Hello Kitty Dessert Bar

3/F The Block, SM City North EDSA, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Hello Kitty Dessert Bar
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Most Recent Reviews

Ig Plummer S.
4.0 Stars

I'm a little bias because I love Helly Kitty.

The cake looks good and its expensive. P395 for this cute little cake.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Hello Kitty lovers 128049128049128049

I know that many of you out there are fans of Sanrio characters , and one of them was Hello Kitty! I'm a certified Hello Kitty fan during my childhood days, from my clothes, shoes, accessories and a lot more.

So when I found out about the Hello Kitty Cafe I was excited to try one of them9786️. Hello Kitty cafe is brought by the Sanrio Philippines. It's been going around quite sometime already, first store was located at Duty Free and it' was far from my place and second was at Mall of Asia and now at 3rd floor of SM north The Block!

This Hello Kitty Dessert Bar offers an impressive menu from main dishes like pasta , sandwiches to desserts like doughnuts and cupcakes and even serves character lattes, frappes and fruit shakes.

Aside from Hello Kitty, other popular Sanrio characters were here too like Keroppi, Bad Batz-Maru, Tuxedo Sam , lIttle twin star, melody etc.

I was like a crazy girl when I step up the cafe! Can't decide what to eat here as all of them were so cute to eat! It's hard to decide you know, that feeling that just want to stare them the whole day. 128525 got four cute doughnuts: hello kitty , melody , bad batz maru and keroppi! Then they were put in a its pink box with ribbon because will bring this home. Then we bought also Hello Kitty Starwberry cheesecake and their chocolate Ombré cheesecake as one of their best seller cheesecake, the cheesecake was so lovely , very nice presentation ! Lastly I had this cute Hello Kitty Cafe Latte, it's nice to see the face of hello kitty on top of my coffee, made my day! 9749️ the aroma was so good and tasted so good.

Tables were so cute and staffs were so accommodating with all my requests and they are very supportive every time I took some pictures of their products! They even gave me a freebies, hello kitty stickers as they noticed that I'm really a hello kitty fan!

Watch out for Hello Kitty Cafe soon n UP Town Center. Can't wait for it too as it was more near to my place. Can't wait to try their meals like pasta and sandwiches 128077128049

FYI: I made an effort to wear a hello kitty blouse when I went here at the Hello Kitty Dessert bar , isn't it obvious that I'm a fan128049128536

  • No. of Comments: 6
Salie D.
4.0 Stars

The cutest donuts I dont wanna eat them! Lol!
Got them as pasalubong from sissy! It looks covered with sweet icing but I think I ate at least two and realized it wasn't that sweet...which I liked. 128077🏽 A piece daw costs a little below P100. 1285139786

The Steak sandwich is delicious too. It seems they used Mantao as a Sandwich bread and it works. Masarap, Healthy and delicious!

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3.0 Stars

After I bought concert tickets at SM Tickets, I went to Hello Kitty Cafe located at the 3rd Floor of The Block, SM North Edsa.

The cafe is very girly and pink. At the dessert bar... I see donuts designed with some of the characters from San Rio like Kero Kero Keroppi, My Melody and Hello Kitty. There are cupcakes too... Of course with Hello Kitty tag.

I tried the Green Tea Cupcake for Php125.00. I find the size is small for that price but it's very rich and thick. The cream cheese topped on it... is good too, it compliments with the green tea flavor of my order.

Green Tea Cupcake - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

One thing I noticed when I dined at Hello Kitty Cafe, there were strangers that will sit besides me and/or will go near with me holding a white envelop asking for donations. Gosh! A little bit scary and annoying. 128561

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Ruth D.
3.0 Stars

This is a cute dessert bar. Whether you're a Hello Kitty/Sanrio fan or not, the store will definitely catch your attention. It's just like a little pop-up store though so there's really not much to see aside from the cute backdrop, cute doughnuts, tables and chairs. But I feel like the Tiffany chairs didn't go so well with the overall look of the place.128541

I tried their doughnut filled with strawberry jam. I liked the filling but it was a little too sweet. And the doughnut wasn't fresh. 128532 I also ordered an iced chocolate drink. It tasted a little weird. 128513

  • No. of Comments: 3
Kitkat G.
3.0 Stars

I'm a Hello Kitty Lover and was excited to visit the Hello Kitty Dessert Bar at SM City The Block. Located at the 2/F near Watsons, you will be greeted with a cute setup of everything pink and warm and ohhhh lovely stamped faces of Hello Kitty in cakes, pastries and sandwiches.

