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Chrisalyn T.
5.0 Stars

First of all, isn’t the restaurant name catchy? I mean some people would probably joke around that they feel more attractive just having been to this place. At least some of my guy friends have joked about that. LOL Mga feeling ba? haha

Anyway, this is actually my second time on a sponsored dinner by Charles Paw and for the looloo rendezvous. I’m truly grateful for the invite and it is always nice to get to meet fellow foodies in Manila. It is so much more than just trying out new restaurant and different cuisines, but also to share the love of eating delicious food with these amazing people and gaining new friends along the way.

As soon as we all went to the restaurant. We were pretty
much comfortable with each other. We met up at a nearby coffee shop first, so we got to talk to each one a little bit already. It was actually nice of Peanut D. to reminisce and share a little regarding some of their past food crawl and looloo rendezvous that it somehow made it more comfortable for us to be with our fellow reviewers. We laughed, shared, took pictures and then ate with full contentment.

As soon as we sat down. Our server for the day was kind enough and knowledgeable regarding everything on the menu. Plus points for that. It is quite rare for servers to be so passionate, approachable and knowledgeable regarding the food they serve. He gave us an option regarding which drinks we would like to drink. I pretty much avoid milk in the morning and for some other reason in which i will keep to myself. haha. Anyway, I decided to have the DONKEY PUNCH (Php 230) instead. It was composed of elderflower, blue ginger, lemon grass and passion fruit. This drink was actually quite refreshing, you can really taste all the flavors plus a hint of ginger in it too. I think it’s quite great with each main course on the menu.

MAGIC MILK (Php 180) is composed of yuzu A.K.A Japanese lemon, milk and yogurt. I didn’t actually choose this drink from the list, so I didn’t get to try it. I’m pretty sure it was good too though, since my fellow looloo reviewers who ordered this definitely loved it. However, if you are lactose intolerant. I wouldn’t recommend this drink for you though. Don’t want any sudden discomfort now would we ?!haha It was mentioned though that it's like drinking a refreshing yakult drink, so for yakult and milk lovers out there. This drink is definitely for you.

For our Main Course, We were served with almost everything on the Menu. I didn’t actually expect that, but i’m truly grateful that we were given a chance to try these dishes. The dishes had good presentation, plus you can really see how passionate the chefs were making these FLAVORFUL dishes. They used different techniques and cooking styles used in different countries and really tried to mix it all in one dish. I also liked the fact that they had different kinds of meat on the menu, so everyone will definitely be able to order one of their preferred meat on the menu. To each his own preferences. yes?!

STEEPED CHICKEN, GRILLED BOK CHOY, HOUSE SOY, CHILI, CHICKEN RICE (Php 420). This was actually my favorite main course. Maybe it may seem simple to some of you, but I love how the chefs made use of different techniques from 5 different countries in making this dish. That is why he doesn’t like it to be called as Hainanese chicken because it really isn’t at all. The chicken was cooked to perfection. Tender and had that gelatinous texture as expected. How did they get that texture? well chicken was steeped then chilled to produce that gelatinous texture we love. As for the leek sauce, leek juice, grilled onion, cilantro, grilled bok choy, and house soy. I would say these ingredients definitely made this dish even more delicious. The chicken rice dish had just the right amount of flavour, plus the pandan rice paired with it definitely made everything about this dish perfect. I would definitely recommend this dish. I would definitely order this next time and not share it. LOL

FRIED CHICKEN, NASI ULAM, HOUSE SOY , SAMBAL ASSAM (Php 460) is composed of fried chicken topped with peanut crumbs, nasi ulam A.K.A herbed rice, peanut muffin, coconut gravy, tofu, sambal assam, house soy, turmeric egg and cabbage. It also has squid ink keropek, kropek with squid ink thus the black colour. It looks interesting, tasted ok, but nothing so special about it though. It's like eating a normal kropek only. The fried chicken however was definitely tender, cooked to perfection actually. It had the right amount of crispy and tender texture just the way i like it. The rice was already flavourful so you wouldn’t have to worry about food being bland. This dish had the right amount of spice, sour, herby, sweet, and salty flavours mixed into one dish. This actually is my other favorite dish here.

FRIED CATFISH, NASI ULAM, GREEN PAPAYA, GRILLED TOMATO, SAMBAL ASSAM (Php 480) is composed of pickled egg, coconut gravy sauce, fresh fried catfish, greek papaya, grilled tomato, sambal sauce, peanut muffin and nasi ulam. First of all, if you have a hard time eating fish with bones still intact. Well, this dish isn't recommendable for you. However, if you have someone who could help you with that then you're in luck. I'm sure no one would like to eat while leaving so much mess right?! I suggest you fillet the meat by sliding the table knife from the tail right up to the neck, do the same thing on the other side too. easy as pie. :) The fish was cooked perfectly crispy and slightly tender inside. I love the coconut gravy with the fish, paired with the flavourful nasi ulam. I love everything about it. The turmeric egg by the way was cooked perfectly also, because i love eating my egg slightly boiled, which means the yolk inside is still wet and it still had some parts of runny whites too.

GRILLED PORK BELLY, NASI ULAM, SAMBAL MATAH, GRILLED CABBAGE (Php 440) composed of grilled pork belly, coconut gravy, grilled cabbage, peanut muffin, deep fried egg, sambal matah which is a lemon relish w/ red onion. Pork was definitely tender, flavourful also and delicious. I didn’t eat much though since i try to avoid eating pork as much as possible. Just my own preferences. But for pork lovers. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this dish also.

SQUID INK BAGUETTE, LONG BEANS, MUSHROOMS, EGG, COCONUT GRAVY (Php 320). What is squid ink baguette? Well, it is literally dough mixed with squid ink thus giving it the black colour. When i was eating this dish. I could literally imagine myself eating roti with curry. I’m not saying it is as soft as roti, it is actually quite the opposite of it. But the feeling of enjoying that simple carb with that delicious curry is just amazing. Btw, I kind of tasted a slight bitter aftertaste, but i assure you that this dish is really delicious. I would suggest you share it with someone else though, because you might be full right away to try any other dishes anymore. Unless you want to only eat this dish then that would be fine already.

MINCED BEEF, GRILLED CORN, EGG, RICE, NAM PRIK LOAP (Php 390) This has got to be the most flavourful dish we had. If you love flavourful dishes then this has got to be the one for you. Because it already has such tender and flavourful minced beef. They paired this with plain rice so that it won’t have an overpowering taste. As usual, you’ll see a peanut muffin on the side and a slice of cucumber. These will actually help balance out the strong flavours of the dish. Just munch on these while eating or you may also leave the peanut muffin after you finish the whole dish. I love how good this dish tasted even with strong flavors, so the price was really worth it.

