Hokkaido Ramen

Wilson St., San Juan, Metro Manila

Hokkaido Ramen
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Wennifer C.
2.0 Stars

I don't think this is ramen at all. Eating instant noodles at home woul have been a better experience.

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Bea Patricia J.
3.0 Stars

I honestly thought this was Hokkaido Ramen (Santouka) but it's not!!! It's Hokkaido Ramen (Bangaichi) and that explains the unmet expectations. Hi looloo crew maybe an name update would be great? heehee 128517

Moving on. . . post-spa foodie! This was our stop right after Ahavia 128524

We had Shoyu, Chashumen-Shiyo and Spicy Miso Ramen.

SHOYU was too plain for my liking, basically soy sauce in noodle soup. More like beef wanton mami 128517 Would rather have that than this, to be honest.

CHASUMEN SHIYO was just ok. cutlets were kind of dry though, and the spring onions were too overpowering.

SPICY MISO somewhat made me say mmmmmm! You'll never go wrong with 'spicy' Hahaha. The broth was tasty and a little heavy. Had to add chili powder but it was spicy enough for my sister.

Shouldn't the noodles be cooked the same way? They don't have the option to customize it anyway. Found it odd that mine was al dente, while my sister's was like pancit canton, and my cousin's - overcooked lucky me. 128514

slightly runny, and surprisingly good!

PS : Not so photogenic ramen. -- right there 128518

Noteworthy :
My Thai / Jack's Loft in one box.

** Really far from Hanamaruken, and not even close to Ramen Nagi, but still good as a post-spa indulgence. 128076

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Glenn E.
3.0 Stars

I wanted to try it here after reading EJ D's review.

We don't want to have a massage with a full stomach so we're really hubgry after the we got finished from Ahavia.

A liitle bit touch and search on looloo app and thadda! There's a Hokkaido Ramen shop nearby. I already have dishes to order in my mind so I'm really that excited! 128540

Hokkaido Ramen is sharing with the same store with My Thai. The vibe was kinda different coz it's feels like eating in a japanese resto nor in a thai resto. Upon seating, I scanned the menu for the Ramen Katsu Combo but it wasn't there. So, I asked the staff about it and was really disappointed that they don't offer katsu just Ramen. 128530 My appetite went down and wanted to search for other restos yet we stayed.

I ordered Shio Ramen and it was ok. Not that good, not that bad. I was able to finished it but wasn't satisfied. I might try it again in Rob Place Manila pag gutom na gutom na gutom na ako. Haha

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Melissa E.
3.0 Stars

While cruising Wilson Street in Greenhills, my friends and I came across this food house. We were all hungry and we wanted some Japanese food so we decided to try their menus. They offered Shio, Shoyu, and Miso Ramen. They also have Buttercorn Shio Ramen (which I ordered) and they also have pasta cooked in their specialty ramens! That's a twist I wasn't expecting they have.

But if I will compare it with Kenji Tei, Kenji Tei still offer the most tasteful ramen, even though they almost have the same price that's between Php 200-350. What we were so frustrated at, was that they don't allow modifications in their menu. What I meant by that is, since it's Lenten season, one of my friends requested to remove the meat in her ramen and change the meat with egg instead. But they said they can't do that. Another was, my girlfriend wanted to add some spice in the plain miso ramen but still they refused. She just have to add chili powder to her order. Well, I guess because they have a separate Spicy Miso Ramen in their menu.

Hokkaido Ramen can satisfy our hunger and our taste buds, but I guess if you wanted to experience the full Japanese vibe, well there's Kenjie Tei.

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Caroline C.
3.0 Stars

Ordered a bowl of their corn Shoyu ramen. Overall, an average bowl of ramen. The broth was not too salty nor too overwhelming. The noodles isn't as flavorful as other ramen houses in the metro but the corn definitely added a nice touch to the dish. An added sweetness & some texture to every bite.

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Anna M.
4.0 Stars

We tried the Miso Ramen and surprisingly, it was pretty good. You can actually appreciate the miso in it. The noodles were cooked just right, and the serving was good for 2 very hungry people. It contained two very big very tender char siu pcs. We liked their buffalo wings jap style. Plus points, if you like Thai or Vietnamese food on the side, you can order from My Thai and pho hoa as well.

We've been to quite a number of Ramen places and so far this is one of the better places to try in this area on an ordinary day.

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Marge Z.
4.0 Stars

I have to agree with the first reviewer when I tried their Shoyu ramen. But the 2nd time we ate here, I tried the Miso variant. My son liked it too. It's better than their Shoyu and Shio ramens. For the price, it's pretty fair.

But 2 things why I give this 4 stars.
1. They allow take-outs!! I know ramen houses insist on having their crafts savored fresh but what if like me, I just gave birth and I can't go out. So I send my dear darling husband to fetch good food to help me feel much better. They have paper bowls with the broth in it and a 2nd plastic layer on top covered securely by a plastic cover.
2. They allow orders from neighboring restos (Pho Hoa, Jack's Loft). My husband was craving for Pho Hoa's vermicelli bowl and our sons wanted Pho Hoa's desserts but I wanted ramen, I was allowed to have my bowl of ramen in Pho Hoa! It seems the restos had a mutual agreement.

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Dez d.
3.0 Stars

This place showed up on Looloo when I did a search for nearby ramen places. We decided to go try it out, despite not having any rating yet. I just wanted a hot, steaming bowl of ramen.

Upon parking, however, we found out that this shop was part of the MyThai restaurant. Uh oh. I have eaten at 2 restaurants from this group of companies, and I have not liked anything from their menu. We decided to have our ramen here anyway, but my expectations dropped to a low level (think fast food-level).

When the ramen arrived, it was a very BIG bowl. Serving size is excellent for the price of P250. But I was correct in lowering my expectations, because the taste of the ramen broth was just so-so (tasted pretty ordinary to me) and the ramen noodles made me remember why I don't like noodles. Also, Mine were the right firmness while my husband got soggy noodles. It was like eating boiled chinese canton noodles though.

Pork serving was decent, taste is ok, but not as tender as what I've come to expect in authentic ramen shops.

I give it 3 stars only.

Tip: For an additional P30, go to Ramen Bar instead: same serving size but authentic taste, better meat, noodles and broth! The cheapest ramen in Ramen Bar is only P280.

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