I scanned the menu and counter first before ordering anything.

HELLO KITTY DONUT (white chocolate)
Quite pricey at Php95.00, I was hesitant to eat Kitty's cute face staring back at me. Sorry Kitty I had to eat you (haha). It was too sweet for my taste. I kept drinking water to keep me hydrated from the sweetness. This could still be moderated.

I love the moistness of the cheesecake and how velvety in tasted in my mouth. This I would recommend.

I didn't bother to order the sandwiches and milkshakes considering that it was overpriced. Maybe if I have the luxury to do so next time.

Overall, pricing is a little on the steep side, cheesecake was awesome, staff were friendly, ambiance is damn cute. I might be back just because I love the feeling being in Kitty World.

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Serena M.
3.0 Stars

Hello Kitty is super 128156128156128156128156128156 but not much for this Hello Kitty Cafe...

I was eyeing on the opening of Hello Kitty Cafe in Uptown Mall.. But after reading Norman Lester T 's review that Hello Kitty has opened in SM The Block, I immediately visited here.

Being a fan of Sanrio and super looking forward on what's the resto looked like, i was imagining that this resto would be super cute, with bright lights and nice chandeliers, hello kitty walls and lots of sanrio paraphernalia but i was wrong. 128532 This cafe is located in an open area. Right after you go up the escelator to the 3rd level, you can see the pop-up store of Hello Kitty. I like Sanrio characters and the concept of a Hello Kitty restaurant but i don't like eating in an open area. So minus 1 for that 128542

I noticed that their desserts is already half empty.. Only a few doughnuts127849, sandwiches🌯 and cakes127856 left. That's why i just had a take out and tried some of their doughnuts. The available doughnuts are Bad Badtz Maru (Chocolate Almond filling), My Melody (Strawberry filling) and Kero Kero Keroppi (Chocolate filling). My favorite is the Bad Badtz Maru. But I find the doughnuts super sweet 127852 so another minus 1 for that! For not satisfying my taste buds!! 128078🏻 But don't worry, I still love you Hello Kitty 128536128571 128536

They also have espresso9749️, frappes, fruit shakes, pasta127837, salads and other foods to choose from. Well, I think I'll just visit their flagship store next time...

See yah soon Hello Kitty Cafe Uptown Mall! 128525

  • No. of Comments: 7
Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

Not really a fan of Hello Kitty, but this cafe's exterior is really inviting. I met one of my closest friends during college last Sunday. As we were deciding where to eat, she saw a pink cafe with lots of people. Yup, Hello Kitty Dessert Bar. It offers pasta dishes, salads, sandwiches, cupcakes, donuts, as well as hot and cold drinks.

We ordered their 4 character donuts as follow.
* Hello Kitty - White chocolate walnut flavored donut.
* Kero Keroppi - Chocolate almond.
* My Melody - Strawberry.
* Bad Badtz Maru - Chocolate.

Among these, my favorite would be the chocolate almond one. Their donuts are not too sweet, but maybe too oily for me. But nevertheless, all tasted good. Each donut is priced at 95php.

For the drinks, I partnered my donuts with hot cafe mocha (140php). Really good for me. It went well with what I'm eating. My friend ordered their Lychee-Strawberry fruit shake for 135php. Very refreshing!!!

They have self-service water station, but I wish they refill water more often. Well, provided their pitchers are also cute and actually have Hello Kitty designs! Lol.

If you are Hello Kitty fan, (or Sanrio at that), this cafe is worth a try.

P.S. Hello Kitty Cafe flagship store will be opened in Uptown Mall soon.

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