Last and not the least, who could ever resist not having desserts at the end of the meal. Of course I had to save a few space for dessert.

DOUGHNUT, CARAMEL, PUFFED RICE, ROSE ICE CREAM, MARZIPAN MERINGUE (Php 180), it is a small bowl containing a munchkin size doughnut, a scoop of ice cream topped with puffed rice, matcha powder and marzipan meringue. This is actually my fave. You can really taste the flavour of rose with a lychee aftertaste. Be sure to eat this as soon as it is served though, because it will melt right away beside the freshly made doughnut.

DOUGHNUT SANG KAYA, SOY SAUCE ICE CREAM, EGG CRISP (Php 200). Yes you read it right. soy sauce was indeed the flavour of the ice cream. May sound weird but seriously you’ll love it too. It is just the same with the other dessert. There was a munchkin size doughnut, a scoop of ice cream, but with coconut meat shavings and pandan sauce dressing. It has that mostly sweet taste with a hint of soy sauce too. Don’t worry it isn’t salty at all. I suggest you try it for youself to know how good it is.

Overall experience is a 5/5. :) My reviews about this place is totally my honest opinion. So hope you guys will have a great time too as we all did:). #looloorendezvoos #sponsoredevent

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Marc M.
5.0 Stars

128525 First Rendezvoos for 2017 128525
(Akala ko kinalimutan na ko ni Pi 9996128513)
Hey Handsome's Lunch Menu is quite different from their usual Dinner Service, so I was quite excited to try it out courtesy of the combined efforts of the Management and loolooapp. And what a spread as they let us taste everything on the menu 128525

First off were the drinks.
127865I opted for the Donkey Punch once I saw that it had lemongrass, I knew that it would be a great jump starter for my tastebuds.

127868Magic Milk - I got to try this via @Christina Definitely not for the Lactose intolerant. You might not enjoy the food if your stomach acts up midway 128557.

127864Cherry Pop - never got to try this because it was only offered to Pi. Nagseselos na nga ako sa server kasi puro si Pi na lang inaasikaso niya. 9996128514

On to the Mains:

128031Fried Catfish - I honestly loved how the Catfish was so fresh! Perfectly fried too. I would've enjoyed it more if it were easier to pick. The bones were just in the way all the time.

128022Grilled Pork Belly - Tender Pork with a hint of smoke 128525. We all loved this one.

128019Fried Chicken - for me it tasted similar to the pork belly less the pork belly 🤔, probably because of the sambal. Served on top was Squid Ink "Keropek" I don't know why but there is an additional "E". My wife is gonna love this, mainly because of the Keropek. 128513

But between the 2 chicken dishes, I enjoyed Chicken Rice the most. In fact, this was my star. 128525

128019Chicken Rice - Twice Steeped Chicken. Very much like Hainanese Chicken but is actually a mixture of different disciplines of Chicken Rice in asia. This is a safe choice for Hey Handsome beginners 128513

127838Squid Ink Baguette - stuffed with veggies and a somewhat curry going on in there. This is their Vegetarian option. I kinda liked it but the baguette can be kinda hard to partake.

128004Laap Neua - Minced beef that is like smaller chunks of it's dinner equivalent. Sweet and Spicy too. Also has that crunchy texture to it from small specks that I can't distinguish.. Is it from the toasted corn? 🤔

Of course we were also served desserts! 128525
127802Donut Caramel - tasted like flowers because well it comes with Rose Ice Cream. What will they think of next, I said. 🤔

127862Donut Sang Kaya - then came Soy Sauce Ice Cream. We were like what? How would that even taste? You can clearly sample the soy sauce at first, then it quickly progresses to a more caramel-like finish. I love it! 10084

Overall, I will say that their Lunch Service is a bit toned down than their Dinner. Which is a good thing for me, since I clearly remember from my past visits that their flavors are really intense. Sobrang malasa that it can take a toll on your tastebuds. Like if you try their Fried Egg, it's soooo goood but if you consume one serving on your own you might find your tongue a but numb from the acidity 128069. But hey it's all gooood. 128525

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Lem E.
5.0 Stars

The best dessert in BGC!!! Durian Cream Puff.

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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

Hey Handsome, located in Net Park Building in BGC, is now open for lunch and the place is definitely a feast not just in the culinary sense, but in the visual aspect as well.

The place, although relatively small, gives off a cool, retro-chic vibe, which adds to the overall dining experience.

My personal favorite was the open-bar area where you could see Chef Nicco and Chef Queenie whip up a variety of dishes ranging from comfort food such as Fried Catfish and Minced Beef to more unique fare such as Bunny Chow.

They also have dishes that are a delicious balance of old and new like their Fried Chicken.

Judging from the ingredients, I guessed that the menu was inspired by South East Asian flavors. Chefs Nicco and Queenie confirmed that my hunch was correct. The food at Hey Handsome is a deliciously eclectic mix of Thai, Chinese-Malay, and Singaporean food.

Thanks to the Hey Handsome sponsored rendezvoos, I had more than I would usually order, which in this case, wasn’t a bad thing.

What we had:


Magic milk (milk, yoghurt, and yuzu) – like a Yakult smoothie! Great with spicy food.

Donkey punch (lemon grass, elder flower, and passion fruit) – deliciously refreshing. I had two.

Cherry pop (rosemary, lemon juice, and mudled cherry) – sweet, sour, and like summer in a glass.


Fried Catfish (with green papaya, green tomato, sambal asam, pickled turmeric egg, coconut gravy, peanut muffin, and herb rice) – Catfish was sooo fresh and flavourful! A little difficult to eat because of the tiny bones.

Fried Chicken (topped with peanut crumbs, house soy, squid ink kropek, coconut gravy, pickled turmeric egg, tofu, cabbage, sambal assam
, peanut muffin, and herb rice) – A comforting dish; the chicken was surprisingly tender.

Grilled Pork Belly (with fried egg, sambal matah, pickled turmeric egg, cabbage, and herb rice) – The crowd favourite. We all loved the subtle smokey flavour of the meat.


Steeped Chicken (with Thai and Malay flavours; served with grilled bok choy, house soy, chili, and chicken rice) – Another big hitter. The chicken had a familiar (not) Hainanese flavour that we all liked.

BUNNY CHOW (Vegetarian)

Squid Ink Baguette (stuffed with fresh mixed veggies, fried egg, oyster mushroom, and tofu; topped with
dehydrated kale, and house coconut sauce) – A great starter especially if you come in a group.

LAAP NEUA (Thai Beef Salad)

Minced Beef (wok fried ground beef, nam prik laap/aromatic fresh herbs, grilled corn, egg, and plain rice) – Strong flavours; sweet-spicy.


