitty because she is such a cutieeee! And i just really love her! And when I heard that the first ever Hello Kitty Cafe in Philippines is finally open! yeeeeey we decided to go. Me and my boyfriend really wanted to go here since we haven't had the chance to see the HK cafe in Changi Airport in Sg. And so we went last sunday and didn't expect that the place was fully packed. I was like, is this for real? Well, the hype of Filipinos exploring newly opened places and restautarant is really obvious *tee-hee* We love food for sure!
And as I said, since no table was available for 2 we decided to order pastries for take out and eat it at home.

We ordered two small size of Mango Charlotte which is 520php each. Well one is for my parents and the other one was for us to eat. The cake really looks cute with a little hello kitty on top with some flowers as well. And the cake was surprisingly good! It is not too sweet and the taste is just right. The cake was chiffon with mango cream filling in each layer and whats best is that there is no icing at the outside at all ( i think?) Well the yellow color of the cake is not your regular icing, i cant say it's fondant as well. It is somehow jelly like in texture. And the cake was covered in broas instead. But neverthless, it is really nice!

The other thing we ordered is 2 pieces of small Chocolate tart for 270php each. I really dont know why it is that pricey! But my boyfriend bought it anyways. And so the tart also taste nice, but nothing special in particular. Maybe the best thing about it is that it is not too sweet, knowing its a chocolate tart.

And lastly we also bought Profiteroles 1 for each flavor which is Oreo (50php), Blueberry (70php) and Pistacio (80php). The bread is like a cream puff with no cream inside. Instead it was cut in half and the cream was put in between. Though it doesn't taste that much. I mean all the flavors for me is lacking. I can't taste much of the Pictacio or the Blueberry. So we were kinda disappointed. The base or the bread is also bland and kinda dry. Maybe the pastry is meant to taste that way, but for me it is just too sad.

And sooooo I really can't say that it's worth coming back or not. I just really like it though for the hello kitty experience. So maybe if you want the HK hype and you have that love for Hello Kitty as well then go ahead and try it. It is not bad to try something you like. And if youre going, try their dishes and not just the pastry :) Maybe it would be a better experience.


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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

There could be no way you could not have heard about the opening of the first-ever Hello Kitty Cafe here in Manila. It’s been all the buzz for a while here, being the worldwide phenomenon that it is since it’s been turned into a restaurant and cafe. It sits prettily on the 3rd floor of Uptown Mall in BGC, which is a budding food and drinks destination.

Sanrio’s Hello Kitty has cafes in Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, all having to feature different motifs for the kitten. Here in Manila, the cafe emulates the French, a dainty yet grand ensemble, with giant bird cages that make as a lounge or a booth for the excited diners. Their place was given a pleasantly bright treatment, playing with reds, yellows, blues, and the gold accents. And don’t forget the ubiquitous iconic bow, which down to the food, is being showcased.

Personally, the interiors could do better and can be further skewed for it to actually truly scream Hello Kitty. I don’t think it’s enough to prettify the place and throw bows around and call it Hello Kitty/ Sanrio. But then again, the people and fans of the kitten seem to be overwhelmed by it as it is. 

I was skeptical as I entered the cafe. It looks like the place had to be too pretty to offset maybe the food, which may be of questionable quality. We waited patiently for their dishes, taking obligatory photos with the lovely booths and lounging at the seats.

Their offerings started trickling in, one pretty plate after the other, I’m starting to think that these are just plain meals made and were added with Hello Kitty elements. I was mistaken. The savory and sweet plates actually impressed all of us (with my blogger friends).

Time to get a tasting! A salad bouquet (Php 385) that are set on a wooden plank took our eyes. Fresh and crunchy cucumber cubes, grapes, raisins, and chicken bits enveloped in sheets of lettuce. You might have some trouble eating it side from not wanting to destroy the presentation. But asking for a plate would be helpful and have it with its dressing.

We had their French Gruyere Melt (Php 399), which is a heart-shaped sandwich drenched in sauce with a generous salad at the side. Point blank, it looks like a heart-shaped patty filled in white gravy, but it is bread with ham and cheese inside that is creamy and full of tasty elements.

