Hillcreek Gardens

134 Tagaytay-Alfonso Rd., Sikat, Alfonso, Cavite

Hillcreek Gardens
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Rachel T.
5.0 Stars

A very elegant, charming and exquisite place to celebrate special moments is how I can describe this place.

A friend of mine had her wedding reception here, which is why I was able to visit this place.

Their rooms were beautiful and spacious. The event area or pavilion is also big enough to hold 200 guests.

If you like peace and quiet, you will love it here as during the night you won't hear the busy sound of the streets but more on the serenity of the wind and the forest-like sound. If you also like gardens and plants, they have a lot of it here. Just walk around the area and you'll see a lot of nice spots for taking pictures or shall i say "instagram worthy".

Their signature photo is the small church and the bridge which you would normally see on their ads. The small church is only allowed to be used for renewal of vows.

This hotel is located around 30 mins away from tagaytay rotunda if traffic is not heavy.

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Rocky R.
5.0 Stars

"Things aren't always at it seems."

During my travel to Tagaytay, we were reserved a room at Hill Creek Gardens (HCG). Because it was reserved by the bride & groom, I didn't bother to check Goolge or looloo for photos and reviews.

It was a rough ride heading to HCG. Unpaved roads, under the sweltering sun, even with the a/c on can make a person very impatient. I was preparing for the worst by way of our travel...until we drove into the gates of HCG. I was then taken aback. All my frustrations suddenly disappeared.

When entering the gates, we were welcomed by the sprawling driveway surrounded by lush greenery. Immediately upon entry, very courteous bellhops received our luggages and guided us to the front desk for a quick, and easy check-in.

The room I stayed in was beautiful, spacious, and with a bed you wouldn't want to wake up from.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take as much photos as I could of this place, because of our busy schedule. But let me assure you, this has to be one of the best hotels/resorts in Tagaytay. From the exterior (front and back), and interior including rooms exudes relaxation physically and mentally, as this huge hotel/resort is surrounded by beautiful foliage.

To say that I enjoyed my stay here immensely would be an understatement.

HCG is a winner!

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Jen L.
4.0 Stars

nakakatuwa nakakachillax for garden wedding :)

downside, yung speakers ng kabilang wedding was too loud that annoyed peeps in the wedding I attended :( malaki kasi ang place, 3 weddings happened last sat i went there haha

masarap ang food, mabait mga waiters na nagaassist, mabilis magresponse mag tanggal ng mga plates sa tables since buffet :)

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Vicvic M.
5.0 Stars

This place is so nice!

Rooms are big. Beds are comfy. Room/Bathroom - very clean.

Food - above par. Loved the Filipino buffet breakfast.

There's a pool, a chapel, gazebos... The place is huge - some 3.5 ha. of land.

... and its affordable!

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

My sister had a quick meeting here at hill creek, so after our lunch, we headed right over. We passed through the Alfonso gate which is the back entrance pala, pretty quick to get to from the main road. Apparently the whole estate used to be all coffee plantations and they have bit by bit renovated the different areas to serve more guests and events. The family's main house is still there too.
There are about 8 rooms that can accommodate couples to families. There is a beautiful garden where you can have a lovely outdoor ceremony reception and they also have a ballroom.
We got to try their delicious home brew, well they Pala cos I don't drink coffee anymore 128513 almost like barako with a twist hubby said. Dessert was also good.
This place is quaint and lovely if you want to have a small, intimate garden wedding 128522

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Tracy M.
4.0 Stars

I attended a wedding at Hillcreek Gardens last Independence Day, so I can't really say much about it as a hotel. But anyway.

My friends and I hung out mostly in the open area outside just past the reception area/lobby. I have to say, the place is pretty photogenic! The stairs going up to this garden area made a nice background for photos, LOL. The garden area itself was very quaint and pretty. I imagine you could have a small garden wedding there right by the gazebo, which I guess was the original plan? But they moved the ceremony to the reception area for fear of rain!

The reception area was nice. You don't feel too enclosed since the walls were made of glass, so you could still see the outside somehow. High-ish ceiling, too. I'd probably give this particular area 3.5 stars.

4 stars because come nightfall, there are cicadas buzzing around everywhere! If you haven't seen cicadas, they look like giant (and I mean GIANT) fly-dragonfly hybrids with their big wings. I'm normally not afraid of bugs, but when these guys suddenly pop up out of nowhere and zoom around, you're sure to make some sort of yelping sound, HAHA. One of them kind of kamikaze-ed into my friend's glass of iced tea! WHAT WHAT WHAT

So yeah. Overall though, the place looks really nice, I'd think the rooms are pleasant to stay in, but I'll probably save my thoughts for a proper review if I ever stay there.

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Albert T.
4.0 Stars

Tucked somewhere in the middle of Alfonso, Cavite is this wedding reception venue cum hotel. When they don't host wedding or debuts, they accept small company conferences or seminars. A little bit on the upscale side, but cozy and inviting nonetheless. The grounds are surrounded by trees and they have a huge pool with built in jacuzzis. They also offer spa services and boast of a large garden and podium where the booked events are held. Spacious rooms are available that can take 7 adults comfortably.

As a novelty they have a cute and well-maintained Austin Mini that is custom fitted as the bridal car. Makes for a very nice entrance for the bride (and groom) when they arrive from nearby Caleruega Church.

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