Hidden Beach

El Nido, Palawan

Hidden Beach
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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

I really love this beach! From afar it cannot be seen (since it's hidden). Your boatman should be able to dock near a rocky part of a majestic rock formation. You will have to go down and walk a 100meter, knee high sea water to discover the beach. The beach has a lot of marine life

128204 The starfish abound here.
They're not the thick ones you see when you snorkel. They're the thin ones with soft bristles (lol toothbrush?!) on its arms. It may look like somewhat harmful but you can touch it. Some parts of the starfish are burrowed in the sand. Some starfish are seen floating around.

128204 sea cucumber
These sea cucumbers look like stones. If you have mistAkenly stepped on these creatures, it will emit purple ink that will evidently discolor the water. This is their defense mechanism. These cucumbers are like mollusks. It does look hard but they're like bread designed like a rock. I was able to grab and pet them. (Aww) it just threw more of its saliva. (Aww) the underside of it feels slimy.

128204 sea urchins.
Beware. Look carefully inside the holes of the stones. Good thing they hide and are not scattered. The thing is you might slip and your foot might enter where the sea urchins are hiding 128557128561

128204 clown fish!
We found nemo!!! Nemo comes in moss or orange color and is always residing in its "coral-looking" house. These "corals" are soft. We tried to touch it and it literally has a sucking mechanism! This is the mechanism of how clown fish get their food. When other species get near the "coral", they get sucked in and the clown fish has nutrients to get na! I tried to put a starfish in it and voom! Gone! It was sucked deep inside the "coral"

The beach is calm. You can hear you echo when you shout. There are a lot of trees wherein birds of different species and monkeys reside.

This place aside from the small and bog lagoons is my favorite!

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Dijo S.
5.0 Stars

One of the best beaches in the Philippines! A small, private cove which will make you realize why El Nido has been the best island in the world for numerous years. You can either enter through a small cave on the right side to enter or swim from the left side to approach the shore (depending on the tide). Having your lunch here would definitely be an experience!

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Jairus d.
5.0 Stars

Where's the beach?? Yup, it's concealed!

Inaccessible to boats, you have to go through a rocky tavern to witness its beauty. A white sand beach hidden to amuse every tourist that visits. The water is waist deep but you still have to be cautious and avoid stepping on sharp rocks.

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Another stop in Tour C where you've to get off the boat and swim/wade to the beach. It's named as such because the beach is literally hidden from view, you've to go around some rocks to see it but wow, what a view!
Don't forget to wear your Aqua shoes/sandals as it's a bit rocky. Water is only about waist deep but still a lot of fish to see, we even saw nemo!
It's a quick stop but worth it 128077🏼

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Eater F.
5.0 Stars

The picture is not the HIDDEN BEACH! Hahahaha because I forgot to take a picture inside the hidden beach since I forgot my gadgets upon entering. You need to swim for about 10-20meters it depends on the boat placement hahaha! So yeah!

The hidden beach was popularized by celine dion, this is where she made her titanic music video my heart will go on. It's a small beach and upon entering you'll see a cliff beneath with lot's of territorial fishes and so cool!! We stayed there for about 15minutes only, but it's really wonderful!

And yes I really enjoyed jumping on our boat before going because it's 40 ft deep! Ahahahah!!

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Joel C.
5.0 Stars

One of the best places in El Nido Palawan. Hidden beach is part of the Island Hopping Tour C. The water is very clear and shallow. You can do snorkeling and check on some fishes and live corals.

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Eya P.
5.0 Stars

The day we found the Hidden Beach! 128525128032128031127754

One of the most picturesque beaches in El Nido. Water is crystal clear, shallow but you can still snorkel and watch Nemo playing in the corals 128517128516 sarap balikan!

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