From the pasta selection, we had their Spaghetti Bolognese (Php 365) and Shrimp Scampi (Php 440). In fairness to them, the pastas tasted great. The Bolognese had a rich meaty sauce that gave a lovely coat to the pasta. Don’t miss eating the heart-shaped ham and bread Hello Kitty sandwich it comes with. The Shrimp Scampi was as delightful. Strong seafood taste laced with the smell and taste of white wine. The flavor was definitely there.

Their Pork with Herbes de Provence (Php 525) was a little bit of a letdown. It looked tasty with its Hello Kitty head-shaped mashed potato, side of French beans, and a beautiful spread of the pork. It was quite dry and wasn’t very pleasant to chew. It had delicious gravy, though. And it went so well with the mashed potato and the crunchy French beans.

We drenched all that with the sparkly Fizzy Sodas (Php 105). A good sweet drink to cleanse one's palate.

Dessert time was the most exciting for me. They were as pretty as they came. 

A cookie-based dessert graced the table, enclosed in a small bird cage, the Crinkle Biskie (Php 199). Maltesers suspended in chocolate cream sandwiched between two dark crinkles and finished off with a dollop of cream with a chocolate bow. Indulgent. And sinfully indulging. You should try it when you’re there.

A gratuitous plate of Profiteroles arrived. It was a medley of their flavors with prices ranging from Php 50 to Php 80 a pop. These were done right at a good bargain too. The pastry is dense enough to meld well with the cream filling in the mouth.

And finally, the small L’Opera Cake adorned with a mini Hello Kitty throne on top. Moist and packs a bite and chew. Its level of chocolate taste and sweetness was on point. Unexpected, but this one was one of my top picks on their long range of choices. 

And as if we could not have any more, Matcha Green Tea and Strawberry Peanut Butter Frappes arrived. Looking for a good milkshake? They are worth coming here too especially the strawberry variety. I tremendously enjoyed its thick and creamy touch. 

I may have insights on the entire concept but generally, it was a delicious and interesting encounter. If you haven't been or even heard of this new buzzing cafe in town, its time to journey over at Uptown BGC.

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Eviths A.
3.0 Stars

if you're a hello kitty fan, this is a must-visit place. if you fear missing out on the cuteness and instagram worthy food, have second thoughts. if you're here for the food, i can suggest some better restaurants.

this cafe is really for the hello kitty fans. everywhere you look, hello kitty is there: the table, the chair, the glasses, the table napkins, the walls and the food. so the place is really instagram worthy.

staff are friendly. they have no name tags though. i would prefer they have one for the servers so i can address them properly.

when i went here, the place was filled with bloggers and foodies. i was disappointed that the food i came here for, their bestseller, was unfortunately not available.:( it's the pink carbonara so i settled with the shrimp scampi (which costs P439.00). i was assured that there will still be a hello kitty on my food. and there was a heart shaped bread with the face of hello kitty. it was served on a hello kitty cafe plate. was supposed to order fruit shakes but they were also not available.:(

for the instagram worthy dessert, i ordered the Crinkle Biskie. it was served on a petite bird cage with the iconic pink ribbon candy on top. there was no hello kitty ribbon like the ones i saw in the reviews.

shrimp scampi was okay. so was the dessert: 2 choco crinkles with choco cream and maltesers on top and in the middle, topped with choco cream and a slice of strawberry and some strawberry syrup. it's P180 and one of the cheapest instagram worthy desserts. it was too sweet for me so i only had a few bites and took the rest for takeaway.

and this is what i will highly recommend: order something for takeaway. the food will be stored in hello kitty cafe box and a very cute hello kitty cafe paperbag. i heard the copiple beside me saying when they saw my take aways: "sana nag take out tayo." hahaha

failed to try this at singapore so i'm not sure if they taste the same. nonetheless, the experience was fulfilling since i like hello kitty.

go to this place for aesthetic or instagram purposes or for dessert. i suggest to eat somewhere else before going here.

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