Donut Caramel (with pinipig, rose ice cream, and marzipan (almond) meringue) – wasn’t a huge fan of the rose ice cream because of it’s flowery after taste. Loved the sweet donut!

Donut Sang Kaya (with soy sauce ice cream, and pandan dressing) – My personal favourite; perfectly sweet that I could’ve eaten about five of these.

Hey Handsome has great service and fantastic food. There are definitely more reasons to visit this place now that they have a new menu, and are open for lunch!

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

A multi sensory Asian experience is what you can find in Hey Handsome. I love how they've opened my palate to unconventional South East Asian (SEA) food, which I embarrassingly have ignored in my choice of dining. I had a fantastic dinner here a few months ago and the taste of the food lingered in my mind for a couple of days.

They are now open for lunch, with a different menu than dinner. Chef Nicco and Chef Queenie shared how they took inspiration from our neighboring countries who have a bolder approach to flavors. They might revise their menu again pretty soon and paying them a visit could offer a surprise for those always looking out for something new.

While I find the dinner menu to have gutsier flavors, their lunch menu offers tempered dishes that's suitable for those that are craving for something with a subtle kick, or those that are not too adventurous with food.

Here's what we had:


❣️Fried CHICKEN, nasi ulam, house soy, sambal assam. 460.
Chicken was moist and tender. The squid ink kropek was fun to munch on. The turmeric egg is soft boiled and oozed after we sliced into it. Photo #2

❣️Fried CATFISH, nasi ulam, green papaya, grilled tomato, sambal assam. 480. Photo #3
No muddy taste at all! If you like catfish, you'll enjoy this. Maybe something for the Lola's. Because it's the oldies in our family that eat hito and actually crave for it.

9889️❣️Grilled PORK BELLY, nasi ulam, sambal matah, grilled cabbage. 440. Photo #4
Oooh sarap. Belly was tender. Pork itself tasted clean. Like an in your face inihaw.

❣️Steeped CHICKEN, grilled bok choy, house soy, chili, chicken rice. 420. Photo #1
Their version of a more flavorful hainanese chicken rice. This is the most subtle dish from the whole menu and what I'd recommend to those that want try out if they like SEA food.

❣️SQUID ink baguette, long beans, mushrooms, egg, coconut gravy. 320. Photo #5
An almost vegetarian dish, if you're not queasy with squid ink. Use the bread to soak up the curry.

9889️❣️Minced BEEF, grilled corn, egg, rice, nam prik lap. 390. Photo #6
The most SEA in flavor for me. And it was a little spicy so of course I loved this. That crispy fried egg is the only way the egg should be made with this dish.

❣️DOUGHNUT caramel, puffed rice, rose ice cream, marzipan meringue. 180. Photo #7
Don't worry, the rose ice cream won't feel like you swallowed your Lola's perfume. I was relieved the taste was subtle.

9889️❣️DOUGHNUT, sang kaya, soy sauce ice cream, egg crisp. 200. Photo #8
Loved this! The soy sauce ice cream was nutty. Doughnut was fried, the old fashioned way. Also had a dusting of matcha powder.

❣️DONKEY PUNCH. 130. Photo #9 - yellow drink
A mix of elder flower, galangal, lemongrass and passion fruit. A refreshing drink for those that want something fruity.

10024❣️MAGIC MILK. 180. Photo #9 - white drink
A yogurt, yakult-like drink with Japanese lime and milk. I liked the tartness. It's a refreshing palate cleanser.


Food is always exceptional here for me. It's hard to choose a favorite because I can see myself enjoying whatever they put on a plate whatever I might decide to order. But since there are only 6 mains for lunch, the lighting bolt represents my top 2. I just love how there are varying textures and contrasting flavors on every bite. Each dish offers a different experience. I prefer a little more heat in my food, so when on my own I'll ask for more.

Serving is super busog for one or can be shared.

I still recommend visiting both lunch and dinner when you can. They have a special VDay menu for all you love-ahs out there.

Sponsored event thanks to Charlie Paw / Tasteless Group and Looloo.

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Josette P.
5.0 Stars

Hey Handsome on broad Saturday light experienced via #looloorendevoos 10084 So I've been eyeing on this restaurant the moment it opened cause hey, I love Your Local. Knowing it's another Chef Nicco masterpiece and with Southeast Asian flavor fusion into the dish it really made me interested.

Soooo what we had is basically the entire thing on the menu which is awesome! They have a separate menu for lunch and dinner. Recently offered lunch from 11am to 2:30pm and dinner starts at 6:00pm to 11:00pm from Mondays to Saturdays. Yes, they too deserve a break. Haha.

Now the real review on the meal. I'll start with my personal favorites.

127775 Chicken Rice which shall not be called as Hainanese Chicken no matter how similar they look because they differ in taste. But I must say, the rice itself taste a lot like hainanese. You know how they cook it with the chicken broth of the chicken. Yes, that one!! The chicken itself is different in taste. It's steamed yes, but the flavor is more of Thai for me. With the soy being more prominent and that bok choy with silantro kick.

127775 Grilled Pork which so tender and flavorful. To be honest, the plate would tell you that there seems to be a lot going in that plate. Serving size is big though rice would be insufficient with the big chunk of pork. Coconut rice is great, companion of that pork and for some reason the sambal matah adds a certain spiciness into the meal coupled with the cabbage. I actually like how less complicated the flavor of this meal is compared with the others. A little more straight forward than the rest.

127775 Fried Chicken is not your regular chicken. For one, it's technically a rolled chicken fillet. Like the ones you use for cordon bleu and it has a sting of curry flavor into it. Though not filled with it but a strong flavor of it which I also liked. Cause I love curry!! Coupled with herb rice, and a strong flavor of that peanut sauce. I also liked the pickled egg. Haha. Despite it's ginger flavor which I'm not a big fan. A yolk that's yellow and orange-ish would describe it. Plus, the keropek which is kropek literally and covered with squid ink taste a little less salty and greasy than the usual kropek we know.

127775 Minced Beef is a spicy but chewy. As much as I like how spicy it is the beef ain't really good. It has some corn bits and with those green leafy thing making it look like laing. This dish was okay with me. Besides its spicy flavor, I cannot remember the rest of the flavors.

127775 Fried Catfish was okay. I'm not the biggest fan of catfish to be honest because of its texture. Well it was fried right but was a little hard to remove the rest of it from the bone. I like the peanut muffin though and that pickled egg. It's just that the peanut sauce is strong that it takes over the other flavors of the plate.

