Henri Calayag Salon

The Residences at Greenbelt, Greenbelt Drive cor. Pasay Rd., Makati, Metro Manila

Henri Calayag Salon
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Len I.
3.0 Stars

I used to go to this salon but its too expensive! They increased their price once again and my usual P900 cut os now P1,200 :( I decided to change salons since I can get the de luxe service and treatments from another high end salon with the same price :)

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Len I.
5.0 Stars

I looove my short short hair! Look for Danny! :) P900 for a haircut.

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Jill P.
3.0 Stars

The service was good. I was accomodated and ushered immediately upon my arrival. Drinks were offered while I was having my hair cut but I could not hide how disappointed I am on how my hair ended up.
I would like to have the hairstyle like the one in the picture. I asked the stylist at that time if it will suit me and she said yes, so I had faith in her it will be. I keep asking because I know for the fact that :
1. I have a round face.
2. My hair is rebonded so volume maybe a bit of a challenge. Then I told her maybe I could have the length that I could still tie in a pony. After asking her again, she said I no longer need to tie it in a pony.
I had faith in her because she was a senior stylist. I showed both photos but she have a different picture in mind. She showed me a magazine and though it was also bob but I didn't like it. I even asked if it's the same thing like the pictures I have in my phone.
She keeps on offering treatments even if I politely declined. She seems to be in a bad mood that she can't find her clippers, her assistant is nowhere to be found at the start. To be fair, she did asked if I'm sure if I would cut my hair that short but she could have advised me that it just wouldn't suit me and my hair will end up in a messy flyaway mess.
All I'm blaming is myself that I should have chosen another stylist besides her. Not wanting to be rude, I didn't speak up and now I'm waiting for my hair to grow.
I could have gone to a salon where cuts run for a 100 pesos and asked for a trim instead. Minus the tip, I could have bought treatment oils or bought myself something and spared my heart from breaking.
I know, it's melodramatic but I just hope other looloo users will be "luckier" on having their hair done here. God bless you all and my hair.:)

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Marie H.
5.0 Stars

My relationship with my hairdresser is sacred. I never cheat, although I'm tempted to sometimes, what with all these celebrity hairdressers cropping up. But if there's one thing I've learned through the years, it is that it takes time even for a really good hairdresser to understand a client's hair, especially mine which is naturally curly. Borne from years of experience, I can easily spot that bewildered look or that moment of confused hesitation of an inexperienced hairdresser. Sometimes, luck was on both our sides and I came out with a decent cut and color. Other times, the result was comical, if not tragic.

Fortunately, I've found someone who knows my hair, what it can and will not do. Actually, I found 2 and they both found their way to this salon. I've been coming here for more than 5 years now, and prior to that to its precursor H Salon then located at the 2nd floor of Rustan's. My regular hairdresser is Nixon, a guy who was just an assistant when I first met him, but has risen to the position of Junior Stylist. On special occasions, I go to Nida, a Senior Stylist, and someone I've known longer than Nixon. These two are skilled professionals and will not hesitate to tell me if what I want is just not possible or will not suit me. I value their opinions on hair as much as, if not more than, my close friends'.

Their other staff are likewise always courteous and efficient. I like that they just assign to me one assistant who does the shampoo, color application, and blow dry, so that I don't have to tip 3 different persons. I also like that they leave me in relative peace and don't engage much in mindless chatter. I get enough of those elsewhere.

I've been coming only here for so long I don't know how to compare it to other salons. Place is bright and spacious with high celings. Sinks are fitted such that they comfortably cradle your neck while your hair is being washed. There's a well-appointed washroom you can go to for those quick bathroom breaks while waiting for the color to set, for your nails to dry, or even for Godot. Oh, and they offer unlimited iced tea and coffee as your throat is likely to get parched during the interminably long waits.

Location is great because it's just right across Greenbelt 2 and so near my place. If there's one thing I have issues about, it's that they don't have an enclosed access to the parking lot. Their door opens straight to the street. Good luck to you and your newly coiffed hair if it's windy or raining hard outside.

Service is pricey, I know, but quality is consistently high and so worth it. I come back every 3 months or so for a retouch, and a little longer for a trim. That amounts to just 4 visits a year. If I spread out the cost, I basically spend on my hair the equivalent of 1 nice lipstick a month (more or less). I don't expect the boys to understand. They probably stopped reading on the second line anyway. 128540

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