Hinomaru Japanese Restaurant

Diversion Rd., Batangas City, Batangas

Hinomaru Japanese Restaurant
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Reopens: 11:00a - 10:00p


  • Sunday
    • 11:00a - 10:00p
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    • 11:00a - 10:00p
  • Tuesday
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    • 11:00a - 10:00p
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    • 11:00a - 10:00p

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

Yay! Food tripping at batangas. I could only try some thanks to Zai M for letting us know what to find at batangas.

Well, i always see this every time i go to Batangas for a shipment. At first i was surprised that there's a legit sounding restaurant along diversion road. I just did not have time to go here plus i am hesitant because its surrounding is not that good.

Now, i found time to discover this place. I was half right and half wrong. I was right about the ambiance-- it's not that high class, actually i was quickly greeted by a lovely (in short shorts) and very mahinhin na lady server and quickly offered me the bahay kubo place. (nasira na ang japanese expectation ko nung nakita ko yung mga kubo) she said to me that there's nothing inside the main restaurant kasi, no customers, but inside the kubo is a nice TV set wherein i can divert my attention while waiting for my order and it's airconditioned. I was wrong because the food has an authentic touch. The menu got Japanese words and the prices are comparable to some Japanese restaurants here in QC. The server said that it is owned by a Japanese daw.. Still, ill leave a little space for doubt. The server got me a house It took me sometime to order, but what i got are:

128204 shoyu ramen @180php
Pampabusog. It got egg, naruto, and some veggie. The soup was quite forgettable and ordinary, it was just okay.

128204 Buta sutamina @200php
I thought this was special as the menu says it's grilled pork with garlic sauce but then may jaw dropped with special sound effects (twank twank twawawawank) because it was just stir fried pork with cabbage at the sides.

Hospitality approved! I also got a free iced tea which tasted good (because i was really thirsty) Something tells me it's more jam packed and lively here at night. Wink wink. The parking space here can accommodate only 3-4 cars. Restroom is inside the restaurant and is quite unkempt.

Later that afternoon i went to the drooling plate and saw kanpai and it was way way better. 128521
Trying kanpai soon!

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Zai M.
4.0 Stars

Due to the weather, my friends and I craved for ramen. As far as I know, there are only 3 Japanese restaurants in Batangas City: Rai Rai Ken in SM, Hinomaru and Kanpai in Diversion Road. Yup, just 3. We need to go to Lipa if we want Tokyo Tokyo 128557128513128556 We decided to try Hinomaru first.

The restaurant has one big room (main) and outside are 3 nipa huts. Each hut has a big table, own aircon, and a huge TV! It can occupy 8-10 persons. The waitress recommended that we stay in a hut even if we were only 3. I recommend this place for family dinners and small group meetings which demands privacy. While waiting for our orders, they served tea in a super cute teapot.

We ordered the following:
127836Tonkotsu Ramen (Php 250) – The noodles are a kinda overcooked but the broth and toppings were so good. We loved it!
127836Shoyu Ramen (Php 180) – Same noodle dilemma but was still good. I liked the tonkotsu better
🇯🇵California Maki (Php 250) – Supposedly, an order of this comes with one iced tea and few slices of pineapple. However, they made added 2 more iced teas for free. Thank you, Hinomaru! I loved the maki! One of the best California maki I’ve tasted so far.

We enjoyed our dining experience here. Kinda pricey like most Japanese restaurants but it's worth it. 128521 The waitress is just one buzzer away. They were very approachable and helpful in deciding what to order. I would come back to try their rice meals

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