127775 Squid Ink Baguette is unique. Well, true that it was hard to slice the baguette and the squid ink gave it a different salty texture but the inside of it which is curry base taste good. It has mushroom too and some beans. It's their vegetarian option and I actually like it.

Drink wise I chose Magic Milk because hey it's yogurt and milk base which I like. It also has this Yozu which is Japanese lime. Though for me it taste more of like Nestle's Mango Yogurt more for some reason. It's smooth and a little sour. Totally enjoyed my drink!

Here comes the great ending. So originally I would give them four star cause some flavor are too powerful over the other. It's so hard to differentiate its flavor but the desserts are the deal breakers. For a dessert lover like me, they matter most!!

127775 Doughnut caramel with rose ice cream and marzapan meringue is a refreshing treat. The rose ice cream has this lychee after taste that's less complex to the taste buds but rather refreshes it. The caramel doughnut is lovely. Chewy and glazed with the right amount of caramel. Not too sweet and the marzapan meringue melts in your mouth.

127775 Dougnut sang kaya with soy sauce ice cream gives you a more complex kind of dessert. You wouldn't know it is a soy sauce ice cream if you never knew it is called that way. Yes, it's salty at first bit but more like salted caramel kind of flavor. I honestly prefer this ice cream more. Sang kaya is good too cause pandan is love and it's chewy.

But between the two I wanna mix the soy sauce ice cream and caramel doughnut cause I think they would compliment as well. Or probably order just the soy sauce ice cream separately. Haha. They also serve coffee from Yardstick so you can enjoy a cup of their classics after a filling meal.

The ambiance is great but the sounds can be a little loud that you won't here your other friends at the end of the table. For a casual Saturday brunch or lunch around BGC that had a different taste from usual then Hey Handsome is for you. Price range of meals is around Php 320-500.

They do not accept reservations though and the place is usually packed during dinner so for starters you can try their lunch courses and go back when it suits your taste.

Thank you again looloo rendevoos for a free treat at this restaurant! I'm coming back again for dinner.

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

Fried Egg - WOW! I never had eggs like this before. Crunchy Fried whites drenched in a sweet, sour and salty kind of dressing. I can't even comprehend why I can't stop munching on this while waiting for the Mains. This is the perfect appetizer and I bet it goes really well with alcohol too.

Beef - Sooo tender! And the sauce, almost perfect. I just didn't appreciate the somewhat crunchy bits that get in the way when I chew overzealously 128513. Yung sarap na sarap ka kasi ang lambot ng beef tapos biglang may crunchy 128534. Personal preference na lang but otherwise 128522128077

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Tei A.
3.0 Stars

The other dishes we ordered. They were ok.

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Pam L.
4.0 Stars

We ordered the fried egg for our appetizer, which is really good! It's really flavorful -- each bite is a party in my mouth!

For the mains, we got the bebek penyet, which is a duck dish on rice. It was artfully plated and really flavorful.

This place can get pretty packed even on weekdays so I suggest to call ahead to reserve. They only have two seatings for dinner.

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Adrian C.
5.0 Stars

A finesse hand in balancing all the flavors and spices of perenakan cuisine. Hints of Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian familiar flavors rolling into a glorious symphony using new techniques. I will definitely be back.

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Chiara C.
4.0 Stars

We are on a Pescatarian (no meat except seafood) challenge. We've found it challenging to find great restaurants who serve good seafood. Hey Handsome is fortunately one of them.

We had:

* Fried egg (4/5) - unique! I loved the herby / sour / oily sauce. I don't know what Malaysia tastes like, but this must be it!
* Paneer (4/5) - some vegetarian ingredients, including quinoa.
* Fish (5/5) - it was salmon instead of seabass, but this is the best-cooked salmon I've ever had. Has the softness, pinkishness, and tenderness (instead of flaky) of fresh salmon, without the rawness.
* Yogurt (3/5) - tasted more like cream cheese rather than yogurt.

1,000 php pax.

Overall, Hey Handsome does a great job of creating complex dishes where the ingredients complement each other to create a great experience. Not easy to do!

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Tei A.
3.0 Stars

We initially reserved a table but was informed that they are full. Still we took a chance and tried to walk in, we were told that they can accommodate us on their 2nd seating for the night at 8:30pm.

They have a limited menu and everything was just written on a portable blackboard. They also have limited bar list, just beer, mocktails and cocktails. No iced tea or wine.

Liked their Tofu appetizer. For the mains, we had their lamb, fish and beef. Unfortunately forgot to tale photos. Overall, it was ok. Service was friendly and fast.

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Hey Handsome is slowly becoming a favorite default place to visit whenever I'm in BGC. Not only is the food great but the people are very accommodating as well.

Since we already tried the Seabass and Lamb during our previous visit, we opted for the Beef, Paneer and Duck this time.

BEEF | [P750] 1108811088110881108811088
BBQ beef short ribs • Khao Man (Hainan rice) • Som Tam (green papaya salad)
Their beef dish was nothing short of amazing. Definitely the star of the night 128149 Beef was fork tender and bursting with flavors. It also had that right balance of sweet and salty. I wish they added a few more spoonfuls of the sauce though.

DUCK [P780] 11088110881108811088
Deep fried white pecking duck • duck egg • nasi ulam • achor
Duck itself was succulent and juicy but the best was its crust. I liked how the crunchy skin gave texture to the smooth duck meat. The Malaysian spiced rice went perfectly with it too.

PANEER [P560] 110881108811088
Beetroot paneer • quinoa tabbouleh • house yogurt • pappadum
I was really hesitant to order this one before but after hearing so many good things about it, we decided to give it a shot. The first thing you'd taste is a sweet flavor. It's a good modern vegetarian dish but I'm just too much of a meat lover to love this.

SQUID INK KERUPEK [P100] 1108811088110881108811088
This was actually not on the menu. It's part of the Lamb dish we previously tried and asked if we could order just the kerupek and the chef said okay! Yay! I could eat 10 servings of this in one seating. Yum yum yum!

It seems like their prices are increasing every time I visit. I don't mind since their food is really great and bursting with flavor but I hope they don't increase it further.

Overall, another great visit! I loved every bit of their big plates and will be definitely be back for more 128149

P. S. Read about the other details of this restaurant on my first review.

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

Absolutely awesome dinner here. Big, bold Asian flavors at Hey Handsome. So... I'm weirdly ok with "hey" but find psst offending. However, with the amazing food here in HH, they can definitely pssst me anytime. Or witwiw127925 me.

Mid sized restaurant, 2 seatings, open kitchen, loved the playlist. Reservations recommended. For the mains their serving is for 1 super busog meal, could be good enough to share, depending on how big your appetite is. It was hilarious to have their waiters carry their blackboard menu around. They patiently described each item on the menu, with a smile too. I noticed they now kept it simple by naming the main protein on the dish instead of previously using Asian names even I had a hard time pronouncing.

