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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

If you're looking for affordable but delicious #Koreanfood then Hodori Korean-Japanese Restaurant is the place to go!

They have 2 branches and both are located at Mabini Street. The new one is at the 5th floor of the building beside Tiongsan. They offer buffet with unlimited choice of meat (beef, pork and lean pork), sushi, japchae, tempura, kimchi and multiple side dishes. And yes this is EAT ALL YOU CAN (no leftovers and no sharing for ₽350).

I love their kimchi recipe so much that I took home a kilo's worth!

Make sure to look for kuya. He gives the best service ever! He'll assist your every need!

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Von C.
3.0 Stars


I remember eating in this place last October when I took an exam in Baguio. My friend bought me here since she was craving for korean food.

Hodori is hard to find i think. The taxi driver didnt know where it was when you mentioned the restaurant. When you mention the address though, the locals would know. Not seen from the street, you'd have to look up to see it on the second floor of a building. I can't remember if they had a sign.

They offer korean and japanese cuisine and most of which on first glance i was not able to read because they were written on respective characters. Nonetheless, we ordered their samgyupsal and bibimbap. While waiting they gave us sides of potatoes, vegetables, and other things i can't remember. They would refill it if you ask. The samgyupsal arrived 10 minutes after we ordered. It was a hefty serving of pork strips. They werent too full of fat. The slices were not too thick or thing. For 20 slices the price (which i cant remember) was good. And since this is in Baguio, they have the freshest vegetables. Their red sauce was bland however and i really need to put heaps to taste it.

The bibimbap was so big i felt like eating from a dog bowl. The size of the bowl was about 6 - 8 inches in diameter. Like any other bibimbap, it felt mushy and weird. I felt like it tasted bland because their red sauce lacks flavor. My friend and i werent able to finish it. I feel like its good for three or four non-heavy eaters.

Hodori looks like those middle class restaurants you see in koreanovelas. It has wooden tables with stoves on top. What i like about this place is that it is well ventilated (since they dont need aircon in Baguio anyway). They open the windows to avoid the clogged fried pork smell which is really nice.

Although i found the flavors in Hodori a bit bland, i think for the price of 600 pesos for two orders fit for 3 people its a good place.

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Billy Ray B.
4.0 Stars

Sarap mg kimbop and maki 128076🏻

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Scy L.
4.0 Stars

It was a rainy afternoon but I was craving for Korean food. Baguio City has been synonymous with Korean food, after all, since there are a lot of Korean tourist and students that studies English here during their vacation. Some has taken residence here already because of the beautiful climate. And their business? Korean grills, restaurants and bars.

We were in SM that day, and was supposed to go to Gogi Nara as their kimchi there is one of the best, as well as their steamed egg. I have already written a review about them before. I'll post the link at the bottom.

However, my cousin recommended another Korean restaurant located at Mabini Street, just down Session Road. It's a bit hard to find if you aren't familiar with it. It's in the intersection of Jollibee lower Session, going uphill and right across RCBC Bank. There sign hangs above. There's just a little staircase going up to their restaurant.

Now the restaurant, as warned by my cousin, is like a carenderia. We climbed the stairs and it opened to a long row of booths. We chose the booth at the far end as I spotted an electrical outlet there where I can charge my phone.

I immediately noticed the lighting fixtures above and found it awesome so I had to take a photo of it.

We really love grilled beef, but the waiter informed us that it has been taken off the menu for some time now and they only have pork Samgyupsal. So we ordered a couple and the sizzling octopus called Ojinga Bokeum.

We were so hungry and excited.the service was quite fast. They brought out a tabletop gas burner, our drinking water, utensils and the side dishes including the lettuce.

Samgyupsal, if your eating in an authentic Korean restaurant will always have free and unlimited lettuce and side dishes. Although side dishes vary from each restaurant, Kimchi will always be present. We had sweet pickled cucumbers, tougue, baby potatoes in a sweet soy sauce, and Kimchi for our side dishes. The sweet potatoes are amazing. The kimchi was okay, because I have tasted better.

Now start the fire and let's grill! Korean grills are amazing, because they drain the excess oil through a hole in the middle that leads to a spout. As seen in the images below:

The sizzling octopus arrived shortly after we started cooking. I loved it! Sweet and spicy bean paste is amazing!

If you think about it, Korean food is quite healthy. Yes, it may smell funky but look on the bright side. They love their vegetables, they eat less fat, more chili (good for your skin and increases metabolism), and let's you drink a lot of fluids.

Although we ordered Korean Food, Hidori also serves Japanese and Filipino dishes. You can have a look at their menu on my Facebook Page. Link is on the banner to the right.

My rating for them would be...
Taste 4/5
Ambiance 3/5
Value for money 4/5
Service 4/5

What they could have done better? Pay attention to customers raising their hands and stop "tsismis". Overall, I would definitely recommend it and come back here to try their other dishes.

When in Baguio, aside from the vegetables, also make it a point to try Korean Food as it is very authentic. You definitely will not be disappointed by their Kimchae, samgyupsal and bibimbap.

Check out my reviews for other Korean restaurants on my site: http://gastronomicaladventuresph.com

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Rocky R.
4.0 Stars

Everyone has their go-to Korean restaurant, and Hodori happens to be one of mine. Snag a table and prepare to get the meat sweats - you (have) to order at least two massive plates of meat to be grilled, but the gluttony is well worth it. Bulgogi and samgyeopsal are tops, but I am also impressed by their non-barbecue options like their squid rice - tender, meaty squid with ample amount of gojujang over rice, galbitang - a rich beef rib stew, and kimchi fried rice (shown above).

I'll never get tired of Korean cuisine. From the smoky-spicy meats to the pungent sour tang of fermented cabbage, it's like getting punched repeatedly with intense and surprising flavors, and loving it. I may not have breadth Baguio's rapidly growing Korean restaurants, but Hodori is a great option, from melt-your-face-off grilling tables to squid sauced in chili paste.

Happy eating!!!

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Billy Ray B.
5.0 Stars

My First Korean-Japanese Restaurant that hasn't failed my tastebuds! Superb servings and refillable side dishes, worth the price. Highly recommended. 128076128077128523

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