Highest Point: Philippine Highway System

Halsema Highway, Atok, Benguet

Highest Point: Philippine Highway System
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Mico C.
4.0 Stars

It is what it is: the highest point at 7400 feet above sea level. (Yup, you can read that from the sign as well to check). It’s a nice non-hassle stop which I think is pretty straightforward as the main point of pictures here would be the sign. Although, aside from the sign, the view from that point is pretty nice as well and should not be shunned. It’s the same view you see while driving through the highway but this is the time to take pictures while you are not in a moving vehicle. It helps in the quality of pictures… to not be in moving vehicles. Obviously!

So we got off our van and proceeded to take a lot of pictures. We took several pictures beside the sign, and then took several more pictures in the waiting shed (of course we got part of the view behind us, we weren’t taking a picture of the shed), and capped it off with scenic pictures by the ledges.

Do exercise caution in this area. Hope everyone remembers that this area is along a highway so cars, vans, or other vehicles may be speeding past the area every now and then. Be careful if you need to cross the street as it can be quite deadly. I cannot stress this enough. I’m really worried about the possibility of accidents in this area. The best picture is not worth your life… even if it’s for looloo. Especially for the people daring to take pictures by the edges of the cliffs in that area, please be careful. Eeee, made my heart pound watching people taking selfies. Be very careful my friends.

Anyway, that’s it. Take care everyone. Also, I figured that people would most likely post a picture of the sign so here's a picture of the view for you guys to enjoy!
Stay mahusay!

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Albert T.
5.0 Stars

At 7500 ft above sea level, this is the highest point of the Philippine Highway System. About 45 km from Baguio, along the Halsema Highway to Sagada, this is a "must visit once in your life" or #lifegoal (Attn: Peanut D) destination. The marker is positioned a little bit precariously since it's on a bend in the road, so be careful when you cross the street and be mindful where you park your vehicle.

And if you're lucky, like we were, while driving the highway, the clouds will settle below you and you get a fantastic view and feeling of "being above the clouds"!

Thanks Roegan T for quickly adding this destination! I was looking forward to adding this review after our Sagada adventure 2 weeks ago!

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