I just love the vibrant colors of each plate. You can read the other detailed reviews here below me from my dinner companions. I loved every single food we ordered, except for the durian. And writing this 2 weeks since dining here, here's what I am still salivating for:

128293BEETROOT PANEER with quinoa tabouleh, their own yogurt and papadum. 540.
First of all I love the multi-dimensional plating with magenta on white, green spots of oil, and that large crunchy papadum. Art on a plate. Secondly, it's light, fresh and flavorful. No sawa factor. Lastly, being an occasional vegetarian (only when I'm bored with meat), this is a vegetarian dish!

128293FRIED EGG with cili padi and nuoc cham. 260.
Fried egg extreme makeover. I've never tasted eggs made this way. Eggs had that crispy texture which I like. Feels now like I don't travel enough to have never tried anything like this.

128293YOGURT on the dessert menu. 200.
House made yogurt, beets and black sesame seeds. Yogurt wasn't that sour, right amount of sweetness. Almost like a panna cotta. Beets were not that pronounced, so don't worry veggie haters. I am definitely not sharing this when I order this again.

Scrambled eggs. 80.
Off the menu. Naks. Hahaha. Not really. Chef Nico came out to talk to us as we were waiting for the second seating. I talked to him about my picky daughter's scrambled egg dinner as she's still not adventurous with food and i had to bring her with me. Soon enough after sitting down Chef Queenie (*blush* nahiya naman ako bigla) came by to ask how my toddler wanted the eggs. I tell you all, we've ordered a lot of eggs for my kid when she doesnt like whats on the menu. I swear, it was the best scrambled eggs I've tried. They didnt merely pour eggs on a pan just to get it over with. It was light and fluffy. I super appreciated HH accommodating my request.

Again I loved everything we got - lamb, beef, fish, paneer, duck, egg, tofu and yogurt. It can be a bit overpowering if you try all their food on the same night like we did, as the flavors are really bold. It might be better to just choose 1-2 dishes here to allow your palate to fully enjoy your meal. For the durian, never really liked stinky fruit and I found the cream puff a bit dry.

Truly, truly enjoyed our dinner here. Great food, great company. I'll definitely be back.

Pssst, I love you guys10084

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

I super loved our experience here.
It is advisable to have your visit booked especially if you'll be with a group. Booking it one week ahead of time, they have informed me that they only have two seatings for dinner service-- 6:00pm and 8:30pm. I have initially booked 8:00pm and they've advised me to just choose the 8:30 to avoid waiting--afterall, most of us might come in around that time. Park at the fort strip it's just a street away.

It was 8:15pm when our group was almost complete and Hh notified to enter by 8:25pm. This was a sign of an imminent good service. We were seated at the high chairs and it's very convenient that they have hooks under the table for bags to hang. Their menu are very big (like on a blackboard?! Nonetheless, their server assigned to us greeted us and started to hold the big menu with both his arms and began introducing their dishes. I initially suggested that we should order 1 dish each and just share the small plates and dessert, but since the main dishes are good for 1 and 1/2 pax, we just decided to try and share all their 5 main entree, 2 small plates for appetizers, and 2 desserts!

128204 soft tofu @280php
These are very soft Kinu tofu sliced thinly, seasoned with soy, topped with century eggs and bonito flakes. This abdolutely tastes fresh and cold in your mouth then followed by a cool twist of saltiness. This is not my favorite, but would be safe for eaters who prefers something light with regards to taste.

128204128525 fried egg salad @250php
For me, this is more recommendable. It got fried eggs, cili padi (thai chili or siling labuyo!) and vietnam's nuoc cham. There are some herbs that would make the salad very thai tasting. The nuoc cham just makes it extra special in your mouth. Vietnam x thailand salad!

128204 bebek pen-yet (duck) @780php
Deep fried white pekin duck, duck egg, nasi ulam which basically a malaysian spiced rice and achar which is an indian pickle savored with different herbs. This was one of my least favorite. But i like that the duck leg was very soft. This one too is very difficult to take a photo.

128204 buah keluak (lamb) @640php
I like lamb, but i kinda was not impressed by it. Dont get me wrong, it was delicious, but the sambal matah sauce which is spicy and very flavorful lessen down the braised lamb flavor (there still is that specific lamb taste but i enjoyed the sambal matah more) plus, the buah keluak herbs made the dish taste more intricate. The belachan kropek tastes like nori

128204128525 beetroot paneer (vegetarian) @560php
This one is one of their best dishes. It's quinoa tabbouleh with beetroot paneer (beets and indian cheese) drench in yogurt. We all love the taste of the very crispy papadum. Very indian.

128204128525 fish nasi lemak @720php
One of the best as well. They use sea bass as the fish protein.
The fish? Ooh lala. Melts in your mouth! You'll be thinking you're eating cream cheese but got a sea bass (not fishy too!) taste. The sambal harmonized with the fish unlike the lamb dish. There's also anchovies with it (ikan bilis) and pickled egg with the nasi ulam.

128204128525 nam tok (beef) @700php
The best beef dish I've tasted! The dish is rather simple with just the coconut rice and som tam (green papayas like atchara) but boy it was stellar!! The BBQ shortrib shreds were very soft and tasty!

128204128525 house yogurt @200php
Another simple but delicious dish--now into desserts! House yoghurt with black sesame base. There's a special chocolate brittle to give it an alter taste.

128204128525 durian cream puff @250php
I love this. More than the yogurt! Common! Davao people must understand. The smell was strong but trully it's one of a kind. The pastry cream inside the dark chocolate puff is durian base. There's a malagos chocolate served at the side of the dish so be careful not touching it with your hands. There's also the basil seeds that would give the dish extra texture. There's a dried pineapple disc to give an alter taste of sweetness.

It was truly a one of a kind asian fusion experience. I would not hesitate going back. I am not sure how often their menu changes but fit now those main entrees is what they have.

So, "hey handsome!" Why not drop by here and try to get inspired by their unique dishes!

No wifi. Just enjoy the food!

Try finding their CR as it absolutely does not look like a CR. 128541128077🏼

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Hey Handsome! I usually here this term of endeavor when in some red light district in Asian country like SG, Thailand and Malaysia hahaha..128514128514128514 This amazing restaurant is a collaboration of Chef Nico Santos of Your Local and Charlie Paw of Hole in the Wall. A collaboration between this two trendsetter in the current food scene is like a crossover of Green Arrow and the Flash. That's how much I'm excited on trying out their food! Finally the Kaladkarin combine forces to invade Hey Handsome last Thursday and it was epic since we almost ordered every single food on their menu.

First to be serve was the appetizers (2/4 in the menu)
127859Soft Tofu - at 1st I was kind hesitant about this item since soy tofu is something my mom cook frequently at home. But this was highly recommended by Clarissa P. as per EJ B. and I was really happy that we ordered this. My mom should level-up her soy tofu. This was just so good. Soft smooth tofu and flavorful light soy but what made this better was the bonito flakes on top. Giving it a nice new twist.
127859Fried Egg - priced at 250php. Another moment of thinking what is so special with their fried egg to be priced at 250??? Well Chef Nico magic made this ordinary egg omelette into extraordinary. By adding cili padi (Thai Chili), Nuoc Cham (Viet dipping sauce) and herbs. The result was full of flavor nothing like your everyday omelet. The Taste reminds me of Phad Thai.

For the Big Plates we ordered everything
127830Beef - One the fave of the night. Vey soft tender beef short ribs. The flavor and bbq sauce is complimented well with the Hainan Rice (Khao Man). Also served with green papaya salad or as they call it som tam.
127830Duck - Deep fried big leg part of peking duck. Crispy deep fried skin and juicy duck meat. Served with deep fried duck egg. This is one of my fave.
127830Paneer - The vegetarian dish. This my favorite of all the dishes. Great mix of light flavor of beetroot, paneer and yogurt. Served with Quinoa to make it more healthier. One of the best veggie dish that I've tried.
127830Fish - Seabass Otah served with Nasi Lemak. The fragrant smell of the coconut/pandan rice was so good and the fish was perfectly cooked deliciously soft and moist.
127830Lamb - My least favorite. Sauce flavor was a little bit too strong and a little bit salty for my taste but the lamb meat was very nicely cooked and very tender.

Then came dessert time (2/3 item in the menu)
127848Durian Puff - I love this one since I'm a fan of durian and combining it with another Davao product the Malagos Dark Chocolate was epic! Bitterness to perfection! The puff was just a little off in texture wise. Not the crowd fave since durian is durian and not everybody appreciate its smell and taste.
127848Yigurt - The fave among the dessert hehe.. The sourness of the yogurt was sooo good and the bitter crunch of black sesame is a great combination. This was also such a beauty. A dessert version of the Paneer

Overall it was feast of flavor. Was like having an southeast asian food tour simply amazing. Bravo Chef Nico and Charlie Paw. Hoping this place to be included in World's Best Restaurant soon similar to Your Local.

BTW love the creepy washroom haha 128561128561128561

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Hey Handsome is a creative restaurant name that, once again, Charlie Paw and the Tasteless Group are bringing to foodies and Asian cuisine lovers alike. With names like Fowl Bread, Wrong Ramen, Your Local and Freezer Burn, I'm constantly amazed at their cleverness, wit and humor in coming up with these cool names. But, the names are there for branding, memorableness and, hopefully, a strong connection with the resto's offering. And so it is, as owner Charlie Paw told us that, like us Filipinos who use the term, "uy pogi," Hey Handsome was inspired by the use of the phrase or some derivative of it as a greeting in Malaysia and Singapore, such as for customers lining up in restaurants. Such is the brainchild of Chef Nicco Santos, who is also behind the aforementioned neighborhood restaurant Your Local in Makati.

Having just recently experienced Your Local in Makati last August, I was excited to try Chef Nicco's new offering; I'll come clean, this is a really delayed review as we went here some time ago, courtesy of my friend Mary through Mr. Paw. As the name implies, Hey Handsome is focused on Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine, with, of course, Chef Nicco's twists and infusion of other cuisine influences as long as it works. Now, for those unfamiliar with the popular cuisine from Malaysia / Singapore, these flavors can be quite strong, as they're known to be heavily influenced by the Malays, Chinese, and Indians, as well as smaller ethnic groups. So the likes of laksa, rendang, satay and sambal would definitely be present here. Friendly to those people who love spicy, curry, or nutty, and exotic flavor will have a field day here.

Hey Handsome menu is still in its experimental phase, thus it's a short list of items, but there's enough selections to appeal to its customers; most are more Indian or Malay in influence, one or two more Chinese or Thai in influence. All exciting your taste buds if you want something more than the usual.

There are six main dishes upon launch, three mocktails and three desserts. Just right for the resto and its kitchen and wait staff to gain experience, do things consistently well, and improve where needed.

The six main dishes are in order of my pictures, from #2 to #7 (after the table shot of 4 dishes in the first pic), so use that for reference when reading this.

Beetroot Paneer (P480) - a vegetarian friendly dish, this is their version of a salad, as the core offering is beetroot vegetable, and paneer cheese, with quinoa (a popular healthy alternative to rice). I was pleasantly surprised by this dish, and they added a nice touch with a home made taco shell-like side (called the papadum, of Indian cuisine). Rating 4/5 for a salad, this is damned good.

Laap Phet (P380) - minced duck, deep fried egg, herbs, khao man (toasted rice) - this is probably the most mainstream in taste, which reminds me of Thai cuisine, like a mix of hainan rice and a viand. The minced duck makes it very easy to eat, and the tasted a bit salty with a hint of sweet, and not really spicy. 4.5/5

Nasi Lemak or Fish (P645) - one of the more popular Malaysian dishes, it's rice steamed with coconut milk and pandan leaves. In their interpretation, they paired the fragrant nasi lemak with sea bass, ikan bilis (spicy anchovies), sambal (hot sauce), pickled egg, and, in what is a simple craft of genius, added a brittle made in their kitchen. For sweetness and crispy texture. Brilliant. The sea bass was very soft, and moist, truly one of my favorite fish. This won't be for those who dislike spicy, though. Rating: 4/5

Buah Keluak or Goat (P560) - goat, buah keluak (this is from a particular tree that, when fermented and prepared, gives this a particularly strong flavor I cannot really put into words; it's suitable for stew and is an influence from the Peranakan cuisine, or descendants of Chinese migrants who settled in Malaysia and Singapore), nasi ulam (steamed rice), sambal matah (spicy sauce mixing various ingredients like lemon grass, chili, garlic and ginger). They added their own kitchen made squid ink kerupek (kropek to Pinoys!), which I absolutely loved. This dish is very strong in taste, and was a top two favorite dish of many of us present. The goat can have its share of ribs, but this is truly worth trying! Best to share because its exotic flavors will appeal to some and just satisfy the curiosity of others. Rating 4.5/5

Nam Tok (P580) - BBQ beef short ribs. With Khao Man (the above mentioned Hainan Rice) and Som Tom (green papaya, pickled like Thai cuisine salad). Like the minced duck, this is probably also going to have a mass appeal as it's got a tasty, tangy, barbecue flavor; and not spicy. Pretty solid, 3.5/5 I had my filling of this dish!

Bebek Penyet or deep fried peking duck (P680) - deep fried white Pekin duck, duck egg, nasi ulam and achar - this was last served and certainly not the least! Probably my favorite dish of the evening. And also the main dishes' most pricey. 5/5

I also ordered Magic Milk on the side, a mix of yuzu yogurt, passionfruit, thai chili and butter. Creamy with a bang of spice. P180. 4/5

We were already full, but we also had to try their sweets!

Yogurt would be my favorite (P200) - with black sesame crunch and sprinkled beetroot, it was just enough in terms of sweetness; loved the thickness of it. 5/5

Cream Puff (P190) - too exotic for my taste, as the cream inside features the oh-so-polarizing durian! 2/5

Kueh Dadar (P180) - a rose crepe that was too subtle for me. 3/5

Loved their service! Very attentive, professional and speedy wait staff. Kitchen plated the dishes well, and they were well supervised by Chef Nicco, too. I liked the touch on the different plates. Notice the green plate with the curved one side to it. The place is casual modern, with tiles to one side, and some industrial elements like a steel door. Very nicely done. In contrast to the dimly lit Your Local, this one's quite bright.

Great job, Charlie Paw, Chef Nicco Santos, and the rest of the staff!

They've got more dishes in the pipeline, so look out for those. Meantime, drop by and hopefully, you'll love their dishes like I did!

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

Judging from the name alone, I knew this restaurant will greatly impress my tastebuds.

Jayson J arranged a reservation at Hey Handsome and invited us for dinner. There are 2 seatings 6pm and 8:30pm, and we were placed at the latter time slot.

Thursday came, and I was just so excited that I checked the menu. I am not familiar with Asian cuisines other than the usual Chinese, Filipino, Japanese and the like, so I'm glad my nose didn't bleed by just staring at their menu. 128514 I felt so stupid that I didn't know what exactly each dish is composed of, even if the ingredients were written, so I started googling each of them just for me to know what to expect.

Okay, I gotta admit, the punctuality of this restaurant is highly admirable, as our table was ready at 8:30pm.

After we settled, we were approached by one of the staffs carrying the menu board. He explained each of the items to us. We ordered each of the main dishes: the duck, the lamb, the paneer, the beef and the fish, and two of the small plates: the soft tofu and the fried egg.

After our ordering session, we then had a little chat with one of the restaurant's men. We discovered that Hey Handsome is the sister company of Your Local, a restaurant by chef Nico. And oh, for those who are wondering, the name "Hey Handsome" was derived from a practice in Singapore wherein servers would try to catch a passersby's attention by shouting the phrase.

10084️SOFT TOFU P280
(Kinu tofu, house soy, century egg, bonito)
This is not the typical bland tofu. They were able to combine it with elements that made it scrumptious. Who knew that tofu can be this exciting?

Fried egg, herbs, cili padi, nuoc cham.

(Deep fried white peking duck, duck egg, nasi ulam (rice with herbs), achar)
The duck was good. It was soft while the skin was a little crispy. It had the sweet and salty taste. The serving size is big.

(Braised lamb, buah keluak (poisonous fruit), nasi ulam, kerupek)
The lamb was okay. It didn't have the same appeal to me compared to the other dishes.

10084️BEEF P640
(BBQ beef short ribs, khao man, som tam (green papaya salad))
My favorite! The beef was so tender and flavorful. It had the sweet and salty taste that I loved pairing with the rice.

10084️PANEER P560
(Beetroot paneer, quinoa tabbouleh(veggies), house yogurt, pappadum)
This had a distinct flavor from the rest of the dishes. It was lighter, compared to the other dishes that all had bold flavors. We also loved this one, and I really thought I wouldn't since it's a vegetarian dish. This just surprised me. It's nothing I imagined.

10084️FISH P700
(Seabass otah, nasi lemak (coconut rice), ikan bilis brittle, sambal, pickled egg)
The fish is another one of the bests. The coconut rice is just delicious, while the soft fish had some spice to it. Perfect combination.

After taking down the dishes, we were offered some dessert. We chose the yogurt and the durian cream puff.

10084️YOGURT P200
(House yogurt, black sesame, beetroot)
This dessert is the perfect way to end your meal. The thickness and sourness of this yogurt separates it from all yogurts that you might have tried. The black sesame adds that crunch and a little bitterness and sweetness to completely balance out the dish.

(Durian cream, choux, malagos chocolate)
Okay, I think I've tried durian before as a candy, and I can't say that I liked it. When the durian cream puff was served to us, the smell was just so powerful that it kinda knocks on your nose. And since it was a dessert, I thought I'd like it, but I didn't. Maybe I'm just not getting the hang of durian yet. The dish was bitter. Even the dark chocolate was very bitter, probably the darkest chocolate I've ever tried. I think the dish would be better if they added some sweetness into it to contradict the foul and bitter taste of the durian.

Service was impeccable! And the place looks so lovely. The food is a bit pricey but really surprising and bursting with flavors. Each of the main plates are good for 1 1/2 person but I think I can finish it off on my own.

There's nothing more to say, except that I'm glad I conquered traffic to meet this handsome one.

Nice to see you again Christina R, Jayson J, EJ B! And nice meeting you Kristin A, Marc David M, Sandy P and Dennis O! 128522


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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

[Late post.]

I was lucky enough to sample some of Hey Handsome’s dishes on its first day of operations thanks to Charlie Paw. A single bite of its Nasi Lemak convinced me that this place will surely delight foodies craving for Peranakan dishes. And just when I was about to wobble my way out, I was asked by the amazing restauranteur to visit again the following week and bring some foodies with me to sample the other dishes. I giddily invited my favorite foodies and they quickly said yes.

Hello again, Hey Handsome!

We were supposed to come here for lunch but since Hey Handsome is still testing the waters, they switched from "lunch only" service to "dinner only” service. I’m sure you’re wondering why a talked about restaurant would only focus on lunch or dinner. I had the same question in mind but Charlie said that it is because of their kitchen’s limited capacity. They are still working on their commissary and once it is set, they could manage to hold lunch and dinner services. For now, we have to settle with either lunch or dinner. (Make sure you check their Instagram account to make sure when they’re open.)

Hey Handsome has two seatings for dinner, one at 6 pm and another at 8:30 pm. Since most of us are getting old, we went with 6 pm. However, the insane traffic made us start at 7 pm.

To start off, we ordered some drinks.

Some of us tried Magic Milk (PHP180) and loved the slight tangy taste from yuzu yogurt and passionfruit. Surprisingly, they said that it was not spicy at all. I had the impression that it is because of the thai chili. I got Cherry Pop (PHP150) since it looked so pretty. It tasted great too! I was worried that it would have a strong taste of cherry (which I hate) but the lemonade flavor overpowered the red fruit’s taste. My drink also had a very faint taste of rosemary. R on the other hand went with Donkey Punch (PHP130) and liked the refreshing combination of lengkuas (or galangal), lemongrass, passionfruit and elderflower. I still find Donkey Punch spicy though.

After a while, the first batch of dishes were served.

The picturesque Beetroot Paneer (PHP480) was so photogenic that I could not help take a gazillion photos of it. It is the only vegetarian dish on the menu and I would easily skip this one on a typical day given my undying desire for meat. I’m so glad though that we got to try this one as it was delightful!

I felt so healthy munching on quinoa tabbouleh (an Arab Middle Eastern vegetarian dish traditionally made of mint, tomatoes, parsley, onions and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice and pinch of salt), yogurt, beetroot and crisp pappadum. I loved the subtle sweetness and graininess of the beetroots which complemented the slightly chewy quinoa tabbouleh. Friendly tip: Do not underestimate this dish. It may sound light and meant gor our vegetable-loving friends but one order could fill the good ol tummy.

The Laap Phet (PHP380) or minced duck with deep fried egg, and herbs was also delicious. As the most pocket friendly main dish, one plate could satisfy two hungry tummies. The whole dish was flavorful and had a nice herby taste. However, I wouldn’t really have known that I was eating duck if I haven’t read the menu. It was like your usual ground meat with scrambled egg made fancy with herbs.

One of the favorite dishes that night was Buah Keluak (PHP560) which is made of goat, buah keluak (a naturally poisonous fruit which I mistook as a nut), nasi ulam (steamed rice dish), sambal matah, Belacan (dried shrimp block) and topped with kerupek (or what we know as kropek). The overall taste was spectacular! It was a lovely mildly spiced goat stew.

If you’re the type who want to play it safe, Hey Handsome also offers Nam Tok (PHP580) which means waterfall in Thai. This dish is made of grilled short ribs served on green papaya salad or som tam and some rhubarb sauce. I loved that the short ribs were so flavorful. It had a rich taste of coconut milk and aromatics. Each bite guarantees a burst of flavors making you eat more rice without even noticing it. But if you prefer more exotic dishes, you might not be very impressed with this one.

After a while, the last two dishes were served.

The Bebek Penyet (PHP680) was an instant hit that night with its crispy duck skin and juicy meat. We were told that the dish was sous-vide for 10 hours to attain such rich flavor. Served with nasi ulam and achar (or what we call achara), you have a fabulous deep fried Pekin duck meal.

Nasi Lemak (PHP645) was the last one I sampled as I already tried this when I visited last week. I fell in love with the sea bass otah last week and now, I have developed a very clingy relationship with this marvellous dish. I smile like a lunatic just thinking about how the flavors of sea bass otah, nasi lemak (rice in coconut milk) and ikam bilis brittle play together. Oh, and this time was a lot better as I learned my lesson and skipped the sambal to avoid gasping for water.

While trying to nibble the last morsels of duck meat, the desserts were served.

Yogurt (PHP200) was the crowned the best dessert that night with its tangy taste which complemented the sweet black bean base and lace wafer.

Kueh Dadar (PHP180) or rose crepe with gula melaka (sap from budding flower of a date), coconut meat and galangal cream was just so-so with the group. I loved the sweet coconut meat though as it reminded me of local favorite palitaw.

The least popular choice was Cream Puff (PHP180) as apparently, no one was fond of durian. I loved it though even when I’m not a fan of durian. I guess it was because my tastebuds were prepared for its strong taste. It was just hilarious though to see my favorite foodies’ surprised faces after a small bite of the infamous dessert.

Overall, it was a lovely dinner and fun night with fellow looloo-ers. It was hours filled with laughter, food talks, and Pokemon tips.

If you’re planning to visit Hey Handsome, do try the Nasi Lemak and Bebek Penyet. Another must try dish is the Buah Keluak. Do not skip yogurt for dessert!

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5.0 Stars

"Hey Handsome! Hey Handsome! Hey Handsome!"

It's an invitation from the service staff to come in or attract a person in Singapore. That's the name where Hey Handsome restaurants established. Situated in Net Lima Park Building, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. The collaboration of powerhouse Chef Nicco and Chef Charles, the team behind Your Local and Hole in the Wall, respectively, offers the Best Continental Asian Cuisines to their customers.

There's a limited dishes in the menu board and we've tried all the main course and ordered 2 kinds of appetizer and dessert.

APPETIZER (Small Plates)

🔘 Fried Egg Salad for Php250.00 (Fried Egg, Herbs, Cili Padi, Nuoc Cham) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"I thought it's just an omelette, but it's not. It's a scrambled egg with mixed herbs"

🔘Soft Tofu for Php280.00 (Kinu Tofu, House Soy, Century Egg, Bonito) - 1108811088110881108811088
"I love the flavor and softness of this tofu. Soft Tofu is one of my favorites we've got."

MAIN COURSE (Big Plates)

🔘 Bebek Pen-yet for Php760.00 (Deep Fried White Duck, Duck Egg, Nasi Ulam, Achar) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

128017 Lamb
🔘 Buah Keluak for Php640.00 (Goab, Buah Keluak, Nasi Ulam, Sambal Matah, Belachan Kerupek) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

128046 Beef
🔘 Nam Tok for Php700.00 (BBQ Beef, Short Ribs, Khao Man, Som Tam) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

128031 Fish
🔘 Nasi Lemak for Php720.00 (Seabass Otah, Nasi Lemak, Ikan Bilis, Brittle, Sambal, Pickled Egg) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127793 Vegetarian
🔘 Beetroot Paneer for Php560.00 (Beetroot Paneer, Quinoa Tabbouleh, House Yogurt, Papa Dum) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

All the main course served were delicious and so flavorful. I'm speechless with the dishes of Chef Nicco during our visits. My favorites are Nam Tok (Beef), Nasi Lemak (Fish) and Beetroot Paneer (Vegetarian).

DESSERT (Sweets)

🔘 Yogurt for Php200.00 (House Yogurt, Black Sesame, Beetroot) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Amazing! This dessert is truly the best! ANG SARAP!" 128523

🔘 Durian Cream Puff for Php250.00 (Durian Cream, Pate A Choux, Gula Melaka, Brown Butter Powder, Malagos Chocolate) - 110881108811088️ 3/5

Hey Handsome is open daily from Monday to Saturday 6PM to 10PM.

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